Woman who slept with Andy Carroll before marrying Billi Mucklow sprinkles at stag party

The woman who was pictured in bed with Andy Carroll ahead of the wedding has opened up about exactly what happened.

A woman who ended up sleeping with British football star Andy Carroll at his Bucks party has revealed he was ‘smashed too hard to score’.

Taylor Jane Wilkey, 27, said the 33-year-old former Newcastle striker had previously performed 17 hours of stooping training. She was with a friend in a hotel suite in Dubai with him.

She said: “Honestly, he wasn’t in any shape to do anything.

“I’m so sorry for all this confusion – but I didn’t do anything wrong.”

‘Very embarrassing’ Taylor told sun After hours of boozy partying, she passed out with friends in Carroll’s hotel bed, feeling bad.

At one point of the day, the former England international was surrounded by women dancing with a ripped pair of Calvin Klein boxers.

The incident angered Carroll’s 33-year-old bride-to-be, Billy Muklow.

But Taylor, 27, insists there was no sex between her and the striker.

In a direct appeal to his heartbroken fiancée, she added: “Sorry Billy, I know what it looks like, but we didn’t have sex.

“She needs to know that nothing has happened between me and Andy, I swear.

“He’s a gentleman, he just passed out on the bed after drinking a lot.

“He didn’t try anything – even if he wanted to, he was too drunk.”

Taylor added: “I shouldn’t have put myself in that situation, but nothing unpleasant happened.

“I’m just sad about taking the photo – it’s all for jokes because Andy was so drunk we were just laughing.”

At a party in Dubai last week, Carol, 33, was pictured topless on the bed next to two blondes.

sun It has been revealed how bar manager Taylor and fitness trainer Phoebe Robb, 26, returned to Carroll’s luxury hotel room after a day of drinking.

The revelations have sparked friction between Carroll and former British reality TV star Muckro. She removed Carol from her WhatsApp profile and replaced it with a picture of their child after a crisis talk over the weekend.

The couple are scheduled to wed this Sunday, but it is unclear if the wedding will go ahead.

Carroll played for Championship side West Brom at the end of last season, scoring three goals in 14 games. But the club recently announced that he would not be offered a new contract.

Taylor, 27, backed the former Newcastle United and Liverpool hero – revealing he had at least 40 drinks before his breakdown.

She said she first met him last Wednesday when he and about a dozen mates attended a “Ladies’ Day” party at Dubai’s trendy Cove Beach bar.

She recounts a frantic 17-hour stoop that saw Carol and his friends spend nearly $50,000.

“It was a crazy day, the lads started drinking at 12 and it didn’t stop,” Taylor said.

“Honestly, when we first met Andy Carroll, we didn’t even know they were part of this team. All the lads seemed to be doing PR or marketing or had their own business, no one Mention football.

“But then we realised it was Andy, I didn’t reveal how famous he was, he was hardly (British football star) Jack Grealish or Marcus Rashford.”

Taylor said the group had a table at Cove and were ordering bottles of vodka, cans of sangria and a plate of Jagermeister drinks.

She continued: “It was a beautiful day, the wine was flowing and Andy seemed to be having a good time. He came over to chat with us and asked what we were doing, he seemed fine and a gentleman.

“But no one ever mentioned it was a ‘stag do’ and we were told it was a lad’s holiday. I didn’t know he was getting married.”

In a video, Carroll can be seen leaning back in a chair chatting while his former Newcastle team-mate Mark Gillespie balances a drink over his head as the party gets under way.

He was also joined by Newcastle star Paul Dummett, Carroll’s former West Ham team-mate Robert Snodgrass and Muklo’s reality TV star brother Sam Muklo. After leaving the bay, the group split up to eat and then changed to the club.

Taylor said Carroll had reserved a table in the VIP section of the nightclub Dubai Avenue on the 42nd floor of the Shangri-La Hotel.

She recalled: “We got there around 1am and the waiter was pouring Grey Goose[vodka]like there was no tomorrow, and there were platters of wine circling.

“One of the lads had an incident where he fell off his chair and nearly knocked himself over as he fell through a fake wall into a recess.

“We were all drunk. I remember Andy dancing on his head wearing a pair of Calvin Kleins belts and the DJ kept yelling at him.

“Andy and his mates looked after us and we never felt out of place or harassed by anyone.”

Carroll then brought the party back to his suite at the Fairmont Palms, Taylor said.

She added: “We were steaming hot and one of Andy’s friends said we were having a party in Andy’s hotel room.

“We all had taxis, me, Phoebe, Andy and his two buddies who weren’t footballers.

“We all went back to the room, turned on the TV and played some music, and there was already alcohol in there.

“We drank more wine, the music was on, and we had a good laugh. We danced around. To the point where Andy kept passing out, he took off his shirt but still had his pants on. He kept lying in bed passing out.

“We’re taking the p*** he marked in front of us all, we’re the last ones standing.

“A couple of jokes and he’ll start passing out and wake up and drink some more.”

Taylor said she chose to take a selfie with Carol, who was sleeping, at around 5 a.m. after a friend asked her about her low-key night.

She explained: “I was also wearing a pink tube top dress while I was taking selfies with him in bed because the phone was zoomed in and it looked like I was naked, but I wasn’t. Everyone else was there and it was just a joke.”

Taylor said the night was over as the group began to “break down.” She said: “I was wearing a tight dress and one of the lads suggested we could put on bathrobes. Then Phoebe and I ended up in bed with Andy.

“Yes, there were three people in the same bed, but nothing happened, we were all so drunk, we all passed out.”

Taylor said she left the hotel in an Uber shortly after.

It wasn’t until later that she realized that a photo taken at night and sent to a few friends suddenly went viral online.

The Brit, who moved to the UAE last year, runs three upscale bars in Abu Dhabi, about an hour’s drive from Dubai. She added: “I hope Billy forgives him. Andy is a good guy. I hate when they call off the wedding because of this,

“I shouldn’t have taken these pictures and shared them with friends, but I’m mad that they were leaked to the media.

“I look like an opportunist, but I’m not, I’ve received death threats and hate messages, which is really disturbing.

“It was a huge life lesson for me.”

People close to Billy said she was prepared to fight to reunite her family. But she asked Andy to “hand over everything related to the photo” in order to save their wedding.

This story first appeared in sun and reproduced with permission