why you shouldn’t hold on for too long

for frequent flyer And for enthusiasts, points and miles are the valuable currency equivalent to “free” or heavily discounted travel. However, it’s important not to try to save points for too long, as you may end up with less than you think. That’s why.

All about inflation

If you’re a travel lover like us, you’ll probably keep an eye on yours integral Balance to book your next adventure. It could even be a years-long process to earn those round-trip long-haul business flights. But here’s a warning: don’t do it.

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Similar to cash, points and mile affected by inflation. However, airlines have the right to depreciate at their own will, not based on fiscal policy, and usually do so when they want to increase revenue. As you can imagine, airlines often harness this power.

American Airlines has moved to a revenue-based reward system, where mileage is governed by the price of revenue.Photo: Getty Images

E.g, Delta Air Lines Used a fixed reward chart to allow you to travel 60,000 miles from the US to Europe in 2015. With the chart off the table, the ticket could cost as much as 375,000 miles with a base price of 130,000 miles.

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Make money and burn fast

The best way to protect yourself from this runaway inflation is to use your points regularly.it could mean accommodating economical round trips Rather than saving for business class, but it’s certainly better than spending years getting an award only to slip away overnight because of devaluation.

It might even make sense to choose an airline program that doesn’t depreciate miles too often to prevent disappointment. These tend to be smaller airlines or those that don’t want to disrupt the loyal customer base that keeps traffic going. Google your airline’s point depreciation history to see if it’s worth holding on to in the long run.

Emirates has devalued its miles a bit lately, but for most people, they’re still within reach.Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flight

It’s important to remember that there may be better airlines that credit your miles to a particular alliance.For example, even if you fly Qatar Airways, crediting your miles to British Airways may make sense given the redemption options it offers. Since airlines have the right to depreciate points indefinitely, it’s best for short-term goals rather than honeymoon or retirement travel in the next few years.

Keep an eye out for mileage sales

But what if you just can’t get the flight of your dreams, and now you don’t want to wait a few months before flying?it’s miles Sales volume can come in handy. As airlines are looking to shore up short-term liquidity, many airlines offer 25-100% bonuses on any miles purchased. Buying during one of these deals lets you cash out and fly right away, potentially saving thousands of dollars at full price. So, find your next big flight, book it, and enjoy as soon as possible!

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