‘Stranger Things’: Will’s sex ‘depends on interpretation’, star says

Spoiler alert: This story discusses the plot points of “Season 4”Stranger Things,” is currently streaming on Netflix.

With 16 main characters, at least 12 new characters and five main locations – including a prison in Soviet-era Russia and a converted underground missile silo somewhere in the American West – it’s frankly surprising Stranger Things season four Have time to explore quiet moments of personal growth. But anyone following Will Byers’ journey (Noah Schnapp) over the course of the show, he noticed that the kid who survived the upside-down had been struggling to reconnect with his old Dungeons & Dragons pal for a reason that didn’t seem to have anything to do with being captured by demons from another dimension.

That said, Will appears to be gay and has a hard time coming out.

This impression becomes even stronger in Season 4. In the first episode, Will and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) had to speak at their new California high school about the hero they adored; Will chose the gay mathematician Alan Turing, who was sued for his sexual orientation and forced to undergo chemical castration in the 1950s. Will also backs off from a girl who shows interest in him. Will looks heartbroken when Mike (Finn Wolfhard) visits from Hawkins during spring break in episode 2, because Mike is so indifferent to him in favor of his girlfriend Eleven.

Later, in episode 4, when Mike confided to Will that he wished he could express his feelings for Eleven more clearly to her, Will’s insight could easily be applied to anyone who mustered up the courage to ask the best Friends who come out of the closet.

“Sometimes I find it terrifying to open up like this — say how you really feel, especially to the people you care about the most,” Will said. “Because what if—what if they don’t like the truth?”

In an interview with Schnapp and Brown type, Schnapp, however, is more murky about how the show’s writers, led by creators and executive producers Matt and Ross Duffer, approached Will’s sexuality.

“I don’t think they ever really addressed the issue or spoke out about Will’s situation,” he said. “I think that’s the beauty of it, it’s up to the audience to interpret if it’s Will who refuses to grow up and grows slower than his friends, or if he’s really gay.”

At this point, Brown chimed in. “I can say that it’s 2022 and we don’t have to label things,” she said. “I think the real beauty of Will’s character is that he’s just a guy going through his own demons and problems. There are so many kids out there who don’t know, and that’s okay. It’s okay not to know. It’s okay not to label things.”

Schnapp agreed. “I find that people do reach out and label him, just wondering, very bad, like, ‘Oh, that’s it,'” he said. “He’s just confused and growing up. That’s what it means to be a kid.”

However, the rest of the Stranger Things crew seemed to have a clearer view of Will.In a promotional video for Netflix Mexico post On May 23, Wolfhard and fellow cast members David Harbour, Winona Ryder and Caleb McLaughlin were asked about the show’s fan theories, including that Will and Eleven had a secret relationship in California that was being kept secret from Mike.

“If you’ve been watching this show, you should know that Will is not interested in El,” Harbour said. “He’s interested in the rest of the team.” Later, Harbour added, “Will wants to spend the rest of his life in D&D with Mike in the basement.”

Wolfhard also stated that Will and Eleven are “like siblings” and suggested that viewers “will soon see” who Will is “interested in” — “very interested”, Harbour added. But that revelation, if it came, would not be in the volume. Season 4, episode 1, ending with episode 7. (The final two episodes of Season 4 of “Stranger Things,” aka Episode 2, Coming July 1st.)

For their part, Schnapp and Brown say they’re glad Will’s sexuality remains undetermined.

“Noah’s role is amazing,” Brown said. “And be a role model for kids who don’t know what they’re going through growing up.”

“Will is a bit of a zebra on a racecourse,” Schnapp added. “He kind of sticks out. It’s great to see that and show it on Stranger Things to allow fans to connect and connect with it. Because a lot of our viewers are kids at that stage in their lives .”