Kardashian fans spot bizarre details in the background of Kohler’s $17 million LA mansion tour on new Hulu show

KHLOE Kardashian stunned fans with her lavish new $17 million mansion, which includes a reality TV star’s pillow.

Eagle-eyed viewers think twice after spotting the unique item on her daughter realbedroom.

Khloe Kardashian reveals a bizarre detail in her new $17 million home


Khloe Kardashian reveals a bizarre detail in her new $17 million homeCredit: Getty
Fans found Khloe's face and pillows for most of her body in her daughter True's playroom


Fans found Khloe’s face and pillows for most of her body in her daughter True’s playroomCredit: Hulu

on site, Kohler37, gave momager Kris Jenner Visited the house with her mum’s boyfriend Corey Gamble.

Chris gushed about Kohler living next door to her huge Hidden Hills residence in a confessional interview.

“One of the best things about Khloe’s house and my favorite thing about it is that it’s right next door,” Chris boasted.

“There’s nothing better than getting the whole family together. It’s going to be the best thing ever.”

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Just as the 66-year-old revealed her excitement for her new neighbor, the camera turned to Kohler’s 4-year-old daughter’s playroom.

There is a large table in the center of the room for True to play, and her toys are lined up along the wall.

It also features a large grey sofa with an assortment of pillows and stuffed animals to make it even more comfortable.

The arrangement includes a pink stuffed monkey, a sunflower pillow, a rainbow pillow and other colorful toys.

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However, viewers notice a familiar face in the middle – Khloe’s face and the pillow for most of her body.

“Does she really need that?”

Reddit Users pointed out the odd detail as someone shared a screenshot of the scene.

The poster commented: “It’s hilarious, but does she really need to be in her own house? Haha.”

Another agreed, writing: “I’ve always thought something like this could be a prank gift that just needs to be stored somewhere eventually. There’s no way Kohler could be sitting at home ordering her portrait pillow for decoration – or at least I hoped. “

Others believe the pillow was used by True to comfort the child when her mother was away.

Khloe shares her only child with her ex, Tristan Thompson31.

One wrote: “This has been talked about before and most of us agree that when she misses Kohler, Kohler gets a pillow of her own (which is also child-sized).

“I think that’s a more likely possibility because True loves Khloe so much that she might miss her and hug it for comfort when she’s gone.”

Another fan responded to the statement: “You’re all arriving. This photo is in the actual playroom, which is likely real when mom is out of town.”

Another thought the pillow was Khloe’s way of bragging about her slimming.

They commented: “I think she’s really proud of her body! As someone who has always been seen as a ‘fat sister’, she probably enjoys seeing her body now. I mean I would never do that , but I think that’s what it is.”

Home Decoration

Kohler has previously been slammed for her Not so impressive decor on her new expensive pad.

The house is decorated in neutral tones, with light wood floors, grey rugs and glossy black windows.

The kitchen features marble counters and white chairs, while the living room has a comfortable beige sofa arranged around a beige coffee table.

Kohler’s huge pantry She has sleek white shelves again in her walk-in closet upstairs, while her home theater has two large beige sofas.

While one mother was pleased with the end result, viewers at home were critical of the monochrome look.

One person wrote on Reddit: “Honestly it takes 2 years to build a boring white mega mansion, seems like it’s hard to find. It’s nothing special and not a bit warm.”

Another added: “Khloe’s house is so neutral. It needs some color, or she can do it like Chris, neutral but warm and cozy.”

Third Post: “It’s all beige and unoriginal.”

Kohler and Chris bought mansion next door 2020, relocated late last year after months of delays.


June 2021, mother and daughter duo claim they were scammed by the builder They fled with their money and their possessions.

Kohler told her sister Kendall26, in an episode Keeping up with the Kardashians: “We don’t have a house at the moment.

“We did a background check on him. He has a 35-page criminal record. I told my mom I didn’t like using him. Mom wanted to use him.”

“We ended up firing him because he was terrible, he wanted to steal from me, and now he’s taken our house and they’ve been at a standstill,” she explained.

In a confessional interview, Kohler said: “A contractor left us with a lot of money for our actions and we were not allowed into our property.

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“So we can’t even get the contractor to take over when we try to get our covenant back or close the escrow.”

Kohler sold her Calabasas mansion for $15.5 million in November, while Chris Sold her Hidden Hills house for $15 million Earlier that year.

Some fans thought the pillow was there to comfort True when her mother wasn't around


Some fans thought the pillow was there to comfort True when her mother wasn’t aroundCredit: Instagram/realtristan13
Khloe shares True with her ex Tristan Thompson


Khloe shares True with her ex Tristan ThompsonCredit: Instagram/Tristan Thompson
Fans previously slammed Kohler's decor in her new home, calling it 'boring'


Fans previously slammed Kohler’s decor in her new home, calling it ‘boring’Credit: Hulu

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