Why is “The Castle” over? 5 years later, ‘This Is Us’ star Jon Huertas reveals show’s sudden axe

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This Is Us – Episode 501/502 of “Forty Part 1/Forty Part 2” – shown in this screenshot: (left) Jon Hertas as Miguel, Mandy Moore As Rebecca – (Credit: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

When we reach the end of the famous play this is us, Jon Huertas, who played Miguel on the show, is comparing the series’ ending to his time on the program castlewhere he played Javier Esposito, alongside Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic.

“I feel bad for our fans because they hope and look forward to another season, they look forward to a happy ending,” Huertas told Reuters Yahoo Canada“We thought we’d be in season 9, but that’s also the difference between the two types of shows, the two types.”

“With the program, it’s a weekly stand-alone episode, … so they’re not worried [from] The show requires a studio level that ends on a single note. “

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Castle – “The Human Element” – When the Department of Homeland Security inexplicably seals off the crime scene of the car bombing, Castle and Beckett find themselves with two mysteries on their hands: who murdered the victim, the government whistleblower, and why federal agents Trying to take over the case? The plot is further complicated when they discover that the victim was killed not by a car bomb but by a missile from a military drone. Carlos Bernard guest starred as Jared Stark, a mysterious agent who may hold the key to solving the case. (Photo by Richard Foreman/Disney Universal Entertainment Content via Getty Images) STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLION, JON HUERTAS

While Huertas agrees that the show will definitely end abruptly, which created a frenzy among fans of the series at the time (and still to some extent today), he did say that if the cast could get back together, he’d be happy with the Somehow revive Esposito restart content.

“For me, that show was the most creative fun I could have,” he said. “A lot of what we do is because we want to have a different perspective on the program, so the collaboration between us [Nathan Fillion] And myself, Seamus [Dever] Stana [Katic]. “

“They started taking our little ideas and creating real stories and plots out of them, like the fact that I was eating donuts while Ryan was cleaning, which came straight from me and his cleaning eating some garbage, and I was Think, ‘What are you doing, man, eat that,’ and the writers heard that.”

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Castle – “Hell’s Price” – When an axe-wielding, escaped psychopath dies in Castle’s PI office, Castle and Beckett’s investigation leads Castle to suspect that the victim’s death may have been the work of the Antichrist, in ” Castle” on Monday, May 9 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET) on Disney Integrated Entertainment content via the Getty Images television network. (Scott Everett White/Disney Universal Entertainment Content via Getty Images) NATHAN FILLION, STANA KATIC, TOKS OLAGUNDOYE, JON HUERTAS, SEAMUS DEVER

‘We have our insecurities’

Ultimately, when Jon Huertas is looking for roles he really wants to play, he likes to develop “more active roles” that combine comedy and drama.

“I really don’t like playing drug lords, drug dealers or gangsters, … unless there’s something different,” he said. “I think right now I’m looking for something that’s collaborative, … and then you can build with the writers and you can help inject a lot of yourself into the characters.”

“You get your own approval because if you put a lot of stuff into the character and people love the character, then they’re going to love you, as an actor, that’s what you want…I don’t like celebrities or hustle and bustle or something like that…but as you can see, people in our business, we have the insecurities we need [be] See you. “

Generation Kills cast during HBO movie premiere

The cast of Generation Kills at the premiere of the HBO film “Generation Killing” at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California on July 9, 2008. (Photo by Jason Merritt/FilmMagic)

The Story Behind HBO Miniseries ‘Generation Killers’

Although Jon Huertas castle and this is us, the role that had the most lasting impact on him was playing Sergeant. Antonio Espera in the 2008 HBO miniseries generation kill. The series takes place in the first 40 days of the Iraq War and is based on a true story from the perspective of the United States Marine Corps. Huertas is an Air Force veteran himself.

“Being able to tell a true, honest story about the military with a politically impartial portrayal that lets the audience make their own decisions about what’s right and what’s wrong…it’s a great experience,” Huertas said. “I think we’re so committed to telling this story with integrity, telling it right, and we all share that, and when we’re there, all we have is each other.”

“Sent to shoot this thing in Africa for 8 months with 30 other guys and meet some of your best friends who was Alexander Skarsgard 15 years ago and I was just at the premiere with him hang out together northerner Because no matter what he does, I will support him because he is one of my best friends. “

Interestingly, Huertas made a movie for HBO a few years ago generation kill As the actor describes it, “HBO doesn’t really make the best stuff.” It’s a military film that he feels falls short of its authenticity.

‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ From That Experience, When Huertas Supports generation kill He was quite picky at first.

“I think, first of all this doesn’t happen in the military, and second, nobody talks like that, his name is Rudolph Reyes, he’s obviously Latino, that’s not how Latinos are,” Huertas revealed. “I’m not bullshitting, I have that attitude, I read my scenes and there’s some anger.”

HOLLYWOOD - JULY 8: Actors John Huertas (L) and Alexander Skarsgard arrive at the miniseries premiere of the HBO movie

HOLLYWOOD – JULY 8: Actors John Huertas (left) and Alexander Skarsgard at the premiere of the HBO movie “Miniseries” at the Paramount Theater inside Paramount Pictures on July 8, 2008 in Hollywood, CA Killing Generation”. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

A year later, he got a call saying HBO wanted to meet him and wanted to give him an actor spot, but he was meeting executive producer/writer David Simon one day. Huertas said it sounded familiar, and HBO clarified that he had read a different character for the project a year ago, but they wanted him for Antonio Espera, who described him to Huertas as an “angry Mexican.”

“Basically, because I went in and looked pissed, didn’t like and didn’t like what they put on the page, they were like, ‘Oh, he’s pissed, he’s a good fit for the role,'” the actor said, adding added that he was in view of the fact that the book was based on a true story generation kill.

“When I was on my way to Africa, on the plane, this guy came up behind me and asked me, and he said, ‘Brother, are you working? generation kill? ‘…it was Rodolfo Reyes. He’s sincere, he’s a guy who talks exactly like that character,…what he did in the tent, he did, he blew up the coffee machine,…he was a role. “

“I used a fine-tooth comb to comb things, but I’m glad I did, and I was wrong. My assessment was wrong, but it got me the job. So now I know to always use a fine-tooth comb Tooth comb to handle things.”