‘Lincoln Lawyer’ Dethroned from Netflix’s Top 10 List for a New Show

This article was republished on 5/31

I’ve been writing a lot of these columns, where I discuss any new Netflix show showing up at the top of the top 10 list, replacing the old champ, but it’s one of those times where crown transfers are inevitable.

Lincoln Lawyers is doing well, holding the top spot since its debut in the U.S. and multiple territories around the world, but now being replaced by something else? Stranger Things season 4.

Even before that, Stranger Things had climbed into the top 10 as people watched older episodes in preparation for the season 4 premiere years later, and now it’s here, season 9, before the 9th episode 7 episodes have topped the charts a day after their debut.

Stranger Things season 4 had an odd format, with seven long episodes, then a one-month break, and then two huge episodes, ending in July with a total of four hours.This appears to be the form the show is coming to an end, but there’s still a promised season 5 after that, which we know for sure That is The last episode of the series. minus if they decide to do any derivatives. The split is reportedly due to production issues, but I’m sure Netflix will also be relishing a second round of conversations about Stranger Things a month later, rather than the usual binge-and-forget setup they have now.

I hope Stranger Things gets at least a spot on the charts, if not more, since not only are such long episodes popular, but it will take a while for most people to get through the first part of the season.

As for “Lincoln Lawyer,” it was an absolute success for Netflix, at least in terms of ratings. As a show, it’s good, even good, but nothing spectacular. However, it seems to have checked all the right boxes for many viewers, and it seems likely that due to the low cost of filming and no A-listers to feed, that should be inevitable even if no season 2 is announced yet. The Lincoln Attorney has six books in all, and this season is the second, and the Matthew McConaughey movie was the first ten years ago. So there is more source material to follow. It seems like a smart move for an update, and Netflix seems to be dropping a little less of the ball in that department these days.

But yes, Stranger Things will stay ahead for a while. I’m going to start watching it today and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store.

Update (5/31):

It’s been a few days since the release of Stranger Things season 4, and both it and the Lincoln lawyer continue to show staying power.

Stranger Things is currently receiving rave reviews from critics and audiences, as well as pop culture relevance, and thanks to a scene from Episode 4, the new No. 1 song on iTunes is Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill. With TikTok taking over Gen Z, the show is one of the few Netflix series with real cultural staying power. I just finished season 4 myself and I’m all for the idea that it’s awesome, it’s probably my favorite season of the series, even though we’re so far away from the ET that inspired season 1, now it’s Nightmare’s A mix of Elm Street and Genetics, it’s scary but great.

Meanwhile, Lincoln attorneys continued to show strength in second place, fending off the “wrong side” who had yet to pass third. Ozark was fourth. I do have to believe that an announcement of a season 2 renewal of Lincoln’s lawyers is in the works, and they must be just hammering out the fine print now, as it doesn’t make sense for the show not to return, given its performance to date source material paving the way for the future .

But yeah, watch Stranger Things season 4 and it’s as good as everyone says.

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