Phoebe Burgess blasts ‘ignorant’ comparisons to Amber Heard in lengthy Instagram post

Phoebe Burgess Yes Fighting back online trolls is no strangerher latest defense demonstrates why she has publicly responded to criticism.

The journalist and podcaster, who was married to the former South Sydney Rabbit star Sam Burgessaccused by a troll of being ‘Australia’s own amber heard. She said in a lengthy text response to her that she would no longer “keep silent” on trolls like this Instagram Page.

Burgess Ex-husband accused of marital violence, alcohol and drug abuse. Sam Burgess denies the allegations and was cleared of any wrongdoing by police in October 2021.

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Phoebe Burgess was married to Sam Burgess from 2015 to 2020. (Instagram)

Burgess said traditionally she wouldn’t “legitimize” specific trolls by accusing them of “ignorant, unacceptable behavior,” but “remaining silent” was an issue.

One man responded to the message on Burgess’ Instagram Story: “You absolute loser, please write a new story. Your kids will despise what you do. Australia’s own Amber Heard.”

Burgess has two children with her ex-husband, Poppy and Billy.Hurd is currently involved in defamation court case brought by ex-husband Johnny Deppwho is suing Neptune The actress, who was awarded $50 million ($69.8 million) for an op-ed in 2018, said she was “a public figure representing domestic abuse.”

Heard that Depp was not mentioned in the column, Depp has denied any and all allegations of wrongdoing. Heard countersued Depp for $100 million (approximately $139.7 million).the case is Currently being considered by a jury.

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“If any of you are uncomfortable with the way Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard is portrayed and consumed: I hear it, sister,” Burgess wrote last night.

Burgess also mentioned Depp’s Previous defamation lawsuit against a UK tabloid following Hurd’s op-edhe lost.

“If his mission was to send a signal to all abusers and misogynists that women would not be believed, he had succeeded,” Burgess wrote.

“One of the most terrifying fears of victims has been reinforced… ‘No one will believe me,'” she continued. “When it comes to leaving, I worry women will think… ‘Maybe he’ll do a Depp to me.'”

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Burgess ended her message to the troll with a statement, responding to his criticism of her parenting.

“I hope that when my children grow up safely enough to despise anything in this world, they’ll only despise the way we’ve dealt with abuse in the past,” she concluded.

Burgess’ message in the comments section was largely praised by social media users, although comments on the post were limited.

One user wrote: “Sister Amen, call that crap! 👏”.

“Sorry you go through these vile messages too! I realize when I get these types of messages, it’s all about another person and not about me. Stay strong and keep telling your truth ❤️❤️” Another wrote.

Some, however, praised Burgess’ defense but claimed her knowledge of the Heard-Depp case, which has yet to reach a verdict, was “flawed.”

One wrote: “Defending Amber hears not a hill that died on Phoebe 🙌”.

Others sent messages of support about her parenting as a single mother.

“Your children will [100%] Know..because as single mom survivors we strive to raise them in a world that is truly honest and respectful,” one said to Burgess. “They know what’s right and what’s wrong…  .honored for you to fight a hard fight 👏 💞”

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual assault, domestic violence or domestic violence please call 1800RESPECT 1800 737 732 or visit their website. In an emergency, please dial 000.

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