Who Will Win Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard: Lead Attorney Emily D. Baker Predicts

A former Los Angeles district attorney shares her thoughts on who will win the high profile Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Defamation Trial.

As the jury prepares to continue its deliberations when it opens on May 31, attorney Emily D. Baker shares her thoughts on the verdict.

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The legal expert commented on every minute of her “extremely wild” trial over the past six weeks. YouTube channel.

In a recent podcast, Baker said she went to trial believing that neither Depp nor Heard would win the case.

“I came in thinking that was the most likely [that they would both lose],”She’s at neither thin nor fat podcast.

However, she said she could now see Depp’s path to winning the case based on a key detail in Amber Heard’s testimony.

Johnny Depp (left) and Amber Heard are involved in a defamation case.
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will go head-to-head in a high-profile libel case. Credit: Associated Press

During her time in the stands, Hurd confirmed she retweeted Washington post Review article written by her. Given that her retweet contained the title Depp claimed to be defamatory, Baker believes it gave Depp an edge in his case.

“The title is ‘Opinion Amber Heard: ‘I talk about sexual violence and confront the anger of our culture.’ This has to change,” she continued.

“Her team has been arguing that she didn’t write the headline. Depp’s team is still arguing that even though she didn’t write the headline, she retweeted it and said, “Today I published this in the Washington Post, It tells the story of women who turned their anger at violence and inequality into political power, despite the cost. forward. ‘

“So it had the headline, and she said ‘I wrote this’. So I think this tweet is their strongest case right now, because she said ‘I wrote this’ and she said ‘I wrote this, Include title”.

“If they find the allegations to be untrue, or they don’t believe them, or they can’t believe them enough to say it’s not defamation, then those are the ones that matter most to him.”

Actor Johnny Depp gestures to the audience in court after the argument.
Actor Johnny Depp gestures to the audience in court after the argument. Credit: Steve Herber/Associated Press

Baker detailed her thoughts on the verdict on a YouTube livestream after the court heard closing arguments.

“I think what’s going to happen? If we see Johnny Depp winning, what we’re going to see is a retweet. Legally, that’s the clearest path for him to win,” she said.

“I am not a thoughtful juror. I also have information from the internet about this case, which is unsubstantiated.

“But if Johnny Depp wins, I think it’s on the tweet. At the beginning of this case, I didn’t think there was a path to victory. Law and editorial didn’t work for me. I was like, ‘This is will be very, very difficult. “

“The law and the column are not math. After watching the six weeks of the trial, I can see why they chose to take the trial, and I see Johnny Depp has the potential to win.

“I think it’s a huge win for them because that’s not where I was at the beginning of this case.

“So my verdict is, if it wins, that’s it. I still think this jury can go on without anyone winning, I still think this jury can hang. I never put it aside. I I don’t like to bet on the verdict either, and I didn’t do that with my own verdict.”

Actor Amber Heard listens in court in Fairfax County Circuit Court.
Actor Amber Heard listens in court in Fairfax County Circuit Court. Credit: Evelyn Hawkstein/Associated Press

Baker also clarified the various possible outcomes of the high-profile experiment.

“The jury can find that no one is responsible, no one has defamed no one, no one has defamed anyone, no one has defamed at all. Everyone loses,” she explained.

“The jury might find one side wins. I don’t see a path for both sides to win in defamation. If you think Amber Heard didn’t defame Johnny Depp, then you can get them to call her a hoaxer is actually defamatory.

“If you think she didn’t defame Johnny Depp, or you think she did defame Johnny Depp, then calling her a liar or a liar is not necessarily defamatory in your eyes.

“I don’t think both sides can win, I think both sides can lose.

“This jury can hang. If the jury has one or two people, because it has to be unanimous, seven people are deliberating it must be unanimous. If there are several on the jury, one or two people, strongly believe one or the other side… side?

“If you believed Amber Heard lied to Johnny Depp, would you say ‘No, Amber Heard did not slander Johnny Depp.’ If you believed Johnny Depp Pu’s horrific abuse of Amber Heard, would you say “no, she slandered Johnny Depp”. That’s where you could end up being a hanging jury.

“The potential of the hanging jury is that if you’re a firm believer in one side, nothing can shake you.”

Former Los Angeles District Attorney Emily D. Baker.
Former Los Angeles District Attorney Emily D. Baker. Credit: YouTube