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when I was first introduced to Mindy Sofro’s studio barre3 In downtown Santa Barbara in August 2019, I was drawn to a full-body group workout that combines strength conditioning, heart rate, balance, and mindfulness.

It turns out that adaptable, flexible workouts also provide inspiration for Sofro barre3 by dazzling Coronavirus disease shutdown.

After all gyms were first ordered to close in March 2020, Sofro and her team immediately turned to live classes on the internet in order to keep their business alive and serve their regulars. Within a week, she added in-person outdoor classes and eventually found them a temporary home. Oak Park near Santa Barbara Lodge Hospital.

Studio barre3 is one of the few parks to host multiple classes a day on the park’s stage. Santa Barbara Department of Parks and Recreation Amplified sound is allowed. Music is a huge part of the barre3 classroom experience, so it’s no small achievement.

For a full year, from June 2020 to June 2021, Sofro’s loyal clients – myself included – showed up to exercise under the park’s elegant namesake oak tree. While the setting is idyllic, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief last summer when the government ordered the lifting of the lockdown.

Sofro, a native of Eugene, Oregon, has lived in Santa Barbara for the past 25 years and is a barre3 Co-founder and CEO Sadie Lincoln. Seven years ago, she fulfilled her dream of owning her own barre3 franchise.

“It’s been tough to hold on and we’re still trying to rebuild the business after taking a hit during the long shutdown,” she told nohawk.

Sofro credits her clients with keeping her small business afloat when “it feels like everything is going against us.”

“Know that for some people, an outdoor or live class is their only real connection to other people that day,” she explained. “It’s a powerful motivator to keep going.”

Mindy Sofroclick to view bigger image

Mindy Sofro, owner of Studio barre3, is excited to be back in her space following the COVID-19 disruption, but realizes how important her business flexibility is during the ordeal. “Know that for some people, an outdoor or live class is their only real connection to other people that day,” she said. “It’s a powerful motivator to keep going.” (Photo by Judy Foreman/Noozhawk)

When it comes to overall health, relationships are just as important as exercise, Sofro said.

“Our company was founded on this idea back in 2008,” she said. “The emergence of COVID-19 has really put us in a bind, but we’ve been doing what we’ve been doing, which is giving people a space to come together, to feel safe and confident in their bodies, and to get Highly adaptive, effective workout.”

Now the barre3 studio has fully reopened, across from 761 Chapala St. new avenueSofro, her team and their clients all feel “hopeful and positive about the future”.

On a recent Friday, the vibrant and joyful Sofro hosted a seventh anniversary party that included a special evening fitness session followed by food and wine.her husband Jeff was in during the day Santa Barbara High Schoolis pressed into service as a bartender.

Current and past clients show up early, but barre3’s camaraderie is the basic feeling.

“Working out should be fun and it should feel good,” Sofro said. “I will open the door to all who want to get fit and be a member of our fitness community.”

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— Judy Foreman nohawk Columnist and longtime local writer and lifestyle observer.You can contact her by [email protected]. Click here to view previous columns. Opinions expressed are her own.