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Manchester United’s new manager Eric Ten Haag faces questions about Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Maguire and breaking Manchester City-Liverpool dominance in his first press conference.

Ten Hague shook hands and smiled at the press at Old Trafford on Monday morning, and within 24 hours he was in the stands to watch his new team end the most Premier League era with a 1-0 win over Crystal. Bad season palace.

The Dutchman, who arrived from Ajax after winning three league titles in four years, travelled to London last week to get a head start on his plans for the new season and has now completed his behind-the-scenes staff appointment Mitchell van der Gaag and Steve McClaren confirmed the news on Monday morning.

The Ten Witches revealed little in their first official interaction with the British press, but here are some of the key topics he covered…

Ronaldo’s future

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Eric Ten Haag says Cristiano Ronaldo can continue to provide goals for the team, describing Harry Maguire as a “great player” in his first new meeting as Manchester United’s new manager.

Asked if Ronaldo would suit his project, Ten Haag said: “Of course.”

On what Ronaldo would bring, he simply added: “Goal!”

Asked if he was looking for Ronaldo’s leadership, he said: “I’ll talk to Ronaldo first and then to you.”

Maguire and captain

Asked if he wanted Maguire to be his captain next season, Ten Haag said: “Next season is a different season, he’s a great player. He’s achieved a lot and he [made a] Contribution to Manchester United I look forward to working with him. “

Breaking Pep Klopp’s Dominance

Asked if Manchester City and Liverpool would be broken in their Premier League title race under Guardiola and Klopp, Ten Haag said: “I admire them both at this moment. They play very well. Excellent, whether it’s Liverpool or Manchester City. But you always see an era coming to an end and I’m looking forward to playing alongside them.

“And I’m sure every other club in the Premier League wants to do that.”

Asked if City and Liverpool’s dominance would end while they were still in power, he added: “I think, yes.”

Rangnick and his advisory role

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Erik Ten Hag said the decision to keep Ralf Rangnick on in the advisory role would ultimately be up to the club, but he made it clear he would draw his own conclusions.

Asked if he would accept Rangnick’s point of view, he said: “I think it’s part of my analysis, I watch and talk to a lot of people. But in the end I’ll draw the line.

When asked if he supported Rangnick’s advisory role, he added: “That’s at the club.”

On Van Gaal’s criticism of ‘Business Club’

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Former Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal warned Eric Ten Hager in March that he should choose a football-focused club rather than a ‘commercial’ club like Manchester United

In March, former Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal, who was sacked in 2016 after winning the FA Cup, warned his fellow Dutchman not to move to Manchester.

The Netherlands manager said: “Manchester United is a business club, so it’s a tough choice for the coach. He had better go to a football club. “

Asked about Van Gaal’s comments, Ten Haag said: “I heard him, but I drew the line myself. I believe it wasn’t. I talked to the director about it, but football is [priority] One, two, three of this club.

“Every club is commercial now, every club needs it, you need revenue to be at the top. So it’s necessary to do that, but football is one, two, three in this football club.”

Ten Haag: Manchester United are not doing well

Ahead of his press conference, Ten Hager told club media that things were “not that great” at Old Trafford, but said he believed he could succeed while restoring United’s attacking philosophy.

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Ten Witches from the stands at Selhurst Park to watch his new side take on Crystal Palace on Sunday

and Manchester United TV, Ten Mage said: “The current situation is obviously not so good, it is a big challenge.

“I want to build and build a team that competes, sticks together, and achieves results. We also compete in the Theater of Dreams.

“We want to be entertained. But at the end of the day, our purpose is to play good football. If we can’t play good football, we still have to win.”

Ten Haag, who confirmed pre-season will start on June 27, added: “In some positions we would like to update the team, but a year ago this team was second in the league, so there is potential, I’m really looking forward to working with the team.”

‘I want to play dominant football at Manchester United’

Ten Haig has re-established Ajax as a dominant force in Dutch football, winning three Eredivisie titles in four seasons in Amsterdam while also re-establishing their status in Europe.

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Watch for free: Highlights from Crystal Palace’s Premier League match against Manchester United

But he’s insisted they play the Ajax way, control the game with possession and overwhelm the team with their energy and pressure – something he hopes he can bring to Manchester United.

“The way we do it – with dominant, decisive football – is the way I want to perform at Manchester United as well,” added Ten Hager. “But at the end of the day, the ability and quality of the people – so the players – dictate how you have to play.”

He added: “We play in the Theatre of Dreams and have to please the opponent. We play in the opposition’s half, we have to play attacking football. We have to press, full pressure – that’s a parallel too – And adventurous football.”

“I know the history of Manchester United – winning in a spectacular way”

Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, United have failed to recreate the brand of entertaining football that made the club so successful under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ten Haag understands Old Trafford’s heritage and is well aware that his team must be built on the philosophy of “attack, attack, attack”, which has made the club a world football power.

“We don’t have to check my football,” Ten Hager said. “It’s about Manchester United football, about Manchester United’s identity and philosophy. I think you’ve pointed it out: it has to be about attacking football. We have to introduce structure into the way we play so we can play attacking football.”

He added: “Of course. I know the history of Manchester United, I know the big times and the audience, the atmosphere around Old Trafford. I saw them in their big days, when Sir Alex Ferguson was manager , during their truly successful period of winning titles and dominating Europe.

“But before Sir Alex, Manchester United was a very big club and I knew names like Busby and Charlton and they made Manchester United show their presence to the outside world from victory and with a kind of spectacle. The way to win, to win, so they entertain people. What stayed for me, there was always a fighting culture. They fought together and succeeded.”

Neville of Ten Witches: It’s a huge improvement

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Gary Neville admits it has been a “desperate” season for Manchester United as they record their Premier League era record low and says Eric Ten Hager will work to make this team a success.

Sky Sports pundit speaks on latest Gary Neville podcast on final day of season“I haven’t watched the game, but as you can imagine, Crystal Palace beat Manchester United 1-0.

“It’s been a desperate season and Erik Ten Hag may have seen glimpses of what the rest of us have seen along the way. I don’t think any Manchester United fans have wanted to watch Manchester United over the past few weeks. We almost want the season to end immediately and turn our attention to the summer to see how the new manager can come in with optimism.

“He has an important job and the expectations for the four managers and the four clubs in front of him next season won’t be too high. United want to finish in the top four but there is time and patience as it has gone from 12 months Prepping for the Europa League final and finishing second above Liverpool. If you think where we are today, I can’t explain it.

“It’s a huge improvement. Ajax is a great football club with a long history and a huge fan base. He has high hopes for him, but you also have a great chance of winning the league because Ajax It does cost a lot more than a lot of other clubs out there, which is to be expected. But Manchester United has spent more than a lot of other clubs and it hasn’t delivered. It takes time for him to get used to the club, to get used to the club. It’s a huge football club, the media here, the expectations, Manchester United will always be the story. People either want to see Manchester United win or they want to see them lose, that’s a fact of life. They’ll always be the story even in such a bad season , because there is an element of wanting to see the disaster happen.

“That season was about going to bed as soon as possible, it was a bad season for United, both on and off the pitch.”