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Neighbor Hendrix Greyson and Mackenzie Hargreaves have been confirmed to have an intimate wedding on UK screens next week.

Hendrix recently asked this question During their emotional journey to Sydney, MacKenzie realised their relationship was the most important thing in his life.

This week’s episode of Channel 5 saw a change in plans, although MacKenzie has since vowed to stay involved long-term.

Hendrix and Mackenzie end up planning a quick wedding, and their loved ones pull together to make it happen.

Embargo 30052022 Hendricks Grayson and MacKenzie Hargreaves marry in neighbor

FremantleChannel 5

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Despite the pressure of the last-minute scramble, the couple are determined to make it work, and together they look forward to their future.

Hendrix and Mackenzie were disappointed when the planned venue fell apart on the eve of the ceremony next week.

The couple are forced to find something new, but tensions between their respective fathers Pierce and Grant could overshadow the occasion.

Fortunately, Hendricks and MacKenzie managed to salvage their plans and they ended up enjoying a fairytale wedding.

Embargo 30052022 Hendricks Grayson and MacKenzie Hargreaves marry in neighbor

FremantleChannel 5

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In addition to Pierce and Grant, guests included Hendrix’s mom Lisa and sister Alana.

At the reception, Hendrix and Mackenzie entertained their guests with their first dance.

Grant also attended a father-daughter dance with Mackenzie.

To make things even sweeter, Pierce and Grant regret being so hostile to each other before their wedding.

Embargo 30052022 Hendricks Grayson and Pierce Grayson in Neighborhood

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The shy parents went through the ceremony without any drama and apologized at the reception, all bad feelings stuck firmly in the past.

The next day, Hendrix and Mackenzie kicked off their married life with “Sweet Moon” – an at-home celebration that Chloe Brennan and Kiri Durant treated them to.

Pierce also revealed that his wedding gift, a fully paid apartment, gave Hendricks and MacKenzie the best possible start to their future.

Neighbor On Monday 6 June, Tuesday 7 June and Wednesday 8 June at 1.45pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK) and Tuesday 28 June and Wednesday 29 June at 10 Peach (Australia) to air these scenes.

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