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As Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee looms, all eyes will be on her second son, Prince Andrew, who resigned from the royal family three years ago. The Duke of York was stripped of his honorary title and patronage by the Queen in January as he faced allegations of sexual assault by Virginia Roberts Giuffre after being trafficked by his friends when he was 17 – a claim he vehemently denies. a little. Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

In February, the Duke reached a multi-million pound settlement to stop the case from going to a civil trial, including paying compensation to Ms Giuffre and a donation to her charity.

Andrew insisted he did not recall meeting Ms Giuffre, and his lawyer said the settlement was not an admission of guilt.

He remained out of the public eye until the end of March, when he played an unexpectedly important role in Prince Philip’s Thanksgiving service.

Andrew carried the Queen to the 1,800-strong congregation.

He has long been said to be the monarch’s darling, and the two are known to have a close relationship, with recent reports that the Duke visits his mother every day at his mother’s home at Windsor Castle.

Prince Andrew / Windsor Castle / Queen Elizabeth II

Andrew visits the Queen every day at Windsor Castle. (Image: Getty Images)

Prince Andrew and the Queen laugh

Prince Andrew is known to have a close relationship with the Queen. (Image: Getty Images)

Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Miles now claims the prince “had a great time” during these visits.

Speaking on Pod Save The Queen last week, he said: “He’s been visiting the Queen and people close to him say he’s there every day.

“Some of the staff joked that you could have him show up to set your watch before lunch and before the ride – taking advantage of the incredible facilities Windsor Castle and Windsor Manor have for the Queen.

The Queen and Prince Andrew at Philip's memorial service

Andrew played a major role in Prince Philip’s memorial service. (Image: Getty Images)

“In that sense, he’s still very dependent on pigs.”

Mr Miles went on to say that Andrew was very “entitled” to visit his mother, 96, who had recently been facing mobility issues.

However, he also questioned whether the duke was trying to return to royal life by “persuading” the queen to allow him to attend next month’s Guardian Day.

My Myers said: “It’s funny because not only is he excluded from the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, but it seems like he’s convincing the Queen and others who are organising the June 13 Guardian event that he can attend.

Prince Andrew at Guardian Day 2013

Andrew will be attending Guardian Day on June 13th. (Image: Getty Images)

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“And he will be attending it in a private capacity, as a kind of knight of order, which is very, very interesting because it will be mentioned in the court circular.

“Did that make him a royal? There was a mention of royal affairs in the palace circular – it’s a historical record of what’s going on.”

He continued: “Palace try not to do a big thing, but I think it’s a big thing. I think it puts him on that platform.

“He put himself front and centre, as we saw at Prince Philip’s memorial service – taking his mother from the aisle to her seat at Westminster Abbey.

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“Again, at this Guardian event. Will we see him at any Platinum Jubilee celebrations? Who knows?

“There’s a saying that of course he’s going to the Thanksgiving service because it’s not just a public event, it’s a private family event — half and half.”

Andrew is expected to attend the Queen’s Thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday 3 June.

It will be the largest royal gathering since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wed at Windsor Castle in 2018.

Last month, it was reported that Andrew planned to escort his mother to the Epsom Derby on Saturday, June 4.

Royal watch flies over Buckingham Palace balcony

Andrew will not be on the palace balcony on Thursday. (Image: Getty Images)

However, The Sunday Times then reported that the Queen was no longer planning to play due to her “occasional mobility issues”.

The Duke of York will not be on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the military parade on Thursday 2 June.

It was confirmed earlier this month that only working royals would be able to accompany the Queen on the iconic scene – excluding Andrew and his two daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and Meghan and Harry.

It has not been confirmed if Andrew will be attending other events, such as the Platinum Jubilee pageant or the party at the Palace concert – but he is reportedly unlikely to attend any other jubilee events.