Sugar Lord first to change competition with celebrity apprentice

It’s no secret that most celebrities love to be in front of the camera, so they should have no problem deciding on their next challenge Celebrity Apprentice.

Lord Sugar appeared on-screen rather than in person, briefing the celebrity on the task.

Teams must record their own 60-second live TV commercial. The team that produced the most effective TV commercials, as judged by Lord Sugar, will win the challenge and give $20,000 to their project manager’s charity.

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However, Lord Sugar seems to be getting a little bored with the game and says “it’s time to take these things apart”.

Team Collaborate and Team Innovate are being restructured. Consultants Janine Allis and Nick Bell realign the team and select a project manager.

2022 Australian Celebrity Apprentice, Innovation Team
The team got a shock. (Nine)

Carla from Bankstown leads Team Innovate, which now includes friends Darren McMullen and Jarrod Scott, as well as Jean Kittson, Bronte Campbell and Benji Marshall.

Team Collaborate’s project manager Vince Colosimo will be in charge of celebrities including Turia Pitt, Samantha Jade, Ronnie Caceras, and Will and Woody.

If you thought a team reorganization was a competitive reorganization, think again.

Sugar Lord is about to turn the game upside down.

in a celebrity apprentice First, he gave sacked celebrities — Beck Zemek, Eloni Vunakece, Gamble Breaux and Jodi Gordon — a chance to regain their positions. He does it all behind other celebrities.

“This has never happened before celebrity apprenticesaid Gambling.

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2022 Australian Celebrity Apprentice.
Burning Star gets a second chance from Lord Alan Sugar. (Nine)

Lord Sugar meets the fired celebrities and tells them they’re going to be a new team: The Redemption Team.

Team Redemption also had to produce TV commercials. But their goals are slightly different. They’re not competing with other teams, they’re playing against each other.Top performing team members have the opportunity to re-enter celebrity apprentice.

“If this is all screwed up, none of you will go back to the process,” Lord Sugar snapped at them.


Carla is keen to stick to her expertise and go the comedy route selling fitness equipment for Team Innovate’s TV ad, but Benji isn’t convinced.

“Gym equipment and funny don’t go together,” Benji tells the camera.

Consultant Janine stepped in to remind the team to look inward.

“They have an Olympian and a sports star, so it should be a no-brainer for them,” she said.

After a shaky start, the innovation team changed direction and Kara was promoted to director. She decided to use Darren’s abilities to show TV commercials, Bronte and Benji’s athleticism to woo consumers and Jarrod’s washboard abs, come on… wait, what’s the point?

Oh right, Kara just wanted to oil Jarrod.

“Sorry, I’m a little carried away,” Carla said, her hands smeared with oil.

It’s Team Innovate action time and everything is going well. “I’m like a proud parent,” Carla laughed.

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With an extensive TV and film background, Vince is directing Team Collaborate’s commercial for Sav-a Flav-a, a rubber food covering that can replace plastic wrap.

While there’s no doubting Vince’s passion for Sav-Flav-a, his directing style is fine and a little disorganized.

“It’s safe to say that Vince’s style as a project manager is very chaotic and in the moment,” Ronnie told the camera.

Even consultant Nick worries that things are getting a little out of hand, saying, “I’m very concerned that Vince is getting out of hand.”

This challenge is a live TV commercial and teams can only record once. So timing is very important.

“Spent a lot of time with Vince Colosimo, he’s a fun guy, but time isn’t his friend,” Ronnie said.

“I know what time it is,” Vince reassured himself.

2022 Australian Celebrity Apprentice.
As the challenge’s supervisor, Vince starts to spiral out of control. (Nine)

Everything went haywire as the cameraman counted down, and unbeknownst to Team Collaborate, they missed the livestream prompt.

Team Collaborate huddled together to celebrate what they thought was a success. Ronnie even said they “smashed it out of the field”.

It’s ugly and they look happy. Who will tell them the bad news?

Nick pulled Vince aside and said, “When you started shooting 60 seconds, you weren’t ready, you really wasted 6 or 7 seconds.”

But Vince said that’s not how he understands the challenge.

“I’m a little disappointed now because I’ve heard photographers say the three, two, one time has passed,” he explained.

“I’m really angry and I don’t want to talk anymore.”

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Usually this is when we head to the board room, but we need to check out the secret tracking situation of the team’s redemption.

They’re working on a TV commercial selling face creams. Everyone is doing their best, most people.

“I think Beck, Jodi and I are definitely a team, but Gamble is too much,” Eloni said.

Lord Sugar Yes real housewives, “The gambling was a mess and she needed to concentrate.”

meeting room

This board meeting works a little differently, instead of Lord Sugar speaking, letting the team’s TV commercial speak for itself.

Team Innovate’s commercial TV show and Lord Sugar described it as “very, very good”. Even Vince thought their ad was “beautiful”.

Things weren’t going well for Team Collaborate, we know they missed their cues, and Lord Sugar didn’t hold back.

“It was a disaster,” he said of their commercial.

Lord Sugar didn’t even bother to think about it, and immediately handed the victory to the innovation team and to Kara $20,000 for her charity. Vince must face the firing squad and bring back two team members. He regretfully accepts Turia and Ronnie.

Turia immediately took responsibility, “I should have started earlier, and then we’d be done within the allotted 60 seconds.”

Vince said it wasn’t Turia’s fault at all, and the two went back and forth to get bullets for each other. Ronnie, on the other hand, didn’t hesitate to throw his teammates under the bus, and Vince was the one who took the hit.

“What actually happened was that we got the instructions from Vince. He was the one directing the operation. We didn’t expect the cameraman to count,” Ronnie explained.

In this way, Vince’s fate is doomed.

“I’m going to get straight to the point, man, you’re fired,” Lord Sugar pointed at Vince.

this is usually the end celebrity apprentice Interlude, but let’s not forget team redemption.

The Sugar Lord’s assistants return to Team Collaborate and Team Innovate in the lounge. “You don’t want to miss this,” she said, turning the TV back on.

Beck, Eloni, Gamble and Jodi are back in the room.

Roars of “OH MY GOD”, “WHAT” and “SHUT UP” echoed from the onlookers.

Celebrity Apprentice 2022
Will and Woody are shocked by the return of the fired celebrity. (Nine)

But unfortunately we have to wait until the next episode celebrity apprentice Find out which fired celebrities will be returning.

To be continued…

The Celebrity Apprentice Sunday 7pm and Monday to Wednesday 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9 now.

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