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    Welcome to Bleacher Report’s coverage and recap of WWE Raw on May 30.

    It was the last show for the red brand before Sunday’s “Hell Cage” event, so it’s all on deck as the company puts the finishing touches on most of its storylines.

    Bobby LeslieThe Omos and the MVP signed contracts at an official pay-per-view meeting for their handicap play, but as we all know, contract signings rarely end without some kind of chaos.

    After forming a new team on SmackDown, Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura face The Usos in a title contender.

    Cody Rhodes talks about his upcoming fight with Seth Rollins, Bianca Belair enters the ring with Asuka, then Becky Lynch joins the HIAC mix to make it a triple threaten.

    Let’s take a look at what happened in the episode Raw Homecoming before Hell’s Cell.

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    Becky Lynch opens with a promo for her upcoming match against Asuka and Bel Air at HIAC. This is one of those “you” promotions that many people follow.

    Both Asuka and Bel Air eventually joined her in the ring. As you can imagine, this turned into a physical confrontation. Bel Air and Asuka pack the Big Time Becks ahead of their first game of the night.

    The title goes live on Sunday, so this game is just for Asuka and Bel Air to play together. The game started as soon as we got back from the ad break.

    Both women are baby-faced, so they communicate more than Lynch and Asuka have communicated over the past few weeks. Although it’s not as aggressive, it’s still very competitive.

    Bel Air relies on her strength and agility, while Asuka uses her striking and submission skills. It’s a great skill set that allows them to perform well.

    Bel Air won by reversing Asuka’s attempted set-up, but Big Time Becks had the last laugh when she attacked both women after the match and left them in the ring.

    grade: B+

    Notable moments and observations

  • Lynch calls himself a god by creating life, which is a very good line.
  • Bel Air’s body is impressive. She does backflips and somersaults as if they were nothing.
  • EST deadlifting Asuka to suplex is impressive.
  • Lynch calls himself the wizard of critics. She and Chris Jericho may need to have a wizarding battle to see who can keep the moniker.will be like the finale Harry Potter But there are more sweats and bodyslams.

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    Rey and Dominik Mysterio team up with Ezekiel to take on Chad Gable, Otis and Kevin Owens in this week’s six-man tag team.

    This is the usual three-on-three match we’ve come to expect from WWE. There have been times when both sides have taken control, and all six have had at least one standout moment.

    The only problem is that it feels too formulaic. Six-man tag used to be more chaotic than typical tag team games, but now they feel too rigid and planned.

    That quibble aside, there are a few interesting bits about this game that make some competitors look great. Rey beat Otis with a big kick, Zeke’s spinning power bomb and KO’s postgame freak were delightful moments.

    Rey and Dom hit a double 619 before Ezekiel hit Gable with his finisher for the win. It’s fine, but nothing to write home about.

    grade: C++

    Notable moments and observations

  • Rey and Dom wore black and pink outfits, which really stood out after Owen Hart was talked about so much this weekend.
  • It’s hard to tell at times, but it seems Zeke has largely won over the audience. His gimmicks are weird, but KO makes the storyline easier to digest by being so funny.
  • WWE needs to get Owens back to the championship hunt. He’s too valuable to take all the belts off.

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    Cody Rhodes came out to talk about Rollins and did another long-winded pitch about what he’s been through and what he hopes to accomplish. Rollins appeared in the crowd to respond. That’s pretty much what we’ve seen from these two since it all started.

    This time, however, they didn’t let their words speak for them. They end up meeting in a crowd and arguing all over the place. The fight brought them back to the circus area, but was eventually broken up by several officials and producers.

    If it’s just another lengthy promotional part, it’s too much for this feud. Thankfully, this fight ups the ante and makes it more appealing.

    grade: Second

    The next game is Alexa Bliss against Doudrop, but the powerhouse is not alone. Nikki ASH was there to support her current tag team partner.

    Bliss gave up a significant size and strength advantage in this match, so she was a loser throughout the match. The crowd gave her a little bang as she started to build some momentum, but Doudrop quickly slammed her to stop it.

    Even at the disadvantage, Bliss still managed to get the win through Twisted Bliss. The game wasn’t very long and they seemed to lack chemistry a bit, but there were some bright spots along the way. Bliss looked great and hit her finisher.

    grade: C

    Notable moments and observations

  • When she came out, Doudrop’s entrance music was barely audible.
  • The ring gear that Doudrop has for this race is a big improvement. It’s the coolest she’s ever been to the main lineup.
  • Nikki needs to drop this gimmick. It’s just not fun anymore. Maybe never.

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    The Miz is back for another episode of Miz TV. Before he finished his introduction, The Street Profits came to the ring as a guest on his show.

    Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins had a great exchange with The A-Lister, resulting in a few hilarious moments, but then the entire 24/7 division stormed the arena and started fighting for the belt. The mess ends with Tamina grabbing the belt for herself and grabbing Akira Tozawa for a big kiss.

    Tozawa then pinned her to the title and ran away. Reading a breakdown like this might make it sound like the worst part of the show, but it’s simply not true. It’s hilarious.

    Dawkins and Ford are very happy with The Miz, and all the 24/7 competitor stuff is probably one of the only things it hasn’t felt compelled to in months. The whole thing works the way it needs to.

    grade: Second

    The next game sees Mustafa Ali take on Chiampa and take the U.S. title, but only for Ali. If Ciampa wins, for whatever reason, he won’t get the title.

    Both Ciampa and Ali are extremely talented performers, so there’s a layer of brilliance to everything they do that everyone doesn’t have. Some are just smoother than others, and these two fall into this category.

    However, minutes into the game, Theory interfered and resulted in a disqualification. He beat Ali and told him he might as well put the title on the line now so he doesn’t have to do it later.

    WWE is clearly making an Ali vs Theory feud, but making fun of a potential contestant of the year like Ali vs Ciampa just to pull the rug from under us feels like a cruel joke.

    grade: C

    Notable moments and observations

  • Dawkins put his hands in the air to silence everyone and gave Miz a 5, which was hilarious.
  • When he was in the ring with Profits, Miz looked like he was trying his best not to laugh.
  • Champa is in the best shape of his life. He also appears to have gained a few pounds of muscle.

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    After half-time, the referee checked whether Ali could play. Although it looked like he was clearly in pain, Ali agreed to continue. The announcer made an introduction and we started the game.

    Theory immediately took down Ali several times, re-establishing his dominance. Just minutes later, Theory hit his finisher.

    We won’t even detail why this isn’t the right approach. It’s just bad booking.

    grade: C-

    Notable moments and observations

  • At least Ali’s outfit looks cool, so that’s it.
  • Adam Pierce announced this weekend that Theory and Ali will be rematching in Hell in a Cage, so we might still get a happy ending.

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    The Usos face off against Riddle and Nakamura, and if they win, they have the potential to clinch the title for their new team.

    The brothers took control of Jimmy almost immediately, but once Nakamura entered the ring, Ursos cornered him for a double-team attack.

    Even after Riddle stepped in to rest his partner, the champions had the upper hand for a long time. The Usos may have taken control of most of the action, but Nakamura’s hit tag turned the tide.

    After the break and more action, Jimmy used Riddle’s scooter as a weapon to get his team disqualified, which means Riddle and Nakamura are likely to get the title, possibly at PPV.

    We’ve said it countless times. The key to good pro wrestling is getting the wrestlers to work. That’s what happened here, so the results are positive.

    grade: Second-

    Notable moments and observations

  • The intensity with which Nakamura hits the knee is fantastic. It seems that he really fell into the pit.
  • Remember when it was hard to tell the difference between Jimmy and Jey? It’s nice to always know who’s in the ring right now.
  • Riddle might be able to hit a decent RKO, but it never looks as good as Orton. It probably never will. Orton just has this ability to make it look good.

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    Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley will be in PPV’s mixed six-man tag match, but they’re meeting this week for a singles match, giving us a small preview.

    WWE then asked Morgan to wait two commercial breaks and a couple of videos before the match. When it did start, Ripley immediately took control of it with a headbutt.

    Damian Priest and AJ Styles show up to support their respective allies. Morgan is the underdog in nearly every category, so Ripley has the overwhelming majority in this game.

    The priest reached out to Ripley, and Styles ran around the ring, taking him out on his elbow. Morgan hit a backstab and stacked Ripley on the pin.

    Finn Balor joins the party so he can help Morgan and Styles take down Priest and Ripley. Edge never shows up, so the baby face is tall.

    The game was good and things were interesting afterward, but it took too long to start.

    grade: Second-

    Notable moments and observations

  • Is someone kidding Morgan? It felt like she waited longer for the game to start than anyone had waited after entering. It had been 19 minutes since she appeared and the first bell rang.
  • Rhea fighting a hurricane and whipping Morgan to a barricade is a great place to use before advertising.
  • Morgan looks great with a crossbody bag that hits the floor from the top cord. The way Rhea grabbed her and landed was perfect.

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    Raw ended up signing Lashley to a handicap contract between the Omos and MVP teams. For some reason, both Lashley and Olmos are ready, despite no games being scheduled.

    The MVP credits Lashley for what he’s accomplished, but the Almighty says he’s never needed him to do anything in his life. They both said they felt betrayed by each other.

    A large security team tried to stop them from fighting, but both powerhouses cleared everyone’s rings. When they were ready to fight, Cedric Alexander gave Lashley a chop.

    The Almighty cannot overcome the three-to-one disadvantage. The show ended with Lashley being placed at a table.

    It’s better than most contract signings, but it shouldn’t be the main event part of the night. It should have happened before the last game, so Ripley and Morgan could have gone to the last spot.

    grade: C++

    Notable moments and observations

  • How can the MVP claim that Lashley betrayed him? There is no follow-up.
  • Alexander legitimately popped up. Maybe he’s someone we should call a wizard.