Wedding brawl: Bride accused of ‘sabotaging’ wedding by in-laws

Although you can get along well with your people in law Before you start planning your wedding, there’s nothing like an upcoming wedding that tests a relationship.

A woman found out after getting engaged to her boyfriend and immediately expressed her desire for him small wedding.

The 32-year-old woman explained Reddit’s “I’m A–hole” thread She “respectfully” hates wedding culture and all “the weight it carries”.

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sad bride
The bride explained she “respectfully” hates wedding culture and all “the weight it carries”. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

She also said “been there and done that,” implying that she had been through a big wedding before, but it didn’t go as planned.

“So my (future) in-laws are very traditional people (fortunately my fiancé wasn’t like that, I was able to show him how overrated traditional weddings are) the in-laws obviously wanted a ‘tradition; wedding with all’ works’,” she explained. “Big party, big venue, a full wedding party and personal photographer, and a fancy, expensive wedding dress to impress guests, and a wide variety of food options, and dj and who knows what else have what.”

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It was during the planning of the wedding that the woman’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law visited her and began to help her plan. They start making lists of things to do that make the bride “disgusted”.

“I asked why so much trouble and exaggeration?” she asked. Her in-laws responded by saying “that’s how the family does it”.

Bride small wedding fight
The bride explained her predicament on Reddit. (Reddit)

“I told her I was sorry (oops!) but my fiancé and I had decided to throw a small party in our spacious backyard and my wedding dress was a humble purple dress with Etta James ‘At Last’ in the background ,” she wrote.

At this point, her mother-in-law expressed shock at the situation before she started “shouting at me and telling me I was trying to make fun of her son and family”.

Then her mother-in-law asked her to stick to the list she had created.

“I called my fiancé to go home, but his dad and aunt arrived first and they all started arguing with me how crazy it was and how they wouldn’t let me ruin my and their son’s wedding for them,” the bride said. continue.

“My fiancé came home and took everything we agreed on,” she explained. “I was mad at him and asked why, and he told me he didn’t think his family would react that way.”

sad bride and groom
Now the bride and her fiancé are arguing about the situation. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The spat saw her fiancé’s family threatening not to attend if the wedding wasn’t what they were expecting.

“They criticized me up and down, saying they didn’t understand why I was doing this because I had enough money and time to have a decent and worthwhile wedding, just like the rest of the family,” recalls the bride.

They accused her of being a “bride” for trying to “direct the wedding from start to finish”.

“Also said, just because I’ve had weddings before doesn’t mean I’ll take this lightly,” she wrote. “We’re still arguing over this, my fiancé keeps saying he wants his family not to miss our wedding and asking me to reconsider our previous plans.”

She asked Reddit users for comments, many of whom questioned the bride and groom’s relationship.

“I’ll put the wedding on hold for now, at least until your fiancé grows a spine,” one wrote.

“The only thing I’m negotiating with is my fiancé,” another commented. “Tell him he can marry his parents, but you won’t be there.”

“Be sure to put the wedding on hold until your husband is no longer influenced by his family,” said another. “Your wedding is between you and your husband. No one else matters. Your husband wants to reassure his family, but you need to remind him that this is a ceremony for you to live together, not one for your family The party calling the shots.”

Others take a different view.

“I am 100% for unconventional styles. I prefer yours,” they wrote. “However, when I read that you ‘could convince him to see how overrated traditional weddings are’, I hesitated.

“My concern is that you succeeded in persuading his logic, but Maybe Couldn’t convince his emotions. “

“You should decide things together like adults,” another said. “Parents and other relatives cannot have the same decision-making power as the wedding couple.

“It seems to me that he just agreed with the OP about the wedding to appease her. It seems like he’ll let anyone make decisions for him, just to avoid the stress.”

“Or not having a wedding at all. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the trouble to bond with this family,” another added.

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