TikTok star Hannah Hughes opens up in Melbourne about kissing Jackson Lonnie behind girlfriend Olivia Fraser

TikTok star in the center love at first sight Cheating scandal details her infamous late-night kiss Jackson Loney.

Han Hughes, 20, bit her lip with Jackson, 31, at the Lava Lounge in Melbourne on Friday. hours after his girlfriend Olivia Fraser Go home and sleep.

The video, shot by her friend, quickly went viral, with Olivia reportedly “speechless” while fans questioned whether their relationship could continue.

in an interview The Kyle and Jackie O Show This week, Han slammed rumours that the kiss was a “publicity stunt,” revealed what she would have said to Olivia if given the chance, and talked about how she feels about the video going public.

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Jackson Lorney kisses Han Hughes
Han Hughes, who kissed Jackson Lonnie while out at night, has spoken out. (Tik Tok)

“I do know him. Apparently I’ve never seen all of them MAFS thing, [but] I’ve seen clips everywhere,” she said of Jackson to showrunners Pedro Vittola and Jamie Hassos.

“But we didn’t schedule it or anything like that. Like any young person does when they go out, if you see your friend kissing someone, usually you just take a picture and the next morning you’re like, ‘ Oh look at this and see what you did! You know what I mean?

“That’s even more so.”

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The kiss was shared online via the Facebook page Tea Time, with the caption: “Jackson and Olivia still together or in an open relationship? Last night I received a picture of him and my cousin in lava. “

Love at first sight: Jackson Lonnie kisses Hannah Hughes in Melbourne to marry
Jackson was dating his MAFS co-star Olivia Fraser (right) when the kiss happened. (Nine)

Han said she didn’t know the kiss was being filmed until she saw it online the next morning, and she didn’t know Liv and Jackson were a couple at the time.

After describing the kiss as being “innocent on my side”, she said: “I just went out with my friends. The whole night was innocent to me, unfortunately it happened.

“But I’m not looking for anything, if you know what I mean?”

She said she gave Jackson her phone number at the end of the evening, but insisted the two have not been in touch since.

When asked how Jackson cheated on his partner, Han replied: “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how drunk you are.

“If you’re really safe in a relationship, you don’t let anything or anyone break into it.”

Han said she was not to blame for what happened, adding: “I don’t think anyone deserves to be deceived, and I feel bad for her being deceived, absolutely.

“But I also have an I don’t know mentality that I don’t have a responsibility to go to everyone I talk to in a bar to make sure they’re single.”

Hannah Hughes kisses MAFS Jackson Lonnie
Han Hughes said she would love to talk to Olivia about what happened. (Tik Tok)

She also said she would be more than willing to speak to Olivia if given the chance, adding: “If she wants to talk about it and call me, I’d love to.

“She deserves to hear it out of my mouth and I’ll let her do it. That’s the least she deserves after going through all this.”

olivia recently told daily mail australia She was “speechless” about the matter.

On Saturday night, she claimed the pair were still trying to get things going.

“We’re still together…I told him to think hard about what he wants,” Olivia told the publication.

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Since the kiss went viral, there’s been a lot of speculation about the future of their relationship, and right now, it’s unclear where they stand.

Representatives for Jackson and Olivia declined to comment when contacted by 9Entertainment.

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