Young and restless: Summer urges Kyle to take legal action against Ashland

In the park, Phyllis surprises Jack with a picnic. She’s trying out “The Great Picnic with the Big Phoenix.” Jack pulls out berries and sparkling wine, and Phyllis wants to celebrate their children’s potential move back to the city of Genoa. Jack warns Jabot that acquiring Marchetti will be expensive and risky…he can’t let this happen just to get Kyle and Summer home. Phyllis questioned that he didn’t work like hell to make it happen. “Summer said the numbers were great.” Jack wasn’t sure returning to fashion was the right move. Phyllis thinks their return was the right move. Jack argues that Milan is their home, but Felice counters that the city of Genoa is their home. Jack knew she would spend every last penny to get them home. “You must be mad at me right now.” Phyllis knew he had to see it from every angle. “Just like us.” She pulled out some doughnuts and decided they’d celebrate the possibility of them moving back in anyway “and reunite with them again…we’re reunited.” They cheered with doughnuts .

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At GCAC, Diane is surprised by Kyle and Summer’s visit. She hoped that Summer’s presence would show that she was an independent thinker who could express her mother’s opinion of her. Summer notices a framed picture of Diane, Jack, and Kyle on the bedside table. Diane explained it’s a tradition – whenever she moves, she’s the first to take it out of her bag. Photo of her baby son. Kyle broke the news that they may not return to Milan, but move to Genoa permanently. Diane was excited, but curious as to what prompted it. Summer and Kyle jointly made decisions based on what was best for their careers and their families. Summer added, “The Abbott and the Newmans.” No matter how long they were in town, Diane was willing to spend more time with them. Summer wonders, can she go back in time without a life in LA? Diane explained that she was her own boss. Summer’s phone rang – it was Victor. She will take it later. They went out, and Diane couldn’t stop laughing.
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At Society, Michael wants approval to file a civil lawsuit against Ashland against Victor. Moustache wants him to bury the bastard, but worries that he doesn’t want the company or Victoria to get hurt. Michael insisted that Locke would have waved the white flag long before it entered the courtroom. Victor wants him to leave. “understood?”
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At Crimson Lights, Ashland met with a legal representative to make sure Kyle and Summer couldn’t keep him away from Harrison. Sharon stared. After the lawyer leaves, Sharon approaches Locke, who tells her he’s very sorry for Rey. Sharon didn’t want his thoughts and prayers. Instead, she had a few words to say to him!

Sharon lets Ashland know that she knows he’s donating to New Hope in Rey’s name. Ashland believes it will remain anonymous. Sharon smokes; that’s a bunch of crap. She rants that it doesn’t absolve him of any responsibility. He lied about having a deadly disease that kills millions, and when she confronted him about his lies a few weeks ago, he swore it was a smear campaign against him. Locke deeply regrets what he has done. Sharon gritted his teeth and said he didn’t know how horrible it was to have your doctor tell you you had cancer and endure nausea and nightmares. What still haunts her is the impact of her illness on those she loves. “You did it. You deliberately put Victoria and Harrison through this. You were deliberately cruel to them, and no money in the world can make up for that. You are disgusting!” Noah appeared and asked if all was well. Sharon reassured him, then walked away to get him something to drink, much to Ashland’s astonishment.
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At Society, Adam walks in and sees Michael and Victor, who wonder why Summer isn’t answering her call. Adam questioned whether her father had received Victoria’s message and insisted he wished her all the best. Victor relayed that Rock was now using Harrison as an excuse for him to stay in town. Adam advises them to ignore him, but Michael says you don’t ignore the festering sore because it won’t go away. Adam and Michael bickered verbally until Victor stepped in and announced that he had a way to get Ashland Lock out of their lives and out of town.
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At Crimson Lights, Noah and Sharon discuss a photo of Mariah and Tessa, which makes him miss Europe a bit. Sharon worries, but Noah insists he’s not going anywhere. He glanced at Ashland and asked, “Are you sure you’re all right?” Sharon reassured him again. Just then, Ellie walks in, and Noah makes fun of her for being a wedding spoiler. Ellie is grateful to be included. She ordered a drink and headed to the patio. Noah feels that she is a little overwhelmed by the city of Genoa and her new grandfather.

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In society, Xia finally met Victor who missed her. He and Nikki will throw a small party for her, Kyle and Harrison at the ranch. Summer suggested they could make it a celebratory dinner – they are considering moving back. Victor giggled when she talked about him teaching Harrison chess. He thought the boy was Newman just like Abbott. Summer noticed that Ashland still considered himself Harrison’s father. That’s why Victor asked her to meet. He wants her to convince Kyle to restrict all of Harrison’s visitation rights. He wants to cut all ties with Locke, “with Harrison and anyone else. Totally.” Summer noted that he was talking about escalating things by taking legal action against Ashland, and she wasn’t sure what that would accomplish. Victor’s insistence that Locke get out of town is the most important thing.
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Noah took her drink to the cafe’s patio, where she told him she was about to listen to a podcast. “I was going to listen to Uncle Billy’s podcast.” She was surprised to have such a family member. Noah told her the latest one was fine — it was all about insecurities — and he understood. Ellie was surprised to hear this, because he didn’t look like that kind of person. The conversation turns to the exit. Noah would sketch when something bothered him. He started to paint. Ellie asked, “Are you having any trouble right now?”

In it, Ashland tells Sharon what it’s worth, and he’s trying to make up for it. Sharon didn’t buy for a second that he felt any remorse. Ashland said he was truly sorry for her loss. Sharon growled when Diane came in that she didn’t want his condolences, adding that there wasn’t enough time in the world for him to make amends. Someone who can do like him is not someone she wants to know.

On the patio, Noah introduces Ellie about Ashland Rock and his conflict with her mother. Ellie knew his mother had just lost her husband; everything had to fall on his shoulders now. Noah mentioned that she lost her father. Sharon shows up to them with chocolate cake, and after she leaves, Noah explains that she loves Rey so much, but now she has nowhere to put it. Ellie announces that she’s going for a run because she doesn’t have a drawing board. Noah mentioned Da Vinci, and Ellie asked him if he said he was on the same level as him. Noah told her she would have to stay and find out.

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In the park, Diane catches up with Ashland, suggesting they share a bench. She handed him a glass of wine. They took a few steps and Phyllis spotted them, snorting at the vermin at the picnic.Diane was happy to let Phyllis know that Summer told her she and Kyle might be staying in Genoa City – as they passed her gorgeous Visit her in the suite at GCAC. Jack cautions that the jury is still out on whether Kyle and Summer will move back in. Diane chattered about the time she’d be spending with her son and getting to know her daughter-in-law and grandson. She then told Ashland that Harrison would call her “Diddy.” Ashland asked how Jack Harrison was. Jack warned that the details of the arrangement are being reassessed due to his recent actions. Phyllis clarified that this meant he lied about having cancer. Locke has spoken to his lawyers and insists it doesn’t have to be acrimonious. Jack thinks they’ve gone beyond that and give Diane a smart word. Pointing to her and Ashland, he said: “Any friendship that develops here … probably won’t help you present a new and improved ‘Dee Dee’ to the city of Genoa.”
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At Society, Victor warns Summer that if she returns to the city of Genoa with Kyle and Harrison, it will give Ashland a reason to stay. Summer relayed that when Kyle found out what Locke had done, he wanted to shred Locke. Victor shook his fist – he liked the reaction. He assured her that he and Michael Baldwin had plenty of evidence against Locke. Summer is determined to protect Harrison and assures her grandfather, “I’ll do it.”

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In the park, Diane muses to Ashland, the town he has forged a bond with his enemies. He noticed the same thing about her. Diane insists rebuilding her relationship with Kyle is the only thing that matters to her. Ashland admitted he feared his actions would keep him from seeing his son. It was very funny to him that even though she was Kyle’s mother, she didn’t even flinch when he called him that. Diane noticed that Harrison had two loving fathers. What she really wanted to know was what he had done to become the most hated person in the city of Genoa. If he’d share his, she’d share her dirty laundry. Ashland agrees — at least so he can control the narrative. “Cheer up,” he warned.

At the hotel, Phyllis complains that Diane tramples on their perfect picnic. She casually said that she and Ashland were a good match; they were cut from the same cloth. Jack wants to get back into the festivities. Phyllis wants Ashland Locke to be Diane’s doom in the end.

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In the park, Diane hears about Ashland’s villainy and thinks a draw is worse for which of them. Locke believes this means they are in a very rare free-judgment zone. Diana agreed – they were both equally guilty and both seeking redemption. Ashland was desperate not to lose Harrison, who still looked at him as if he were hanging on to the moon. Diane said knowing the pain she put Kyle through as a child emboldened her. Ashland wanted Harrison to know that he would never turn his back on him. What would he think if he just disappeared like that? Diane warned that if they stayed, they had to be willing to dodge slings and arrows. However, she warns Ashland that she takes Jack’s words seriously and cannot defend him. Locke understands. This is his fight, and Harrison will be worth it no matter the cost.

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At Society, Kyle informed Summer that Marchetti would be giving his father a full introduction. He asks what her grandfather wants, and guesses that he gave her another ear about his mother. Summer explained that it was about Ashland. He wants Kyle to take legal action against him and have Michael Baldwin on board to help. Kyle felt they had to be careful. Harrison cared about this man. Summer realizes that removing Locke from his life could lead to some confusion, but the older Harrison gets, the harder it is to make that change. She promises they’ll explain it to him in a loving and caring way, but Ashland is ruthless. They couldn’t have him in Harrison’s life in any way. “We need to stop him. Now.”

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