Why do Harry Styles fans hate Olivia Wilde?

never easy Harry Styles‘girlfriend.

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen what happens to women who dare to date international heartthrobs in the public eye, but little has changed.Still, no one is to blame Olivia Wilde She’s surprised by the sheer viciousness of certain subsets of the internet when it’s revealed she’s partnered with Styles after filming their movies don’t worry dear. Actress and director, previously in a long-term relationship . with Jason Sudeikishas come under fire for her romance on social media and conspiracy-adjacent gossip blogs.

Take a look at social media and you’ll see a string of charming and detailed outrage at Wilde, from trivial to downright dangerous.

When the news first surfaced last January, Wilde was forced to limit comments on her Instagram page after being inundated with negative information.as mentioned BuzzFeed, Wilde was told she should be “ashamed” of herself for “stealing” Styles and their relationship was “embarrassing”. Some particularly outspoken Styles fans accused her of being a bad mother who ditched her kids for her new boyfriend. Tumblr Tags #fauxlivia is where most of it came from, as well as the accusation that Wilde was “fake”, “leech” and that only Stiles could get people’s attention.

Nudity was posted repeatedly with further body and slut-shaming remarks.One intimate video Showing a woman who looks like Wilde (whose authenticity has never been proven) went viral on social media, shared by Styles obsessives.She faces a huge age discrimination and has been accused of grooming He’s because they’re 10 years apart in age (forget Styles isn’t a kid yet, he’s almost 30 now.)

Threads have been put together to provide exhaustive Wilde’s ‘evidence’ of various misconduct, listing everything from old dodgy tweets to ‘looking blackface’ tan in photo shoot. She was also criticized for wearing a James Brown T-shirt because he kept accused of domestic violence against his wife.

a blog Claims she “attracts criminals” because she either works with the likes of Kevin Spacey and Bretra Turner, or is photographed nearby.a particularly cruel viral tweet smarmily’s claim that Wilde “feels the same as Amber Heard” is reminiscent of the recent hate campaign against the latter, as a reason to doubt their latest target.

One 2015 Defamation Articles Regarding Harvey Weinstein’s claim that Weinstein “proposed a model for a trio” with a model “between the two of them and Olivia Wilde” in exchange for acting jobs.this is weaponized fans of many styles As evidence that Wilde was either working with Weinstein or a predator of his size.Label #timesupolivia Has been used to spread the most insidious hatred, including repeatedly comparing Wilde to a sexual predator and positioning Stiles as a her victim. These people better imagine their idol as a traumatized prisoner rather than an autonomous being.

Notably, many Styles fans have spoken out in support of Wilde, speaking out and condemning the tactics used to hurt her. The anger represented by this subset does not represent the beliefs of the entire fan base. Usually, they’re a minority, although they’re a very loud and well-organized person that grabs most of the attention. Nonetheless, the presence of this reaction speaks volumes about how people in the public eye can engage in a fanfight where the goalposts are always moving.

For her part, Wilde didn’t discuss the attacks directly, and has kept her romance with Styles, unsurprisingly, fairly low-key. Alas, what she was experiencing was not a new phenomenon. Name a famous couple from the Hollywood legends of the last century, and you’ll quickly find a plethora of bullying directed at one of them, usually a woman, from Elizabeth Taylor to Sybil Shepherd to Angelina Julie wait. In this sense, Wilde joined the line of “pride” that shamed women. But in the age of social media, where the lines between celebrity and fandom are blurring, it’s hard to ignore the specific numbers she’s dealing with.

The hostility to Wilde manifests in two ways, illustrating how celebrity relationships can fuel the anger of some fans: first, the classic misogyny in which women dare to date a male star whom most female fans admire; conspiracy, insisting that he actually had a secret relationship with someone else. In this case, Styles has been the subject of many unfounded claims that he has a long-term partnership with former One Direction co-member Louis Tomlinson.

This Larry Stellinson Theory Sparking a number of fan fictions, they micro-analyze the video to prove their secret love, which is kept in the dark by the insidious power of their record label, Simon Cowell, and a shadowy force known only as “PR”. Despite an indefinite hiatus from One Direction and Tomlinson and ex-partner having a son, the conspiracy never stopped.Tomlinson even exclaimed Back in 2012 That paranoia has weighed on his friendship with Styles, but his pleas for fans to stop only fuel their fantasies.

Any woman who dares to fall in between this imagined love faces severe consequences.Again, this is not unique to Olivia Wilde, who is accused of being latest beard Or the cruel woman with whom he was forced to open his romance. Such conspiracies are now shockingly commonplace in many fandoms.

Again, the biggest part of this cruelty is against the woman in the relationship. Consider how Benedict Cumberbatch’s wife, director Sophie Hunter, became the subject of a ridiculous conspiracy alleging that she trapped her famous husband in a loveless marriage and that the children were either not his , or not his. reality doll. Singer FKA branches Talks candidly on social media about the racism and misogyny she endured while dating Robert Pattinson while fans think he’s married twilight Co-star Kristen Stewart. Amelia Warnerthe composer’s wife 50 levels of grayscale Star Jamie Dornan also faces the same vile treatment from his fans and those who believe it his true love It’s co-star Dakota Johnson. Find any type of heterosexual celebrity couple, this woman is likely to be the one to be hated by all.

There are very few exceptions.Recently, actress Florence Pugh was pictured on vacation with her ex Midsummer Night Co-star Will Poulter excited her fans, who thought she had left her co-star Zach Braff.future adam warlock. Pugh has called out her followers on her Instagram page to be “abusive, horrible and basically bullying someone” and she was forced to respond again to deny Poulter’s claims.That didn’t stop people from making cruel comments about Bluff, even if Pugh announced“Regardless of what you think about who I should or shouldn’t be with, at the end of the day, if you’re complimenting someone by trolling another person…you’re just bullying.”

The attack tactics faced by these celebrities are very similar in every way. Use the same arguments over and over again: look at body language that’s obviously uncomfortable and hides the truth; it’s all an evil plan imposed on them by an evil PR firm; their true love is waiting for the right time to reveal everything; It’s extremely complex and mysterious, and only a few fans are smart enough to see through. This is certainly a more subtle reason to hate garden diversity than to admit that you don’t like the person’s partner.

These days, simply not liking someone’s other half doesn’t seem to be satisfying to fans. Instead, the reasons they provided depended on declaring that their goals were “problematic.”

Wilde and Braff are positioned as predators dating young people. She must secretly be the worst person in the world, a ruthless manipulator who keeps Stiles away from his true love. Her “crimes,” whether real or purely malicious conjectures, are listed and shared like a rap sheet, and anyone who questions this strategy must fully support every terrible thing that happens. In this hostile atmosphere, Wilde simply couldn’t be himself, let alone Harry Styles’ girlfriend. Women like her are turned into omnipotent villains by this hatred, while their favorites are childishly turned into inanimate toys defined by almost comical pain.

Unfortunately, celebrities have to treat the most egregious acts of cruelty as occupational hazards. Part of being famous is being forced to make complete strangers see every aspect of your life as fair game of smears, misunderstandings, and the most inexplicable fiction. The whole concept of celebrity encourages the public to project its thoughts, concerns, and fantasies onto others until they are no longer people, but containers of discourse. When disillusioned, many people get angry at the person who forced them back to reality.

Olivia Wilde is just one of many who have experienced this anger, and it seems unlikely that it will end anytime soon. The faces may change, but the cycle continues.