Ricky Gervais’ SuperNature Netflix special is full of old jokes, same punchline

It seems like a week can’t go by without some sort of broad online debate around comedy. It’s not a funny debate like “How does Rebecca Shaw’s hair shine, is it a Labrador shampoo?” Instead, the debate revolves around “wake up comedy” and “transphobia comedian” as if they were Two opposites in the rap war.

hacker, a fictional TV show exploring comedy in this climate, just kicked off its second season on Stan (owned by the masthead’s owner, Nine). Outdated comedy legend Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) and struggling 20-something comedy writer Ava (Hannah Einbinder) are forced into a twisted mentoring relationship. There is a generational conflict as the two women approach comedy from different angles.

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Hannah Einbinder as Ava and Jean Smart as Deborah Vance Season 2 hacker.Credit:Karen Ballard/HBO

hacker Handles their varied views on everything from feminism to joke structure in a deft way, never taking a sweeping stance. It allows two roles to be right and wrong. Ava is usually technically correct, but her moral justice is so obnoxious that you can’t happily side with her (very realistically). hackerFortunately, it largely avoids thinking about “cancellation culture”, but it has its moments. In the first season, when Deborah heard about Ava’s consequences for a joke tweet about a U.S. senator “crossing the line,” she scoffed: “There are no boundaries. Just not funny.”

“Without lines, you should be able to joke around” is a common refrain when it comes to “wake up comedy” topics. In my experience it usually comes from pure white cis male comedians, which historically doesn’t bode well! Don’t worry, some of my best friends are white male comedians. Usually aimed at people who are on the “awake side”, I think we need to direct Deborah’s emotions towards those who are wielding it. OK, great, let’s all agree there are no “lines”. Only fun matters. So, bring me all the hilarious jokes straight men have about trans people. Should be simple, right?

I watched Ricky Gervais’ new Netflix special super loser See what he’s doing after speaking out against his transphobia. Within minutes, we got his first transgender joke. “Those old-fashioned women—oh god. You know, those with wombs? Those damn dinosaurs. I love the new women. They’re great. The new ones we’ve seen lately—those with beards and dicks. Later, he talked about “identifying as a stroller,” the laziest premise imaginable. He should start identifying himself as a comedian who writes new jokes. Gervais tries to solve this problem by laughing, knowing that the joke is bad or the punchline is old. Admit that you’re telling hacker jokes and you’re still just telling hacker jokes.

This is real Everyone’s fighting for a voice?You can’t have the guts to get on stage and tell the first bad joke five years ago and say wake up What ruins comedy. Your nasty circular jokes with no new point of view are ruining comedy. No lines, just not funny.

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Ricky Gervais in his new Netflix special supernatural.Credit:

exist hacker, Deborah got into trouble. She resisted change, but she did it. Because to Deborah, her art is the most important thing.She, like Gervais and ChappellDo not need Change as she has established.Deborah could retire to her mansion, but she want to Get better and stay relevant. Her real-life equivalent has none.

In his special, directly after some horrific transgender jokes, Gervais said: “People are allowed to complain and be offended, but they have to know we’re not *trying to* offend. We try to make you laugh, we try to give you A good time.” Who he was trying to give a good time to, Exactly? Can a trans fan “have fun” listening to these jokes?In fact, this incredibly rich and powerful man is using his global platform to target the trans community, who is already discriminated against on many levels, who have been through so much and are in the real Risk of violence… this is not to be offended for joking. Forget comedy, it’s vile on a human level.