Lincoln lawyer is ‘bad husband’ in this beautiful legal process with authenticity at its heart

Tonhis outstanding qualities lincoln lawyerMitch Haller looked relaxed and faced real The odds are not good. In the award-winning new Netflix show — the show’s defense of the Michael Connelly book it’s based on and the Matthew McConaughey legal thriller they spawned in 2011 — The lawyer walked into his first trial in more than a year. Here, he boldly asserts that his client cannot commit “grand robbery” because the diamond necklace she snatched from the rich lady’s neck was actually a string of fake stones. Is Mickey a former jeweler? No. Does he have any experience in the gem trade? of course not. Is he right? Damn, he is.

Mickey Haller, played by Mexican actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, is equally stubborn and meticulous. He prefers to do things the hard way, which almost always works. It drives people who love him crazy, but it’s also — if six novels, a big-budget Hollywood movie and the No. 1 global series on Netflix are to be believed — what makes the character so enduringly appealing, he The story is so enjoyable and low risk. Julianna Margulies gave us seven great seasons good wifeAlicia Florrick, a woman returning to law after 13 years as a stay-at-home mom. Now, we have bad husbands trying to start a failed career.

“You know Mickey,” Mickey’s trusted legal assistant and long-suffering ex-wife Lorna said in the season premiere.She’s talking to Maggie, Maggie return It happens to be Mickey’s long-suffering ex-wife. “The only thing he likes more than a fight is a fight with one hand tied behind his back.”

Former Mrs. Hallers (Lorna played by Becki Newton, Maggie played by Neve Campbell, who are saved as “first wife” and “second wife” in Mickey’s phone call) are arguing over Mickey’s legitimacy – after a long hiatus Back to Law – Takes on a high-profile double murder case with a high-profile client. Not that Mickey would follow Maggie’s advice, even if he was there to hear her doubts.

That’s not to say Mickey Haller is a bad guy — it’s just that he’s just too unlucky to heed caution. In this new adaptation of the TV series, he is recovering from an opioid addiction that developed after a serious surfing accident. But while he was in therapy, his Los Angeles-based company disintegrated and his relationship with his teenage daughter suffered. When an old colleague gave Mickey a thriving business, the Lincoln attorney – so named because he preferred to do business in the back seat of his vintage Lincoln Continental convertible or shiny new Lincoln Navigator SUV – won the first Second career success. Just like that, no grovelling or scratching required.

developed by good wife Producer Ted Humphrey and legal TV magnate David E Kelley (Allie McBeal, practice, Boston Law), the series is more than a direct adaptation of the film. The Netflix show largely follows the second book in Michael Connelly’s best-selling series, and takes the familiar form of TV legal proceedings.a son good wife, each episode incorporates the plot of the weekly case, giving its characters a chance to show off their courtroom shenanigans and a longer arc of drama. When Mickey’s fatherhood and sobriety, his bravado is enough to give us a glimpse of the man Lorna and Maggie fall in love with.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in The Lincoln Lawyer

(Laura Solanki/Netflix)

In another meaningful departure, Mickey is Mexican-American, a legacy buried under McConaughey’s cast. The Netflix series not only resurrects this aspect of the character, but puts it at the center. Garcia-Rulfo, who speaks English with the same Mexican accent, is more often associated with their iconoclastic lawyers than TV criminals. Mickey’s preference for tequila over whisky may be a contingent element of the plot, but his Spanish roots help to describe Los Angeles richer and more accurate than we’ve seen on screen in the past.

What remains the same is Mickey’s brave aloofness and the obnoxious “NTGUILTY” vanity number plate that can’t imagine ever hanging on the bumper of Alicia Floric’s minivan. But she started her great second act at the bottom of the humble corporate ladder. Mickey has magically inherited the top spot. As convincing as watching her paws climb up, watching a man walk straight out of disaster and into their own wonder is less demanding and more fun. If Alicia Florrick is a tribute to all good wives and conscientious mothers, Mickey Haller represents a notoriously sexist fantasy: one who is lucky enough to have everything he needs for change bad husband.