Who is the witch of BGT?Celebrity Theories From Baking Stars to Pre-Show Hosts

Britain’s Got Talent Audiences are eager to find out who the witch is – tonight they might find out.

During the audition stage, the terrifying performance sent the judges running, the audience shivered, and the audience at home hid behind the sofa.

The witch asked in a piercing voice, “Between darkness and light, good and evil, which one would you choose?”

Even ‘Mr Nasty’ Simon Cowell looked terrified David Williams Biting into an apple with Alesha Dixon, then he had to choose between two apples in Amanda Holden’s hand.

Then Amanda let out a scream and the witch seemed to convulse, turning the apple she hadn’t bitten into a swarm of cockroaches and maggots before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

The judges, including Alesha who escaped from the table, decided to move the witches to the next round, where they will participate First live semi-final tonight l.

But who is hiding under that mask? Is this a famous face?

Stephen Mulhern

Witches hurt BGT judge



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One of the strongest theories is that witches are national treasures Stephen Mulhern.

Stephen is very capable of doing some incredible tricks and he was the youngest member of the magic circle when he joined.

“I was thinking Stephen Mulhern was in disguise,” one fan recently speculated.Another tweeted: “Probably Stephen Mulhern [as] He is a magician. “

Stephen had more talent on ITV2 from 2007, until it was cancelled in 2019, so can he find any way to get back on the show? Or revenge?

The cheeky presenter teased that he might be doing it undercover by posting a photo with makeup artist Lisa Armstrong, who is formerly married to BGT host Ant McPartlin.

Stephen Mulhern hints he may be behind heavy makeup

Hinting at Lisa’s involvement in the potential transformation, Stephen tweeted a picture of him sitting in a makeup chair next to a picture of a witch.

He wrote: “Everyone is asking me if I’m a BGT witch! Well, before she puts my makeup on, you might want to ask Lisa Armstrong what I look like!”

But his followers were quick to point out it wasn’t him, with one writing: “The witches are not you, they have brown eyes and yours are blue.”

Another added: “Witches don’t have your eyes,” alongside a string of emojis that make it hard to laugh or cry.

Noel Fielding

Bake Off host Noel may have a witch vibe


channel 4)

Another name mixed in is Noel Fielding.

The great British bakery presenter loves dressing up on his show The Mighty Boosh and skits with the baker.

Celebrity witch and body language expert Inbaal Honigman is convinced she’s found clues to Noel, including “masculine” feet.

“The witch’s big boots suggest most likely masculine feet – walking hunched over shows commitment. It’s someone who’s happy to stay in character for the long haul. Probably a professional actor,” she told daily star.

“Never looking at a TV camera (it’s harder than you might think), the person is likely an expert in TV sets, but constant eye contact and physical interaction with the judges – such as touching Amanda’s hand, suggests it’s likely A theatre man at heart, used to performing intimately in front of responsive audiences.”

Body language enthusiasts think the mystery contestants may have a “gothic” quality to them, which has led to her becoming baking star Noel.

Inbaal added: “If we were looking for a TV and theatre professional in the public eye who could speak in light-hearted riddles and had a Gothic bent, a Noel Fielding would probably come to mind.

“Heavy, worn walking boots don’t resemble the usual silver pointed toes of Mighty Boosh stars…but many other elements fit like gloves!”

Keith Lemon

Keith plays Amanda Holden’s nan on their channel 4 show


Channel 4 Photo Promotion)

One theory that really took off was that the witch was actually Keith Lemon.

The celebrity juice star, whose real name is Leigh Francis, has spent most of his life pretending to be someone else.

And he’s no stranger to prosthetics, having played many roles in Bo’ Selecta, even in their Channel 4 series.

Mark Gatis

Mark Gatiss may be behind the mask



It’s going to be quite a big move, but some BGT viewers think the Game of Thrones actor Mark Gatis behind the mask.

The Sherlock star, known for his various roles in League of Gentlemen, has yet to respond to the rumors.

Now, fans are convinced that Mark Gatiss – actor, writer and director – may be behind the mask. Viewers have turned to social media and said the same about the horrific act of haunting Alesha Dixon.

“I’m sure the ‘witch’ on BGT is you, Mark,” said one viewer. Another commented: “That witch is actually (actually) scary, kind of like Mark Gatiss.”

“Like the Mark Gatiss of prosthetics to me [laughing emoji]’ commented another fan of the show.

Others thought the act reminded them of what he was going to make, with one saying: “Reminds me of a Mark Gatiss creation.” Another said it was “Mark Gatissian.”

Mark Spellman

Marc Spelmann races BGT in 2018


Tom Dymond/Thames/Syco/REX/Shutterstock)

It would be pretty bold if Mark Spellman returned Britain’s Got Talent the third time.

The talented magician has already auditioned in two different capacities – performing as his own magician in 2018 and then as the mysterious “X” in the following years.

X refused to speak to the judges, disguised his voice and hid his true identity during auditions, and then dramatically exposed himself in the finale.

On why he stayed anonymous, he said: “It’s difficult but fun at the same time. We all want to be superheroes and X is superheroes to me.

He added: “X is a concept and I’ve always loved the concept of an anonymous character that evokes magic in people.

“The most powerful magic you can see is if I can get you to do something incredible, it will resonate with you more.”

He apparently had previous forms to hide his identity, so some viewers speculated that he was back again in ugly new costumes.

“Maybe a new role for Mark Spellman?” suggested one viewer. Another asked: “Does anyone else think the witch is Mark Spellman?”

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