Voice finale: Thousands of votes not counted as Luckey Gill wins

A simple mistake was that an Australian man was bombarded with thousands of texts and voicemails from people who voted in The Voice finale.

Thousands of Australians made a simple mistake in voting for The Voice finale, meaning many votes were not counted.

Controversy erupted on social media Sunday nightwhen the winner of the singing competition was announced as Lachie Gill, 24, from Team Rita Ora.

fans of channel 7 sound Disappointed at the result of “Three People of Color” losing their $100,000 prize and Universal Music Australia record deal.

Now, it can be revealed that thousands of votes were not counted after fans cast the wrong phone number when they voted via text message.

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Viewers are encouraged to text their favourite artist’s name to 0417 779 667 to vote, with a maximum of three votes per person.

However, Brisbane man Antoni, whose personal phone number was one number off the correct line of text, told news.com.au that many people had sent their ballots to him by mistake.

The 50-year-old said he had received thousands of text messages and hundreds of phone calls since the final vote began on May 22, with a marked increase on Sunday night.

“I deleted the first few hundred (messages) because I thought I was getting spam and didn’t realize people were voting. I didn’t watch the show and don’t know why people texted me the names of contestants ,”He says.

“I didn’t realise how close it was to my number until I saw an ad with a cell phone number on it…then the penny dropped.

“I might have a few thousand texts to add up, and a few hundred voice messages of people voting orally.”

Throughout the voting period, Channel 7 never posted the wrong number on its social media, website or broadcast.

Things got even more out of hand in Sunday night’s final, Anthony said.

Images provided by Antoni show hundreds of messages and dozens of calls received in just a few minutes.

Screenshots of a small portion of the text Anthony received showed that the majority supported Luckey.

About half of the less than 50 messages included in the screenshots show a vote for Lachie, followed by Jordan, then Faith, then Thando.

However, with thousands of uncounted votes and hundreds of deleted messages, it is unclear how many votes each contestant has in total.

As an IT consultant with a busy schedule, Antoni said the whole situation was stressful, as the hundreds of calls and texts received every day meant it was nearly impossible to use his phone normally.

“As you can imagine, my phone is a critical part of my work, so having it turned off at any time of the day and night, so much so that I had to put it in ‘do not disturb’ mode, which meant I missed A lot of phone calls and texts because I had to try to decipher real information from colleagues versus all the voting information from random people,” he said.

Antoni told news.com.au his wife had tried to raise the issue with The Voice and Channel 7 through a variety of channels including email, Facebook and Instagram.

The Brisbane man claims that in a response his wife received via Instagram, the scheme said the vote was handled by outsourcers and “has nothing to do with them”.

“(For) my email complaint, which I received on Thursday, I believe my complaint has been forwarded to the appropriate department for processing,” he said.

“I haven’t heard anything since.”

Channel 7 responded to Antonio’s wife’s message, apologizing for any inconvenience caused by people texting or calling their number by mistake.

News.com.au understands that audience votes are handled by external companies and compliance agreements mean they cannot accept any votes made through the wrong phone number.

Previously, Lachie sparked online controversy by defeating a diverse trio including Thando Sikwila of Team Keith Urban, Jordan Tavita of Team Guy Sebastian and Faith Sosene of Team Jess Mauboy.

good voice runner up Also reacted to the ending of the show.

Faith, 25, said on Instagram that she was “very proud” of Lachie, before appearing to suggest a broader issue was at play.

“We already know Australia will love you and choose you! You are simply perfect for them.”

Faith has since edited the title, removing “for them” and replacing it with “you’re just perfect.”

She added: “[Thando and Jordan] We must work harder to win for our children and grandchildren. Let’s go after get off work. “

Elsewhere, Sandow, 29, said Larch was a “legend” who “absolutely deserved it.”

“Can’t wait to see where this win takes you,” she wrote alongside a photo of the pair.

Jordan, 23, echoed Sando’s sentiments, as he also backed his runner-up.

“Wow my sisters! We have a bright future,” he wrote. “One door closes, 1000 doors open for us!!!”

Lachie also posted a lengthy statement on his Instagram page congratulating the three finalists.

“Jordan Faith and Sando. What can I say other than thank you,” he began.

“Thank you for sharing your gift with me and Australia. You will continue to inspire me every day and I know, I mean it! You will have an amazing career in this industry and provide Australia and beyond A lot (sic).”

Channel 7 has been contacted for comment.