Teen mom fans believe Caitlin Lowell’s 7-year-old daughter Nova looks like reality TV mom April’s twins in rare recent photos

Teen mom fans believe Catelynn Lowell’s seven-year-old daughter Nova looks like the star’s mother’s April twins in a rare recent photo.

Caitlin’s eldest daughter looks a lot like her grandmother because Nova dyed her hair purple.

Teen mom fans think Caitlin Lowell's daughter Nova looks like star's mother April's twins


Teen mom fans think Caitlin Lowell’s daughter Nova looks like star’s mother April’s twinsCredit: Instagram/Caitlin Lowell
April is Nova's grandmother and controversial actor in 16 & Pregnant


April is Nova’s grandmother and controversial actor in 16 & PregnantCredit: MTV

A photo of Nova’s new hair Redditfans have commented on the girl’s new look – although many see her as an image of her grandmother April.

One said: “April is a miniature version of me.”

A second agreed and commented: “I’m just going to leave the same comment. She really looks exactly like Grandma.”

Another added: “It’s April.”

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Even a fourth post: “All I see in this photo is April.”

all about april

April appears next to a few episodes Caitlin and her daughter’s husband, Tyler BaltilaAbout the episode 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom OG.

She was very controversial on the show because she was even once married to Tyler’s father Butch.

April and Butch also started a relationship after meeting through their children and married in 2009.

On Instagram Live, one follower asked Caitlin: “Is it weird that you marry your stepbrother?”

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But Caitlin disagreed and replied, “I’m not married to my stepbrother, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Caitlin and Taylor began dating in seventh grade in 2005, Found out they were pregnant when they were 16 years old.

But a few months after they started dating when they were 12, their parents started dating too.

April and Butch divorced in 2013.

behind the bar

In early April this year, Butch plead guilty Driving under the influence of alcohol.

Butch, whose real name is Dahl, is Arrested and charged with working under the influence of alcoholcontainer opener and driver’s license revoked in Michigan on March 4, 2020.

The Sun previously revealed exclusively that Butch accepted a plea deal in the case.

He pleaded guilty to drink driving.

Revocation of license to drive and unpacking fee was dismissed.

In court documents obtained by The Sun, Taylor’s father had to undergo a screening and assessment to determine whether he would “benefit from rehabilitation services”.

He will be sentenced on May 4, 2022.

DUI arrest

In a police report obtained by The Sun, an officer observed a white Ford van making a sharp turn and accelerating at 5.30pm.

When contacted by police, Butch appeared “confused” and told him he was not familiar with the area.

Butch claimed he was driving a friend’s van, which he was using for work.

This music tv Star told officers he had only been in Michigan for a few weeks and did not disclose where he once lived.

“His eyes appeared to be watery and bloodshot when I spoke to him,” the police report said.

The officer told Butch he would be arrested on a license suspension and court order.

He “hesitated” to get out of the car and “began moving things,” the police report said.

When Butch complied after being “ordered” to get out of the car, officers “smelt a faint smell of anesthetic from him”.

Butch refused a breathalyzer but agreed to a sobriety test.

A pocket knife was confiscated from Butch.

According to the report, he had an alcohol content of 0.041 grams per 100mm.

THC, amphetamine and desmethyldiazepam were also detected.

In a mugshot of Butch, obtained by The Sun, he appears disheveled with bloodshot eyes.

On November 10, 2021, he entered a plea of ​​not guilty.

Four, no more

As for Caitlin and Taylor, they decided to break up with the kids.

Caitlin announces that Taylor has underwent a vasectomy in a TikTok video.

Some fans were shocked to learn the stars won’t be adding their offspring, as one wrote: “What? No more babies,” along with several crying face emojis.

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A second responded to their disappointment, commenting: “No, we want to meet a boy.”

A third agreed, adding: “No, I’ve been expecting you to join the family.”

April was married to Butch, father of Catatelynn's husband Tyler Baltierra, who is now behind bars


April was married to Butch, father of Catatelynn’s husband Tyler Baltierra, who is now behind barsCredit: Reddit
Caitlin previously slammed trolls for asking if her marriage to Taylor was 'weird' because of her mom's relationship history


Caitlin previously slammed trolls for asking if her marriage to Taylor was ‘weird’ because of her mom’s relationship historyCredit: Instagram/Caitlin Baltila
Caitlin and Taylor give up after their fourth child as this teen mum shares her husband had a vasectomy


Caitlin and Taylor give up after their fourth child as this teen mum shares her husband had a vasectomyCredit: TikTok

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