The Queen’s Brutal Message to Prince Harry at Platinum Jubilee Celebration

With the Platinum Jubilee just days away, the Palace is reportedly gearing up for a grand finale that could be painful for the Duke of Sussex.

Who would have thought that the royal family gave the world some

What are the most famous additions to our sensitive word list?

We’d like to thank the various (well, two indeed) members of the Windsor family for introducing “surviving, not thriving” and “genetic suffering” into the popular lexicon.

So what better way to start the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Week than with a newbie?

Getting into this too easy to make fun of vocabulary?

I give you, “Reunite,” which is said to be what Princes William and Harry are supposed to do


According to a report in This Mirrorbrothers in recent years

Brotherly North and South Korea, have been trying to patch them up with FaceTiming

Relationship visibly fractured ahead of return of Harry and wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Headed to the UK this week to celebrate the jubilee.

As one source said Mirror“They also had a FaceTime call with the child,

Let them reunite. “

(Look, at least they’re not so desperate, they can be reborn…)

Now if only we could leave things here – two men, used to be such an inner part

Each other’s lives – slowly rebuilding trust, one video call at a time, but this is what we call Windsor, a group of people who have turned family dysfunction into an extremely painful art form.

For whatever temporary peace William and Harry may have been quietly preventing

leave à deux, likely to crash next sunday around 5pm, london

According to another report released over the weekend, time.

The reason, according to reports, lies in an elaborate plan by Buckingham Palace

This Mirrorwhich will see the four-day Jubilee celebration end in a once-in-a-lifetime fashion

The moment of a lifetime is (where else?) but the balcony of the palace.

According to the paper’s royal editor Russell Miles, Her Majesty “wants the world to see

The heartbeat of her family and the future of the monarchy” (doesn’t sound like much

What a 96-year-old might actually say is more like something someone dreams of

overly eager communications intern).

To that end, the Queen is reportedly planning to appear on the world’s most famous balcony with all three of her heirs – Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George – to end the People’s Pageant, the final day of the jubilee. item activity.

a source told Mirror: “Her Majesty believes this will send a strong message to the world,

Despite the trials and tribulations the family has gone through over the past few years, those at the top

Unity at work, sharing her sense of responsibility and dedication to serve the people

The people of this country and the Commonwealth. “

Politely throw aside the fact that there is no industry in the world other than the throne

Businesses will happily let an eight-year-old step up to work if this palatial picture

Once realized, history will be made immediately.

Never in the context of the monarch’s headquarters, only the current monarch and the next three monarchs. (There are portraits of the foursome, like the 2016 outing, when two-year-old George adorably stood on a foam block, but never on a balcony.)

Now, it is reported that not only the various princes, but their families will also be attending

But given that the palace seems to intend to put the symbolism here with a trowel,

Before Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis join them, it seems likely we’ll have the foursome in front of the crowd.

Regardless of the exact composition or timeline of the image, I would imagine things

Currently being painstakingly drawn on a whiteboard by a sweaty ex-Army major,

Nothing could lessen how painful this balcony moment was for Harry.

If we see this developing as discussed today, the biggest takeaway will be

It will remind the world that the Duke of Sussex has nothing to do with the future of the monarchy.

Never before has the palace made it so clear that it doesn’t matter whether the Sussexes are among the royal family or they don’t sell homemade ylang-ylang candles on the US home shopping network.

From a birth perspective, Harry was and always will be a second-tier player.

According to reports, this issue, must be regularly reminded of their Royal B-list status

Back in January 2020, the Sussexes were instrumental in making their way straight to the exit.

A greasy biography of the couple find freedom According to reports, by 2019: “Harry,

Wanting to be so many people in this world, getting more and more frustrated because he and Meghan often

Taking a back seat to the initiatives and priorities of other family members.

“While they all respect the institution’s hierarchy, it’s great when they want to focus on a specific project and be told that a higher-level family member, whether it’s Prince William or Prince Charles, has an initiative or tour being announced. Difficult. At the same time — so they just have to wait.”

Then there are the pictures of Queen Charles on the first day of January 2020​​,

William and George together, in the throne room of Buckingham Palace, a perfect

Remind the monarchy that the habit of doing things is as cunning as a sledgehammer


According to veteran royal biographer Andrew Morton, in Megan: Hollywood

Princesswhen the Sussexes saw the photo, “the royal couple doubted the whole

Institutions conspired against them. In their view, the evidence is all around them.

“The unspoken rule is simple: the future of the monarchy is assured, whether it is

No Meghan and Harry. “

Given all of this, we can’t imagine Harry having to look at his grandmother,

Father, brother and nephew revel in expected roar of 10,000 strong

People’s pageant crowds, probably anything other than upsetting.

If he’s injured, well, that’s totally understandable.Diana, Princess of Wales

Very consciously raised her sons as equals.Likewise, after being discharged from the military after enlisting in the military

When taking on a full-time royal role in 2015, it was Harry who drew the crowd, attracted the media and became

Royal Golden Boy.

Imagine how difficult it is to have to watch your brother regardless of your commitment,

Hard work and dedication, constantly surpassing or prioritizing you

Is there any other reason besides his first arrival? Garin won’t even begin to describe it.

But it must also be said that the reason why the royal family is reportedly planning to do this

The finale also makes sense.

The monarchy just weathered the shocks and aftershocks of the past few years

The horrific sight of Megxit and Prince Andrew’s downfall.while supporting

Institutions can be surprisingly powerful, and you don’t need a crystal ball to see the future

The throne is far from certain.

Republican issues are surfacing in, if not all, of the 15 countries where the Queen is head of state. The Commonwealth as an organization appears to be facing some sort of reckoning as an issue of colonialism and slavery.

It wasn’t until April that William and Kate happily started their Caribbean tour,

A home run outing that ends up looking like two

Social and cultural shifts in black lives matter to them

Movement passes by them.

Until then, the collective wisdom has held that the monarchy is safe

Because of their popularity, they are willing to send their children out on a regular basis

and their work on issues such as climate change that resonate with young Britons

Mental Health.

But their Caribbean fiasco deeply shakes that calculation.

All of this happened before we even touched King’s roughly two-decade tenure.

Before we get to the Cambridge dynasty, we have to go through Charles III at the same time.

With all this in mind, is it any wonder Queen & co. seems desperate to get as much hay out of the jubilee as possible?To raise the monarchy as much as possible

kneel down and try to enthusiastically promote the image of the monarchy as a representative

Continuity and consistency in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century?

If this happens, the pictures of the Queen, Charles, William and George will be

It will be on the front pages of newspapers and websites around the world.

It will serve its purpose, but its success may come at the expense of the royal family’s “reunion” with Harry. With the whole world watching his position, how likely is he to want to please?

Things are taking shape, and this successor’s grand balcony spectacle will make history

But not necessarily for the right reasons.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working together

Some of Australia’s leading media titles.

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