Meghan, Harry and Queen to reunite for dysfunctional jubilee

The countdown to the most important royal event since Princess Diana’s funeral is about to begin. Things are going to get really juicy.

The date is set, and the flight is booked and packed.

All this can mean only one thing: the Sussexes are here.

Countdown is now on Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Leaving the US for London on their first official visit since 2020, when they abandoned royal life in an attempt to replicate Obama’s payday playbook.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the family would indeed help Harry’s grandmother queen Celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. But it wasn’t until Thursday that we got the first concrete details on when and where we might see the Sussexes.

Thursday, the first day of the jubilee, will see plenty of horses and hats, but no official sighting of TV productions sympathizing with spruikers and side jobs in the vegan latte industry.

The gilded-edged knee-high will kick off with Her Majesty’s official birthday celebration “Trooping the Colour”.

This year, Buckingham Palace has taken a different approach, announcing earlier this month that only serving royals will be able to take part in the group photo this year (and likely forever), thus immediately banning the Sussexes and others. The ever-disgraced Prince Andrew was unable to attend.

But what about Friday, the second day of the Jubilee?By then things will be very juicy and confirmed Harry and Meghan Will be attending Thanksgiving service queen in Westminster Abbey.

Let’s imagine jaw The theme song is playing right here.

The service looks set to be the royals’ biggest gathering since Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding, working, non-working and downright sponge.

The Sussexes will be reunited in the public eye, not only with the family’s 96-year-old CEO, but also Prince Charles and William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

More than two years later, after labelling the Palace as racist and indifferent to the couple’s pain, after claiming that Charles was “cutting them off” financially and arguing he was “trapped” Megan told a global audience of reportedly 50 million people, Kate Made her cry, after making the royal family frustrating parents, and after Harry went to court with his grandmother’s government over taxpayer-funded security deprivation, after all, we’re getting family reunions to end all family reunions.

You’ll have to go back to September 1997, the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, as the world was in shock and public outrage at the Queen and the Palace had reached an unprecedented level of danger and unprecedented proportions to find a day with so many horses Windsor house.

The stakes here aren’t as high as they are somewhere in the upper stratosphere.

Palace’s last attempt to send Cambridge, the Sussexes and Charles are together in 2020, and things are less off track than shooting off track and falling off a cliff. After the Commonwealth Day service at the Abbey in March of that year, there may have been communications staff and court aides still on stress leave, and things got so cold it wouldn’t be surprising if they were still cutting icicles on the benches. .

In the years since, the royal fortune, in terms of PR, has been a mixed bag.

While William and Kate’s inspiration to “Keep Calm and Keep Zooming” amid the pandemic drew applause and the Queen’s “We’ll Meet Again” speech will be one of those in future high school history textbooks, the Royal Ship has taken Hit after thump.

No matter how many flags they can hang up and down the mall, or the supermarket shelves are crowded with commemorative shortbread tins, the monarchy isn’t great.

In February, Andrew She reportedly paid $22 million to settle Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit after she claimed he sexually assaulted her three times when she was a teenager. (He has always vehemently denied her claims.)

The possibility of the queen using millions of her own money to pay for a civil legal settlement of a royal prince accused of sexual assault was at a previously unimaginable low.

Over the past few years, thanks in part to the Sussex family, the palace has become a symbol of dysfunction, vitriol and domestic civil war, alongside Britain’s violent colonial history, slavery and its treatment of women, etc. Questions also rose uncomfortably up front. (It must be noted that all of these are issues that the royal family hasn’t even started working on remotely yet.)

The Palace is sure to hope that the Jubilee will be some sort of one-of-a-kind palate cleanser, and the few beer-fueled sunny public holidays and Red Arrow flyovers will wash away the sourness of years past. in the mouth of the public.

With recent polls showing young Britons’ support for the monarchy is waning, Brand Windsor desperately needs the Jubilee to become a smash hit and generate fresh royalist support to inject the royal baton before the once-in-a-lifetime demise.

But the chances of such a victory passing effortlessly are slim at best.

with Harry and Megan The question of whether the film crew will also travel to the UK after agreeing to a “family documentary” has reportedly remained unanswered. Earlier this month, sun “A team of palace aides will be on call at all times” and if possible Sussex Netflix staff are involved, they can “act as guardians if needed,” the report said.

Then William, Kate, Harry and Megan All within arm’s reach of each other. While the first three may have done what looked like stage management chatter for a few minutes after Prince Philip’s funeral last year, it’s a far cry from doing well over a longer period of time, with dozens of other Windsor in between. And a whole bunch of media watching.

Even the vaguest hint of a rerun of the 2020 Sussex-Cambridge hate-match – a frown, a cold, thin-lipped rejection – could derail the day and drag things into soap opera territory. (real housewife A franchise can only dream of dramas like this. )

Of course, it’s also quite possible that Andrew used his monastery appearance for the Thanksgiving service in another self-serving attempt to restore his public image, the equivalent of trying to boost the Titanic’s PR.

All of this happened before we even touched the jubilee girl herself. With the queen suffering from what the palace described as “occasional movement problems”, her presence at any point during the four-day event is far from guaranteed. (Just two weeks ago, she missed the opening of parliament for the first time in nearly 60 years.)

era It’s been revealed that Her Majesty the Queen will likely not receive a salute at the military parade since her accession to the throne, with Princes Charles and William and Princess Anne set to represent the Queen at the century-old event.

One troop option being reportedly considered is for her to travel from Buckingham Palace via Range Rover to a nearby cavalry guards parade, possibly with a full monarch’s cavalry guards, to check on the troops before subsequently appearing on the palace balcony. Another option being considered is for her to be with her family only on the balcony.

Either way, the Queen’s participation in the military parade for the first time since 2019 will be significantly less than in previous years.

Looking ahead to the week ahead, especially Friday’s service, if Palace can somehow make it happen – that’s a huge “if” – then it’s sure to be one of the most important services in history not All too likely success story.

What if things fall apart? If tempers and egos erupt, if Netflix cameras roll, if Andrew is, well, Andrew? Then maybe it’s a good thing the Queen is staying at home.

The mold is cast. The bunting has gone up. The horses passed by. There are so many ways this week can go wrong, and there is really only one way to get it right.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and author with over 15 years of experience working with some of Australia’s leading media outlets.