The summer mood in the job market shifts

Unofficial start of summer

There was a change in atmosphere during Memorial Day Weekend. It marks the unofficial start of summer. Local town pools are open, as are public beaches. You can feel the change in the weather. The sun is shining, and the winter clothes are put away. The children happily counted down the days after school. Parents start planning family vacations. There has been a positive change in our collective mood, especially those of us who live in cold climates for most of the year.

What to Expect When Looking for a Job in Warm Weather

Holiday arrangements wreak havoc on the hiring process. If you’re looking for a new job, be prepared that there’s a downside to this time. Hiring has historically slowed steadily between now and mid-September. Because people typically plan to take vacations during the summer, the people involved in the hiring process may not be around.

Every year we see the same scenes played out over and over again. The HR professional quarterback in charge of the interview process placed out-of-office notices in her email and phone messages. By the time she returned, the hiring manager was already at Disneyland. Then the candidate is on the beach somewhere.

since Interviews now take around three to ten rounds With the group’s people, as well as other departments, it’s nearly impossible to get everyone to interview in an orderly fashion. With incomplete schedules, interviews are difficult to schedule, motivation is lost, and applicants are left in the dark.

Respondents face new challenges

You may encounter resistance when applying for jobs and being asked to interview. inflationsupply chain disruptions, rising costs, wars in Eastern Europe, Startups are overvalued, stocks plummet is paying the price.We’ve seen a ton of tech companies set up Hiring freeze and start make some layoffs.

Business leaders hate uncertainty. With all the problems coming up, it’s easier for the hiring manager to slow down the process or simply put it on hold. They prefer to take a wait-and-see approach.As we get deeper into summer, it’s a handy excuse to say “we might as well Wait until September when everyone comes back from vacation, and you can start looking for candidates again. “

This doesn’t mean you should give up looking for a new job. It’s designed to manage your expectations. If you interview and don’t hear back, you know it’s not just you, it’s a systemic problem throughout the year.

positive side

There is a wild card. Even with all the geopolitical events of the past month or so, there are still about 11 million jobs in the US.

If the Fed doesn’t raise rates too quickly, stocks stabilize, inflation calms, and China begins to reopen and ship goods to the U.S. as Covid-19 cases subside, we could see renewed optimism.

Many people drop out of the job market because they plan a trip, just want to decompress and enjoy some quiet time away from the office, not expecting to endure the interview process in 90-degree weather.

Recruiters and potential job seekers will tell themselves, “I’m going to enjoy the summer and then keep looking in the fall.” They’ll add: “After two years of lockdown, fear of catching or spreading Covid-19, and not going out often, I just want to enjoy life for a while without having to deal with any extra stress.”

There is a contrarian game plan. You may want to put some travel plans on hold for now. With fewer candidates, there will be less competition and you will stand out. If a company is desperate to hire quickly and there aren’t many other candidates, you have a better chance of succeeding and winning the job.

For those who drop out of search mode, they face stiff competition once everyone resumes interviewing after the summer.

Easy-to-Do Career Advancement Tips

If you’re not thinking about changing jobs this summer, consider how you can advance your career during the summer. Typically, companies offer Friday breaks or at least half a day off. There is an unwritten rule that there is more wiggle room during the summer months. The pace of work and things has slowed down significantly.

You can use this extra time to be successful.register some Online courses. Obtain the required license or certification that you have been putting off. Now that the epidemic has basically subsided, Build a mutually beneficial network Like-minded professionals. Seek career advice. Invite someone from your favorite character for a cup of coffee. Ask how they got there and see if she offers some tips and advice.

Contact a recruiter get their attention. Request an online or in-person meeting to discuss your short- and long-term career goals. Now that they know you, recruiters can keep their eyes open and wait for when the perfect job will appear.Ask for help if you’re not sure what to do next Professional coach. The same goes for your resume and LinkedIn. There are professionals who can write or enhance your resume and strengthen your LinkedIn profile.

Since business usually slows down, schedule a meeting with your boss to exceed expectations to see if there is anything you can improve, add new challenging tasks, or see if there are any internal lateral moves you can do. Come September, you’ll be ready to take your career to the next level.