Season 3, Episode 6, “710N”

Bill Hader in Barry

Bill Hader Barry
photo: Merrick Morton/HBO

I originally planned to start a 1200-word comparative analysis of doughnuts and doughnut shapes, how they symbolize different narratives in the world Barry (hole with fluffy center). But on second thought, let’s simply accept that Barry has switched from sprinkles to powdered sugar on his fried pastries, and that’s it. Why beignets are so important in this episode remains a mystery.among many Mystery.

Using “Beignets By Mitch” as a pivot of frivolity in “710N” reinforces the Coen Brothers vibe, Barry From the start: The Stoneman-like baker, Mickey (Tom Allen), assigning the pearl of idiot wisdom, his poses and frames frozen and unchanging. Besides the churros, the episode incorporates Cohen-esque deadpan whimsy, Mad Max Motor Chaos and Los Angeles Black – No quite Enter the surreal onslaught of last season’s unforgettable semi-indie game”Ronnie/Lily. Instead, we got a loose and hilarious tote bag that left the audience happily disoriented—until I was still putting together a damn damn suspense.

We are all waiting for a principle to kill it. But that’s cold? Would you ice Fox like that?Fox (Stephen Root) leads motocross star Tracy (Jolene van Vogt) to the hot tub envisioned by her dead, psychotic Marine brother Tyler: the desolate hills outside Los Angeles, Barry , Tyler, Chris and Vaughan tried (disastrously) to ambush Cristobal and the Bolivians here, when they Arrival by private jet for the first time. Traci is accompanied by her biker (far less gem of justice‘Cycle Ninjas), one of them shot Fuchs in the chest before the group roared in search of Barry.

In less than a minute, I have a lot of questions. Will cyclists go to Fuchs’ address to avenging mourners? If so, did they meet Sally? Exactly why did they shoot Fuchs? How did they find the address where Nick and Jermaine lived, where Barry kept crashing? How would they know?Bottom line: sociopath, heavily armed motorcyclist so obsessed with $1,700 that Fuchs says Barry owes Tyler (Tracy hardly cares) A hot tub?

Let’s stop, take a breath, and appreciate the gigantic stupidity of this episode’s motivation Barry. Lots of nonsense, but fun to watch.

Albert (James Hiroyuki Liao) is still suffering from the stupidity of Chief Claus (Gary Claus) and Detective Dunn (Sarah Burns) – but not happy. The trio linked the bombing of Bolivian houses (a handicraft in Bari) to the subsequent attack on a nursery run by Chechen thugs. So, Albert reasoned, NoHo Hank was indeed the one who bombed the Bolivians. But Krause stood by his theory that “The Raven” did it. “How do we know the Rumpelstiltskin here isn’t some badass?” he protested, pointing to Fox’s photo. “I mean, look at his jacket. It’s leather and it’s cool.”

I’m really digging into Liao’s rude but sensitive job as an FBI agent who doesn’t know (yet) that he’s hunting down an ex-Marine. But the shadows on his face darken when he says the man who shot the monastery (season 2) must be an “ex-military” — that’s when you know he’s flashing to Barry. In the next scene, Albert meets Sharon (Karen David), This Chris’ widow (Barry was killed in season 1)), he asked her if she had seen Barry recently. Sharon proposes to get the vets back together. Albert couldn’t believe that Barry was taking an acting class. “A humanoid ice maker?” He exclaimed with a smile. Sharon calls Barry and invites him to a vet party. That evening. Barry seized the opportunity to join a community his violent past had not poisoned.

The intertwined timelines in this episode left me scratching my head. Fuchs has apparently been playing with Traci Her gang’s proximity to Los Angeles pushes them toward revenge. They shot him. Fuchs was then rescued by a well-meaning Latin peasant family. He needs time to recover — at least a few weeks. Fox saw the newspaper article about Barry and Cusino. he does notmanipulated by anger And steal the Savior’s truck, calling Detective Janice Moss’ father, Jim Moss (Robert Ray Westdom), to activate another revenge agent. At some point, Fuchs finds Sharon, which we don’t realize until the end of the episode, when she drug Barry through the Begnett he brought and growls at him, “Go to hell. ,asshole.”

Stephen Root in Barry

Stephen Root Barry
photo: Merrick Morton/HBO

Let’s play with this. If the biker gang shoots Fuchs and finds Barry directly in Los Angeles, how much time elapses before they find Barry in his car and chase him down Interstate 710N? Enough for Fuchs to recover from his wounds and drive to Los Angeles to poison Sharon’s mind so she drugged Barry through Begnet? Where does Albert fit into this chronology? Did she already meet Fuchs when he met Sharon, so she was planning revenge? If so, why did she agree to involve Albert and other veterinarians?More importantly, how did Fuchs know that Barry killed Chris? He wasn’t there, Barry would never admit it.

every episode Barry, with its baroque plot and reliance on crazy coincidences and impossible synchronizations, requires a pause in disbelief, but this one feels especially WTF in its juggling of time and space. Take, for example, how Traci and her team found Barry.They’re just… kind of…found him. And then we got that crazy chase sequence. Its pure random goofiness, cartoon quality, is part of the joy.You could argue that since Traci and her men found out Beignets B’s receipty Mitch where Jermaine and Nick were (where Barry crashed) and they drove there because Barry left (after picking up a bag of donuts for Sharon’s party) and that’s how they found him in his car ? Once again, absurd motives and shocking surprises prevail.

As for Sally and Cousineau, they are in better shape than Barry. Sally (Sarah Goldberg) and Lindsay (Jessy Hodges) attend with BanShe executive Morgan Dawn-Cherry (signal to noise ratio alum Vanessa Bayer), it was devolved as a subVerbal muttering, whining and mugging as they try to convey the way the network wants Sally to show the doctor New Medusa. Cusino (Henry Winkler) gets an offer to star in a new TV seriesHe goes straight to stage director and ex-lover Anne Eisner (Laura San Giacomo), whose career is ruined by him. Cusino is clearly serious about trying to make amends for past misdeeds, and if Annie were to direct, she would provide all the profits for the new TV show.

These subplots pale in comparison to Barry’s insanely cool freeway chase with a motocross maniac, who eventually culminates in Kleintop’s used-car shootout, a valiant salesman (Bau Bo Turton) has marital problems and saves his client by blowing away Tracy, who has starts strafing on top of the building on her bike (again, Why? ! ?) crowd. Barry walks away with his bag of doughnuts in stride, humming as he goes to a party where he poisons the wife of a man he killed. Next time, cupcakes?

Spurious observation

  • Duffy Boudreau has an impressive LA vibe: “I used to be a baker at this awesome churro shop in Yuca Rock,” Mitch tarred. “It was fucking easy. I could ride that shit forever. But I knew I had to upgrade to a benet.”
  • Nick’s vocal fThe oleys of Jermaine’s story are pretty bad.
  • Barry derailed in a clothing store dictating out loud emails to Sally: “This looks good and it’s 40% off. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be acting anymore. My marine friends and I found out Got a new community. I’m trying to go back in time like Marty McFly LOL. You’re talking too loudly sir. Damn I’m sorry Jonas bro, I’m so sorry, please, lol fresh. Sally, I Got it, if you don’t want to talk to me anymore, I’ll give you five spaceship riddle teeth in the sun.”
  • right now Fuchs recovers with farming family, David Wingo with Inspirational strings and Copeland-style open chords.
  • Barry’s self-comfort song is: “You are my friend, you are my friend.” As far as I know, this is “It’s You” from Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.
  • Stunt coordinator Wade Allen deserves the extra beignets for his excellent performance in the chase scene, where cyclists smash windshields, hit and fly over cars, whizzing through long stretches of traffic .
  • type Caption on Cousineau and Barry: “Ex-drug man helps save vet’s life with show”