Johnny Depp wins Amber Heard defamation trial, but career is dead

The court may rule in Depp’s favor – but the damage to their careers after weeks of unbearable testimony has been enormous.

The jury may have ruled Johnny Depp over Amber Heard, but after six weeks of explosive trials in court (and an equally scary one ahead of 2020), the truth is that both sides suffered significant damage.

In fact, it’s hard to imagine how the careers of Johnny Depp or Amber Heard will ever fully recover, after dozens of testimonies appear to have come to light Every heinous detail about their tumultuous marriage.

The fact that millions of viewers follow each new accusation, with the trial broadcast live and obsessively watching around the world, doesn’t help.

A look back at those who somehow missed out on one of the biggest celebrity court cases of all time: Heard, 36, was sued for $50 million (A$67 million) by her ex-husband Depp, 58, Because he suggested he abused her in 2018 Washington post Column she wrote. While she did not name him in the article, Depp claimed her allegations were false and cost him a lucrative movie role.

Hurd then countersued, seeking $100 million (A$134 million) in damages, alleging she suffered “rampant physical violence and abuse” at the hands of her ex-husband.

Depp eventually prevailed in court, with a judge ruling that Hurd had “indeed malicious intent”.

In fact, this is the second widely publicized trial to delve into the details of an A-list ex-couple’s relationship.

Depp (unsuccessfully) sues News Corporation Newspapers (NGN) – publisher sun – In 2020, defamed for an article published two years ago calling him “wife beating.”

He has denied claims he attacked Hurd, but the paper believes the article is accurate.

Three sensational weeks that generated thousands of headlines worldwide as Heard and Depp went head-to-head with their own accounts in court, in front of a judge Final ruling in favor of the publication.

So with two explosive tests on both sides and weeks of extreme personal testimony now over, what’s next for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

‘Difficult’ Depp is no longer the male lead

After being eliminated from two mega franchises – Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbean — With the last film released more than two years ago, there is no doubt that Depp’s burgeoning career has reached a crisis point.

Depp’s movie star status has been on the decline since his battle with Heard.

Even without the brutal and violent accusations his ex-wife has brought against him, there are many reasons why Depp’s reputation has taken such a hit in recent years.

During the trial, a Disney executive, the studio behind pirate The franchise, who testified in court, said she never saw any correspondence within the company referring to Hurd’s column.Depp’s longtime agent Tracey Jacobs also testified that the star was A very “difficult” client He has “fundamental anger issues” and has drawn multiple complaints from the crew on “almost every movie” he’s made.

And there don’t seem to be many new offers.

November 2020, after losing his defamation case sunDepp announced on Instagram Warner Bros. He was asked to “resign” From hitting Grindelwald in the third quarter Fantastic Beasts Movie.

“I respect and agree to this request,” he wrote.

A far cry from the peak of his fame, Depp’s last studio film before that was Fantastic Beasts 2back in 2018.

His most recent movie, Minamata, in which he played American photojournalist W. Eugene Smith, received only a meager theatrical release after being shelved for a year.Since then, his work has been mostly voicing characters in the web series puffin impossible.

Depp will appear next Jeanne Dubarrya French-language film in which he played King Louis XV, but after his huge court victory, it remains to be seen how the future of the one-time movie superstar will play out.

Perhaps the biggest question for Depp fans is whether he will reprise his beloved Captain Jack Sparrow role. pirate Franchise.

With the door slightly ajar, producer Jerry Bruckheimer said in early May, “Not yet. The future is undecided.”

Hurd’s career ‘stopped’ after Aquaman

Regardless of the court’s decision, Johnny Depp has been widely expected for some time to have little chance of fully reviving his A-list Hollywood career – but what these legal battles will do for Amber Heard in the long run Inconclusive.

During trial, entertainment industry consultant Kathryn Arnold testified Hurd’s career has already taken a hit Because of the court case Depp brought, and – despite her Neptune – she had to Ask for a role in the sequel Due to continued bad publicity.

“I got a script and then gave new versions of scripts that removed scenes where there was action in it, depicted my character and the other character, no spoilers were revealed, the two characters were fighting each other, and they basically took away a bunch of my roles,” Hurd said. “They just took out a bunch.”

Not only did Hurd end up with a dramatic ‘downscaled’ look Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (She’s reportedly only been on screen for about 10 minutes) But pictures drawn by her legal team suggest that offers for the new film haven’t quite poured in.

At the booth, Ms Arnold explained that Hurd’s “work stopped” at a time when she was supposed to be “on the verge of a meteoric rise” after a huge success Neptune.

She said that if Depp hadn’t defamed her, Heard would have made $8 million ($11 million) from endorsement deals, $20 million ($28 million) from movies and millions from TV shows .

“Ms. Hurd probably should have earned between $450 and $50 million during this time,” Ms Arnold told the court.

“Not only was she a great actress at that moment, but she is now world-renowned for starring in one of DC Comics’ most successful films. For her, it was this extraordinary moment that made her career take off… …though she may not have reached (spiderman star) Zendaya at the time, you can still see it as a comparable trajectory, like what you’d do in a blockbuster. “

In 2023, Hurd will star in two films: in fire and run away with me.

Perhaps the most ominous hunch for Heard’s cinematic future is that Depp won not only in court, but also in the court of opinion on social media.

The comment section of the media report was filled with the viral hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp, and TikTok recorded 15 billion views of the hashtag.

By comparison, #IStandWithAmberHeard content received 8.2 million views.

Experts explain that online vitriol aimed at Hurd during the legal battle is sure to serve as a red flag for studios.

But for the same reason, Depp is clearly high-stakes too.

“When there is negative social media, it can be very bad because social media can be directed not only at the actor or the actors themselves, but also at the movie, the studio, the actor or the actors that are working together.”

It’s hard to predict exactly how Depp and Hurd’s careers will play out over the next few years, but there is no doubt that there is no real winner in this protracted legal battle.