Where Is Lee Evans Now – Retirement Announcement, Family Life and Spiritual Struggles

Comedian Lee Evans stunned fans after giving up fame and retiring in 2014, but where is the legendary comedian now?Let’s take a look at what the comedian has done in recent years

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Lee Evans performing on the ‘Monsters’ tour in 2014

Lee Evans A household name for his energetic stand-up shows and hilarious impressions, he quickly became one of the UK’s most popular comedians.

The 58-year-old funnyman also achieved global success with appearances in the Hollywood films Mousetrap, The Magic Roundabout and There’s Something About Mary.

But after his shock decision to retire in 2014, Lee stepped back from the spotlight and now spends his time with his family. So, where is he now?

retirement announcement

Lee, who moved from Bristol to Essex with his 11-year-old family, announced his retirement from comedy on The Jonathan Ross Show in November 2014.

Speaking with host Jonathan, the cartoonist explained that he wanted to spend more time with his wife and daughter.

Lee Evans discusses his ‘retirement’ with comedian Jonathan Ross

When asked how long “Extraordinary Comedy Power” plans to last in his work, Lee replied: “I fucked up. That’s it. Done. That’s the end. I didn’t do anything.”

He also attributes his retirement to the death of manager Addison Creswell, who died of a heart attack in 2013.

“All I did was work, and Addison always put his arm around me and said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. It’s okay,'” Lee said. “My dad always said to me, ‘You have to work,’ so I kept working and doing comedy tours.

Comedian who appeared with Nathan Lane in the beloved comedy Mouse Hunter


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“I think I’ve ignored my wife for so long, I want to spend more time with her. I’m going to see my wife and go home and say ‘I’m yours’.”

He joked: “And I know what’s going to happen, in a week it’s going to be ‘Get out!'”

spend time with family

Lee now lives a relatively peaceful life with his wife Heather Nudds in Billericay, Essex.

The two met as teenagers, and by the time they were both 22, they decided to get married. They were married on September 22, 1984.

Speaking of the day he first saw his wife, Lee told the Guardian: “Her mum was dying and I saw her passing by on the way to the hospital.

Before quitting showbiz, Li wanted to spend more time with his wife and daughter

“I was talking to a buddy on the street and I said, ‘Who is that?’ He said, ‘I don’t know. “She looked distraught.

“I bumped into her about two weeks later when I was going to see the band play – we got on really well. I think I made her laugh.”

Lee and Heather have since gone on to welcome their daughter Molly, born in 1993.

return to public life

Although he has kept a low profile since his retirement, Mr. Lee has made few appearances over the years.

In 2017, the legendary comedian attended Kenny’s premiere in Liverpool.

The star is still making weird public appearances

He also appeared in the charity production of Harold Pinter’s “Wessel” alongside comedian Jack Whitehall.

The event, which took place in October 2017, marked Lee’s last appearance on stage.

Meanwhile, last year, Lee was discovered Ride his electric bike through Essex.

battling mental health

While Lee seems pretty happy with his retirement plans, he did previously admit to feeling “very frustrated” when he’s not performing.

Lee is open and candid about his experiences with mental health

“Not outside, but at home [feel depressed],” He says sun Year 2014.

“I got very deep and depressed. Everyone does that sometimes, doesn’t it? I could sit there with my head in my hands for a long time. It was mostly from being criticized because then I didn’t feel worthy and would slip away on my own. Walk.”

Monsters, Lee’s last major arena tour, went on 51 dates in the UK and Ireland.

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