Johnny Depp trial: Amber Heard’s reaction to social media hate

As Johnny Depp’s high-profile defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard winding upHurd used her last chance in the stands to comment on the hate and backlash she suffered online during her trial.

hear tell jurors thursday She was humiliated by the harassment she received on social media during the trial, calling the experience “distressing”. Hurd added that she feared for her life after receiving multiple death threats.

“The harassment and humiliation, the campaign against me that reverberates on social media every day, and now in front of the cameras in the showroom – every day I have to relive the trauma,” Hurd said in court as he fought back tears. “Maybe it’s easy to forget that I’m alone.”

“Even though Johnny promised me what I deserved and promised he would, I shouldn’t,” she continued.

Depp sues Hurd At Circuit Court in Fairfax County, Virginia, she wrote in the Washington Post in a December 2018 op-ed that she described herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse. “. His lawyers said he was defamed by the article, even though it never mentioned his name.

I heard it took Station earlier this month and testified about her marriage to Depp, detailing Years of alleged physical and sexual abuse Detailed graphics.However emotions on social media In response, she was lying despite false allegations of domestic violence extremely rare.

on social media and the courts, Depp fans have moved beyond the trial narrative, lining up overnight to take a seat in the courtroom and show signs of support. In contrast, I heard he was booed She was seen outside the courtroom as she went in and out.

Actor Johnny Depp’s supporters rally outside the Fairfax County courthouse where a jury is scheduled to hear Johnny Depp’s accusation against ex-wife Amber on Friday, May 27, 2022 in Fairfax, Virginia Closing arguments in Hurd’s high-profile defamation lawsuit. (AP Photo/Craig Hudson)

Alyssa Bach, Associate Attorney at Shulman & Partners LLP in Toronto, previously told The trial, which has been broadcast live nearly every weekday for the past six weeks, has allowed the public to critically assess not only Depp and Heard and their respective claims, but also the alleged victims of abuse and its reliability.

“When we look at Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, what we see is that what you have now is not just the judge and the jury, but the whole public opinion and they’re looking at it And say, ‘Well, this is what I think and … so this is who I choose to believe,’ but there’s a lot of complexity at play that not everyone actually understands,” Bach said.

The reaction to Hurd’s online testimony heightened concerns among alleged victims as they debate whether to take the abuse allegations to court, Bach said, even though the trial for ordinary people won’t be broadcast around the world.

“Even if they wouldn’t be in a public forum like this, knowing that they’re under such a heavy load and having such a scrutiny of what they’re trying to ask really underscores the difficulty people can go through making these demands in any form. ,”she says.

However, Bach said it’s important to remember that despite public scrutiny, the final verdict rests with the judge or jury, depending on the trial and its location.

The danger of online hate in public abuse cases

The audience reaction in court was evident in Hurd’s testimony on Thursday, prompting the judge to warn that she would clean up the gallery if there was further remarks.

On social media, people’s newsfeeds have been saturated with images, video clips and memes of the trial.

Image of Hurd blowing his nose during testimony Raised charges against TikTok She drank cocaine in the stands. Footage of Depp adjusting cables near his lawyer Camille Vasquez replays in slow motion on the platform, Make gestures look chivalrous.

Details were given to jurors about how Depp allegedly sexually assaulted her, and TikTokers took pictures of themselves with her words, reacting as if they would welcome the attention. The audio has since been removed from the platform.

people on social media Start replaying Heard’s testimony Depp’s alleged physical abuse of her seemed to poke holes in her testimony. There’s even evidence to support Heard’s claims, such as a video she recorded where Depp pours himself a big glass of wine and smashes the glass violently in their kitchen, turned into a joke Support Depp.

Dan King rallies in support of actor Johnny Depp in support of Amber Heard outside Fairfax County Courthouse on Friday, May 27, 2022 in Fairfax, Virginia. (AP Photo/Craig Hudson)

Andrea Gunraj, Vice President, Public Engagement, Canadian Women’s Foundation, told earlier this month Public participation in the “blaming narrative” during the Depp-Heard trial was “more visible and influential” thanks to social media.

“Being so visible to so many people, when celebrities say they’ve been abused, they can face a lot of public rebuke, suspicion and abusive reactions. A well-known abuser can also justify their actions because they’re being abused on-screen. Appreciate it,” she explained.

Gunraj said the “caustic reaction” to Hurd’s testimony and her treatment on social media “is likely to deter survivors from having a voice in their own lives.” She said this is dangerous because it prevents those allegedly being accused by Abused people get the help they need.

“The conditions that make it hard for people to come forward and be believed, to get blasted for not being the ‘right victim’ are the same conditions that allow a culture of silence, blame and demeaning to flourish,” she said.

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