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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘keep choosing’ as UK returns

Much of the world’s media will maintain a substantial presence at places like Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral in central London, where many of the jubilee events are scheduled over the long weekend. But for some celebrations, film crews need express permission to film the royal family at these official events.

But the streaming giant, which has signed a deal with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and is thought to be working on a second documentary about the royal family, will not be included in the figure, The Telegraph reports .

One source claimed that if Netflix’s crew tried to set up locations in public areas, they would be “removed” by the service hosting the event.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, 40, travelled with a Netflix crew during a trip to The Hague last month.

The couple headed to the Netherlands for the Invictus Games, backed by Prince Harry, 37, as they dragged their cameras for the upcoming documentary series “The Undefeated Heart”.

Meghan Harry

During these official events, film crews need express permission to film the royal family (Image: Getty)

Netflix webcam meghan harry

The couple flank the Netflix crew in The Hague (Image: Getty)

The production arm of the couple’s Archewell brand, Archewell Productions, described the series’ goal as “to showcase a strong story of resilience and hope from competitors on their journey to The Hague”.

The pair signed a $100 million deal with Netflix back in 2020, but have yet to produce any finished content.

But as Netflix’s success faltered last month, the Duke and Duchess’ partnership with the streaming service has come into question.

Earlier this month, Netflix announced that they would cancel their planned animated series “Pearl,” which was executive produced by the Duchess of Sussex.

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Netflix cuts ‘Pearl’ with Meghan as executive producer (Image: Getty)


They won’t be standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with the rest of the royal family (Image: Getty)

The streaming giant recently revealed that it had seen a sharp drop in subscriber numbers after losing 200,000 subscribers in the first three months of the year.

As the news became public, more than $50 billion was wiped off the company’s market value.

Then they cut 150 jobs in the US.

Royal branding expert Professor Cele Otnes then told that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may have “fueled apathy towards Netflix”.

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Meghan Harry

Film crew travels to The Hague with Duke and Duchess (Image: Getty)

“Royal Fever” co-author Professor Ortenes pointed to how audiences might be familiar with the events of “The Undefeated Heart” ahead of the documentary’s release, suggesting the Duke and Duchess’ content will lack originality.

She said she was “confused” about filming the well-reported events, rehash in the new documentary, questioning the “content value” of the clips, and the “intrinsic value” the Sussexes could bring to the streaming service .

She said: “I’m confused as to why we see these events in real life (for example, at last year’s Invictus ceremony) and why there is any ‘content value’ to seeing these edited events again on Netflix shows.

“For example, we don’t usually look at fights or content before the Kardashians show; we just hear about them.

“I’m not sure how much intrinsic value Harry and Meghan bring to Netflix; there has been some discussion that they actually contribute to disinterest in Netflix and the market’s devaluation.”

Prince Harry and Meghan will bring their two children Archie and Lilibet to the Platinum Jubilee, and a spokesman for the couple said they were “excited and honoured” to be back in the UK for the festivities.

But the Sussexes are unlikely to take centre stage over the bank holiday weekend after Buckingham Palace restricted working royals to only one of the most important events of the four days.

They will not be standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with the rest of the royal family during the military parade, which kicks off the festivities on Thursday.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said it was only after “careful consideration” that the Queen decided to limit royal representation on the balcony to working royals.