Johnny Depp reaction: Amy Schumer says Amber Heard seen as ‘dirty joke’

Hollywood is weighing shocking Johnny Depp libel trial results – and Amy Schumer is leading Amber Heard’s defense.

The decision has been announced in the blockbuster trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, with everyone from celebrities to the two actors’ own lawyers taking part for their two cents Come in.

Comedian Amy Schumer appeared to be firmly on the Hurd team, with an Instagram post suggesting she was seen as a “dirty joke.”

She quoted American feminist Gloria Steinem as saying: “Any woman who chooses to behave like a whole human being should be warned that the military of the status quo will treat her as a dirty jokes…she needs her sisterhood.”

Speaking about Piers Morgan’s show on British talk show reality TV star Sharon Osbourne, she said she had been supporting Depp.

“Wow, that’s not what I expected. I mean, I expected Johnny to win, but I didn’t expect him to win.”

Pretty Little Liars actor Ashley Benson also sided with Depp, posting an Instagram post following the ruling that read “Yesssss.”

Earlier in the trial, other celebrities opened up about who they supported.

Casino Royale Actor Eva Green said last month that she has “No doubt Johnny will show the world with his good name and good heart“.

Comedian Chris Rock and shock athlete Joe Rogan also sided with Depp.

Cammiel Vasquez’s swipe at trial

Johnny Depp’s star attorney Camille Vasquez said the actor’s win “confirmed what we’ve said from the start” that Depp was wronged, not heard.

Ms Vasquez speaks shortly after Depp won defamation lawsuit against Heard in 2018 Washington post Articles on domestic violence written in her name.

Although Depp was not named in the column, the jury of seven men and women found the inference clear that she was referring to him as the abuser – claiming she could not substantiate it.

Depp was awarded $10.35 million ($14.4 million) in cumulative damages against Hurd. The damages were actually reduced to $8.35 million ($11.6 million) as Hurd won $2 million ($2.78 million) against Depp after persuading a jury to prevail. Pirates of the Caribbean The star’s former lawyer Adam Waldman defamed her on his instructions.

“Today’s verdict confirms what we’ve said from the outset – that the allegations against Johnny Depp are defamatory and unsupported by any evidence,” Ms Vasquez said.

“We are grateful and very grateful for the careful deliberation of the jury,” she said.

Hurd’s legal team left the courtroom without a word.

In a bizarre tweet, a senior U.S. government branch appeared to applaud Depp’s victory.

The House Judiciary Committee, which includes Democrats and Republicans, posted a photo of Captain Jack Sparrow, Depp’s character in the film. PIrate Series, sailing is clearly for victory.

Depp: ‘My life is back’

Johnny Depp released a statement immediately after his victory celebrating the sweeping of the “false accusations” against him.

“Six years ago, my life, the lives of my children, the lives of those closest to me, and the lives of those who supported and believed in me over the years were forever changed.

“Everything happened in the blink of an eye. The media made false, very serious and criminal charges against me, sparking endless hateful content, even though no charges were ever brought against me. It has traveled the world twice in a nanosecond , had a huge impact on my life and career. Six years later, the jury brought me back to life. I’m really humbled,” he said.

“From the beginning, the purpose of bringing this case up was to reveal the truth, regardless of the outcome. Telling the truth is a debt I owe to my children and to all those who have stood by me. I feel at peace knowing that I finally did it.”

Amber Heard: “Very disappointed”

That’s a stark contrast to what Hurd said, who said she was “disappointed”.

“The disappointment I feel today is indescribable. It breaks my heart that the mountain of evidence is still not enough to withstand the disproportionate power, influence and influence of my ex-husband.

“I’m even more disappointed by what this verdict means for other women. It’s a setback. It throws back the time when a woman dared to speak up and could be publicly shamed and humiliated. It throws back the idea that it should be taken seriously. treat violence against women,” she continued.

Hurd did not say whether she would appeal the verdict.