MAFS 2022 Olivia and Jackson Update: Everything We Know About Love at First Sight stars Jackson Lonnie and Olivia Fraser’s cheating scandal

love at first sight Fans were left in shock over the weekend after a video emerged Olivia Fraserboyfriend Jackson Loney Kissing another woman in a Melbourne pub.

A video of Jackson, 31, biting his lip with Lady Mystery (later identified as TikTok star Han Hughes) quickly went viral on social media.

Olivia was reportedly “speechless” after seeing the video, with fans of the show wondering if their relationship could continue.

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Here, we take a look at the scandal, from how and when it happened, to Han’s response and everything we know so far.

MAFS 2022 Olivia Fraser Jackson Lonnie
Olivia and Jackson are involved in a scandal and he hooks up with another woman. (Nine)

Jackson kisses another woman

Jackson was out at the Lava Lounge in Melbourne on Friday night when he gave 20-year-old TikTok star Han Hughes a steaming kiss in the middle of the crowd.

Facebook page Tea Time shared the question, “Are Jackson and Olivia still together or in an open relationship? Last night I received a photo of him and my cousin in lava.”

Love at first sight: Jackson Lonnie kisses Hannah Hughes in Melbourne to marry
Jackson was pictured kissing TikTok star Han Hughes on an evening in Melbourne. (Facebook)

Olivia, 28, was with Jackson before kissing but went home to sleep before he went on to party with friends – including companions MAFS Groom Anthony Cincotta.

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A few hours ago, she shared a much-loved photo with Jackson at 81 Bistro & Taphouse in Berwick, just down the road from Lava Lounge.

Olivia Fraser shared this photo with Jackson Lorney hours before the kiss MAFS Love at First Sight
Olivia shared this photo with Jackson hours before the kiss. (Instagram)

Han’s story

Han has spoken to multiple outlets about the kiss and admitted that after seeing Jackson alone in a nightclub, she didn’t think he was still with Olivia.

Han also took Tik Tok Share some lighthearted videos of what happened, one of which has been viewed over 500,000 times.

One clip saw her face the camera and say, “Is it me? Am I a drama? I don’t think I’m a drama…maybe I am.”

Hannah Hughes kisses MAFS Jackson Lonnie
Han Hughes shares light-hearted jokes about what happened on TikTok. (Tik Tok)

“It was a great day,” she captioned the clip.

Her video drew mixed reactions, with some oddly praising her while others condemned her actions.

One fan commented: “Even though I don’t like her, no one deserves to be cheated on, I won’t show it, I’ll be embarrassed.”

Han replied: “I don’t know where they are together. I didn’t follow any of them, just watched some MAFS. Short on TikTok with Dom and what happened. “

Olivia’s reaction

While Olivia remained silent on social media, she told daily mail australia She was “speechless” about the matter.

But on Saturday night, she claimed the pair were still trying to get things going.

“We’re still together…I told him to think hard about what he wants,” Olivia told the publication.

The MAFS bride has remained silent on social media, sharing nothing on her Instagram account. However, after creating the page last week, she posted on her OnlyFans page hours after the incident.

Jackson was attacked over this

Like Olivia, Jackson has so far kept quiet about the kissing incident online.

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However, it didn’t stop MAFS Viewers comment on the latest Instagram photo he uploaded a week ago.

“Boiiiiii, you are in trouble,” one person wrote.

“I saw you kiss another woman…” another commented.

Jackson has faced a lot of backlash so far, and we’re sure it’s far from over.

The post in question sees him posing with others MAFS Stars Matt Ridley, Cody Bromley and Daniel Holmes at the charity event.

Are Jackson and Olivia still together?

Since the kiss went viral, there’s been a lot of speculation about the future of their relationship, and right now, it’s unclear where they stand.

Representatives for Jackson and Olivia declined to comment when interviewed 9 Entertainment.

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