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mom in june is a married woman! The 42-year-old We TV star whose real name is June Shannon, tie the knot with her boyfriend Justin Stroud In March, it was reported that sun. Although mom Joan and Justin have been together for a short period of time, it looks like they really hit the spot and must be in love! Find out everything you need to know about Mommy June’s new husband here!

Justin and mom Joan met through TikTok

Mother June and Justin were reportedly seen shopping for rings before their wedding. (trillion)

The reality star and her now husband first sparked their connection online via TikTok.June mom revealed hollywood life in a Exclusive Podcast Interview Justin didn’t know mom Joan was famous. “We were friends and he didn’t know who Joan’s mother was. when he met me,” she said, explaining that she didn’t tell him she was a victims of domestic violence before they met. It sounds like this connection is a surprise. “I was told I wasn’t his type and he wasn’t single. But it turned out I was his type and he was single!” she explained.

June mom and Justin married in secret ceremony

Rumour has it that Justin and Mum Joan were engaged back in March when they were seen shopping for rings.When the couple got married, they just together About five months! The couple reportedly tied the knot in a courthouse ceremony in Georgia.

Justin was arrested in February

Mum Joan gushed about her new husband, saying her daughters had embraced him. (Dan Holman/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

While Mum Joan is open about her past struggles with drug use and ex-boyfriends Gino Doc Justin is suspected of abusing her and has had his own issues in the past. Justin was reportedly arrested in February 2022 on a probation violation on past drug and burglary charges. sun. He was arrested in Boca Raton, Florida, but released about a month later.

Justin gets along with mom Joan’s daughters

While mum Joan and Justin are now happily married, Justin seems to have been embraced by the person who means the most to her: her daughter.June mother is a mother Four girls: Anna, 27, Jessica, 25, Lauren, 22, and Alana “Dear Pee” 16. June mom and her eldest daughter estranged And with a complicated relationship, it looks like the girls have grown to like Justin so much. “The girls were cold to him at first,” she said in a May 2022 interview sun. “I was in a toxic situation where I got addicted to drugs and then left the relationship even though I was cleaned up in the relationship…then fast-forward to six months later, almost eight months later, into this new one. relationship, which made them uncomfortable at first.”

Although her daughters may have a hard time understanding the new relationship from the start, they seem to have fully embraced Justin. “They’re all getting along very well now, I mean, he’s been on a couple of family adventures with us, we’ve been hanging out as a family. You know, they don’t have a problem with him,” she said in that interview.