Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in ‘trouble’ after Netflix show canceled, experts say

Royal expert Richard Eden claims the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘everything is not good’ after Meghan Markle’s animated show was cancelled and she appeared at Prince Harry’s latest polo event

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Oliver discusses Prince Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal

There is ‘some trouble’ between the two, a royal expert says Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after her Netflix The show was canceled.

The Duchess of Sussex was pictured supporting her husband at a polo match in California after her animated series The Pearl was axed.

As a result, experts claim “everything is not good” for the couple.

News that Prince Harry’s memoir is also believed to have been delayed has added to tensions claimed by royal expert Richard Eden.

Speaking on the Palace Confidential podcast, he said the increasing number of pledges the couple had signed to maintain celebrity status was “overextended.”

Richard said: “I do feel like there’s a real trouble there.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘had some trouble’ after overextending, a royal expert claims


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“All these pictures are starting to show Meghan showing up at the polo field, handing over trophies and stuff like that.”

“I remember writing about polo in the UK a few years ago and Meghan wasn’t keen on having Harry playing polo unless it was guaranteed to raise £1m each time for charity.

“She felt a little inferior to play a few thousand pounds when he was supposed to be playing a big ticket.

Meghan Markle supports Prince Harry on his charity polo day


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“But we have Meghan showing up at all these events, handing over trophies, like she did at Invictus Games and with me, and it shows that nothing is going well.”

Richard claims the couple’s looks aren’t the norm – adding that they’ve only been at major events together in the past.

The couple had already attended a number of events before flying to the UK to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend.

A royal expert claims ‘all is not well’ after Harry and Meghan appeared at his polo event


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It’s not known when Prince Harry will release his memoir, no publication date announced


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Concerns and speculation are mounting about when Prince Harry will release his memoir, but no date has been announced.

“A lot seems to be changing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the book did the same,” the expert added.

On the same podcast, royal commentator Robert Hardman agreed with his peers.

He said: “I think it’s worth remembering that everything to do with Prince Harry he likes to hold it on his chest, he likes to keep us guessing.

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“I think there may be a PR strategy in the works at the moment. I don’t think that means the book isn’t published, I just think we’re going to have to wait.”

However, Robert did embrace the business that the couple now needs to come up with new ideas for content frequently.

He added: “If you achieve the California dream, you have to keep coming up with new things, you have to be the moment.

“Royalties are very different, so yes, they have to live at a different pace.”

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