Johnny Depp wins Amber Heard trial: What happens to Amber now?

Amber Heard’s stunning court loss to ex-husband Johnny Depp shows the worst is yet to come for the Neptune.

Jury finds Johnny Depp defamed by ex-wife Amber Heard after a blockbuster five-week trial in Virginia.

Today’s ruling in Fairfax County Court will order Heard, 36, to pay Depp, 58, $15 million in damages. Of this, $10 million is compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. However, Virginia law only allows punitive damages of up to $350,000, which means Depp is awarded a total of $10.35 million.

The win was a remarkable feat for the Oscar-nominated actor, who said he lost Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts after hearing 2018 Washington post Op-ed reveals herself as a victim of domestic and sexual abuse.

While Hurd did not mention Depp in the article, he believes it defames him and cost him a lucrative deal. He also claimed that Hurd was an abuser.

Now, the jury has agreed with him.

However, Heard won a small victory in her counterclaim, proving that Depp defamed her through his former lawyer Adam Waldman. She was awarded $2 million in compensatory damages without any punitive damages.

That means she owes Depp $8.35 million.

What if Amber Heard is lost now?

Even before Depp’s trial was won, the Court of Public Opinion was particularly lukewarm on Heard, who insists she never abused Depp.

During the trial, the actor was heard Admits on tape to ‘hitting’ her ex-husbandalthough it also appeared to her Didn’t donate her $7 million divorce settlement to charity Despite two public claims that she did.

The revelations, combined with her facial expressions and drama in the stands, did not win the attention of onlookers.

As for her career, we already know her role in Aquaman 2 has decreased significantly – some reports suggest she Appears only for 10 minutes.

The revelation got her after a petition completely removed from the sequel Got over five million signatures.

But Hurd said her career was already starting to suffer before the verdict, claiming that Depp had launched a “smear campaign” against her in the media, portraying her as a liar, which had affected her Chance.

She testified that she only recently made a “small indie film” that paid $92,000.

That’s in stark contrast to her $2.8 million Neptune Pay the check.

“I shot a film in Guatemala. It’s a small independent company, which means it doesn’t distribute or anything,” Hurd said.

“It’s a low-budget movie that I’ve been following for years and it’s called enter the fire. “

Now that she’s lost, Hurd will no doubt have a hard time finding a big studio willing to work with her given the negative attention surrounding the trial.

Johnny Depp wins, what will happen to him?

This is an interesting one.

First, it is important to note Depp loses case in UK last year against sun newspaper, a judge ruled the publication was right to call him a “wife beater”.

But his latest case in Fairfax County Court, in which Depp sued Heard himself, has drawn a lot of media attention, Public sympathy for Depp In the former couple’s years-long public feud to a degree we have yet to see (Hurd first filed for a restraining order in 2016.)

Given the extreme support for Depp, it makes sense that he might actually be able to revive his career.

Although he persuaded the jury that he was defamed by his ex-wife, given the Hurd’s damaging allegations have been played out in court.

But money talks, and Depp can prove he can still make money.

French luxury designer Christian Dior is one of the few brands to maintain a partnership with Depp, making him the face of Sauvage men’s fragrances.

While the fashion house has yet to comment on the case, it is reported that the company has experienced Sales boost as trial progresses.

a source told mail on sunday: “Sales are up and Dior has no plans to quit. A lot of fans will go out and buy new colognes to show their support.”

And then there’s public opinion, which has been in Depp’s favor.

The comment section of the media report was filled with the viral hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp, and TikTok recorded 15 billion views of the hashtag.

By comparison, #IStandWithAmberHeard content received 8.2 million views.

It’s fair to assume that these die-hard Depp fans will happily spend their money at the box office.

Depp has managed to land an upcoming role in a French-made film Jenny Dubarry, In it he signed to play King Louis XV.

Perhaps the biggest question for Depp fans is whether he will reprise his beloved Captain Jack Sparrow role. pirate Franchise.

With the door slightly ajar, producer Jerry Bruckheimer said in early May, “Not yet. The future is undecided.”