TV star Noel Clark says he ‘lost everything’ after 20 women made sexual misconduct allegations

Noel Clarke says he considered suicide in first interview Sexual Misconduct Allegations Last year was not good for him.

In an interview with The Post on Sunday, Bulletproof and Doctor Who Star says the claims ‘harmed him in a way’ [he] cannot express”.

April 2021 protector Misconduct allegations published on the 20th female Who knew Clark in a professional capacity.

The paper said Clark’s accusers claimed to be sexual harassment, Unwelcome touching or groping, sexual misconduct and comments, professional misconduct, and the taking and sharing of sexually explicit images and videos without consent.

Noel Clarke denies a string of sexual misconduct allegations
Noel Clarke denies a string of sexual misconduct allegations

in a Statement at the time Clark said he “strongly” denied “any sexual misconduct or criminal conduct.”

He added that if some of his actions affected people “in ways I didn’t intend or realize” he “apologised” and vowed to get professional help “to educate myself and get better”.

The 46-year-old actor, also known for co-creating the film Hood Trilogy, told the Mail on Sunday: “20 years of work disappeared in 24 hours. I lost everything.

“The company I built from the ground up, my TV shows, my movies, my book deals, the industry respect I had. In my heart and mind, it hurt me in a way I can’t express. “

Following the allegations against Clark, ITV Sky, which aired Clark’s series Bulletproof, has cancelled the final episode of his starring TV series The View, saying it will stop working with him.

British Film Institute It also suspended his membership in the organisation and his 2021 award for Outstanding British Contribution to Film.

In March this year, the police said no criminal investigation Sex crimes charges against him will be launched.

Noel Clarke became famous in films like 'Growing Up'
Noel Clarke became famous in films like ‘Growing Up’

Scotland Yard In a statement, expert detectives have conducted a comprehensive assessment but have determined that the information does not meet the threshold for a criminal investigation.

“We have shared our findings with third-party organisations and updated complainants who subsequently contacted us following initial reports,” the statement said.

“If any further criminal charges are reported in relation to an assessed person, they will be thoroughly considered.”

Clark and wife Iris welcomed a new baby in the past year, and Mail on Sunday claims the actor, writer and director told the publication he was suicidal at his lowest point.

“I don’t care. My mind is destroyed,” he said.

The father-of-four also said: “I’m not a predator. I’ve been crossing the street since I was 15 and avoiding following women.”

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He continued: “I’ve always been a normal person and, of course, I flirt. Have I ever made a playful comment? One hundred per cent. But not enough to destroy my life.

“I can’t say I never talked about gender at work. We are adults in the workplace where people joke around and have conversations with each other that cross boundaries.

“Sometimes you’re together for six or seven months, away from home.

Bafta has suspended Clark's latest award for 2021
Bafta has suspended Clark’s latest award for 2021

“I think sometimes these are just normal or slightly inappropriate conversations that people have.

“I’ve never been involved in any conversations that I didn’t think were mutual and unrewarded.

“Maybe I should know better. But you know what, I don’t always know better.”

Clark’s first TV appearance was at Channel 4 series Metrosexuality, he went on to rise to fame for playing Mickey Smith in Doctor Who and Wyman Norris in Pet Auf Wiedersehen.

He later wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed film trilogy Kidulthood, Adulthood and Brotherhood, and directed two of them.

He first won a BAFTA in 2009, when he won the Rising Star Award.

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