Pregnant Heidi Montag reveals last time she spoke to Lauren Conrad

There’s no mom drama here.pregnant Heidi Montag Focusing on the positives as she looks forward to welcoming her second child with her husband Spencer Platt.

Reality TV stars in the latest issue of Us Weekly, which started their journey of giving birth to a “miracle baby”. Montag, 35, and her husband, 38, are also parents to their 4-year-old son gunner.

Although their predecessors hill The actors came forward to congratulate them on the expanded family, Lauren Conrad Not one of them. ‘Lauren and I didn’t speak,’ the ‘Surface’ singer told exclusively us“Now that we’re both mothers, I think we see the importance of drama. Also does allow you to have a tighter circle of friends, and you don’t really have time for small talk or long-term acquaintances. At this point, we’re going On such different paths. I wish there was more mutual respect.”

Pregnant Heidi Montag reveals last time she spoke to Lauren Conrad

Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad. Broadimage/Shutterstock; Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Montag continued, “The last time I spoke to her a few years ago, it was a good conversation and a good conversation. So I really wish her all the best and I’m so grateful for all her successes Excited, she has healthy and beautiful kids, and I hope she wants me too at this point.”

Conrad, 36, Laguna Beach in the mid-2000s. When the spin-off began in 2006, Montag joined hills casting and friendship between the two Be the centerpiece of the show.However, these women have a well-known quarrel Aired in season 3 During her tense relationship with Platt, Conrad told her former friend, “I want to forgive you, I want to forget you.”

Discord between the two seems to continue as The Hills: A New Beginning Premiered in 2019. “I’m actually kind of excited that Lauren isn’t there because I feel like it’s more free and fair, like, for me,” Montag said good morning america At the same time Promote follow-up series to MTV hits. (The designer was one of three actors who did not return to the spinoff, and Christine Cavallari and Robosworth.)

Despite all the ups and downs, Montag hopes for something could have been handled differently between her and Conrad. In May 2021, the Celebrity Big Brother alum told us: “When I say goodbye to Lauren in her apartment, I wish I could tell her more of what was on my mind even if they weren’t on air.” Know, Not just for one scene because I don’t think that was the last time I saw her. “

former marriage boot camp star and platt Elopement in Mexico In November 2008, a second ceremony was held in April the following year.As far as Conrad is concerned, she is already married to her husband William Tell Since 2014.they share Sons Liam, 4, Charlie, 2.

Before getting pregnant with baby number 2, Montag and the California native be honest about their struggles Pregnant. “I think it’s important to share this on Instagram and other situations because a lot of people are going through the same thing and it creates support and love,” the pregnant TV personality told us in the new issue. “I’ve had a lot of people reaching out and saying, ‘Thank you so much for sharing, it made me feel better, it helped me through this, it gave me new ideas and inspiration for what I should do.'”

Platt chimed in, adding that they Received an unexpected offer from a friend Brody Jenner throughout their process. “I don’t know if he’s serious. He looks serious,” Prince of Malibu alum told us. “but [he] At one point it was like, “Let me pay for IVF.” I was like, “Thank you.” I thought that was fine. I think he’s just tired of hearing about all these failed tests. “

Jenner, 38, was “probably one of the most excited” as the couple shared news of their pregnancy, Montag gushed. “He kept saying, ‘Heidi, this is incredible! This is amazing!'”

This platt dad boss He continued: “He was in a good mood that night. He took us to Georgia for dinner [Baldi] We celebrated. Brody was very excited.I think he’s very involved in the journey [from] Shoot with us and know how much Heidi struggles. He has been a very good friend throughout the situation. “

For more on the couple’s pregnancy journey, watch the video above and get the latest issue our weekly, On newsstands now.

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