Johnny Depp avoiding $50M trial against Amber Heard’s 1st Amendment core may prove key to victory: Analysis

On the eve of the jury’s first full-day deliberations, Johnny Depp$50 million defamation trial amber heard Has become a quagmire of misdirection and disgust.

After six weeks, both plaintiff and defendant rest their case on fridaya seven-person jury finally decided behind closed doors the courtroom drama.

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Depp and Heard, both wearing sunglasses, sat in courtroom in Fairfax County Court, where their respective lawyers offered boxing closing arguments last week in what appeared to be an attempt to expose the other to the most toxic exposure possible. under the light.Oddly enough, the defense waited until last few hours Raising questions around the First Amendment — an option that may have disappeared amid the celebrity deluge since the trial began on April 11.Unsurprisingly, both Depp and Heard Twice on stageThe live-broadcast case has captivated much of the country and beyond for its lurid and sensational soap opera nature, as well as commentators for its potential social impact.

However, seemingly lost in so many explicit descriptions of drug addiction, private islands, gold panning, sexual assault, private jets and severed fingers, this is exactly what the case was.Throughout the trial and Heard’s charges, the dismissed suffered physical, psychological, verbal and sexual abuse Fantastic Beasts Actor, almost an afterthought, it was Depp who sued his ex-wife March 2019 in late 2018 Washington post The actress wrote in the column to be “a public figure representing domestic abuse.”

Although an ACLU article in Jeff Bezos-owned newspapers never mentioned Depp by name, he claimed it “destroyed” his already fading career. Depp also insisted that he was actually the person who was abused in the relationship.

After failing to get the case dismissed or move out of Virginia, Hurd countersued for $100 million in the summer of 2020.The action comes months before Depp filed a defamation lawsuit in the UK sun Tabloid calling him a ‘wife beater’ proves to be quite a failure November 2020.

In this case, outside the Virginia courthouse, there was an everyday circus-like atmosphere from the start, largely driven by Pirates of the Caribbean actor. For many who call themselves “Deppford’s wives,” it is their idols who are on trial.smaller group of supporters Neptune Meanwhile, star Heard wondered why her cause wasn’t supported by the #MeToo movement, or why the actress herself wasn’t seen as a victim of jailed Harvey Weinstein.

However, this is a defamation case, brought voluntarily by Depp of the lawsuit, not just once, but to some extent twice — on both sides of the Atlantic.Axed from JK Rowling’s latest by Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts picture Soon after In the damn UK sentence, Depp has seen his UK appeal attempt dismissed.

Although Heard almost admitted during the trial that she was referring to Depp Wapo As with all cases involving public figures, Depp has a high bar for proving defamation – even higher than in the UK case. To demand a unanimous verdict, Depp must prove that what Hurd wrote was not only false, but with genuine malice.

Did that happen?

The trove of evidence arguing against Depp and Heard during the trial, via tapes, video clips and vile text messages, may be one reason the trial has fascinated so many.

When it comes to the abuse, Hurd’s team, among other examples, refers to a leaked video to TMZ of Depp slamming into a cupboard and saying to his then-wife, “Do you want to watch lunatics? I’ll let it go. You’re insane.” Then he seemed to grab her phone. When it comes to physical abuse, Hurd has endured multiple allegations and numerous arguments. More specifically, the actress claims that Depp hit her in the head during a confrontation in December 2015 and pulled out several strands of her hair. Her legal team showed pictures they said were taken of her afterwards, with bruises under her eyes, what appeared to be something on her nose and a tuft of hair on the floor.

Depp said he had a conflict with his wife that night – but it was accidental.

Far from hitting, he said, Heard was abused by her.

Led by Brown Ruddick’s Benjamin Chow and Camille Vasquez, Depp’s legal team also played Heard’s audio, seemingly mocking Depp and his career, while at another point she admitted , “I didn’t hit you. I hit you.” In an incident that was repeatedly mentioned and analyzed during the trial, Depp claimed that during an altercation in March 2015, Heard threw a large vodka at him Wine bottles, crashing and exploding glass cut off his fingertips. Hurd, who detailed multiple sexual assaults with bottles etc., said a raging, plastered Depp himself inflicted injuries to his fingers during the rock filming in Australia. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Stories.

All of this is presented in extensive, lengthy detail, not only through video and audio, but also using psychologists’ notes, journal entries, and X-rays. When it came to Depp’s fingers, the expert witness orthopaedic surgeon on one side met with the expert witness orthopaedic surgeon on the other side. It should be noted that both were paid handsomely for their time and insight.

However, the debate over whether each has been abused misses an important point of the defamation case.

Depp claims he was slandered by Heard, whose once-blockbuster career was due to postal column. Hurd’s team provided testimony from Depp’s then-UTA agent, saying the actor’s tardiness and substance abuse on set had become a major issue in 2015, as far back as the op-ed and even the couple’s 2016 divorce over a temporary restraining order. Before.Led by Elaine Bredehoft and Ben Rottenborn, Hurd’s legal team believes that Disney wants to remove Depp from pirate before franchising postal Op-ed that while Depp admits he may not have any good, if it were today, he wouldn’t be in the role anyway.

When Rottenborn asked Depp during cross-examination, “If Disney comes to you with $300 million and a million alpacas, there’s nothing in the world that will get you back to work at Disney. Pirates of the Caribbean Movie? correct? “It’s true,” Depp said.

Still, these moments of clarity aside, it’s puzzling why Hurd’s team didn’t focus the jury’s attention more fully on the elements needed to prove a defamation case, and instead let themselves and Their clients got caught up in every detail of the couple and every quarrel and disagreement. If the strategy was to beat Depp’s team at its own game and overwhelm the jury with so many photos, text and audio clips that they concluded it was against common sense, then at least there wasn’t a single instance of domestic abuse. Edward Scissorhandss Actors – Heard’s team lost the plot and sometimes the jury’s attention.

The truth is, what Hurd is trying to prove is that what she writes about being subjected to domestic abuse that can take many forms is true.In what seemed like a clear turning point by any measure, Hurd’s team was almost completely off the hook and asked an obvious question during the trial: If this was a defamation case, why didn’t Johnny Depp sue Washington post?

Although postal Printing its newspapers in Virginia was originally one of the reasons for suing Heard in the Old Dominion, but the company apparently never became a defendant in the case.

The answer may be that Depp, not wanting to risk a fight against the deep-pocketed Bezos, decided to pursue what was essentially another divorce suit disguised as a defamation case, which took him and all his risks. Hurd’s dirty laundry will be on the air as publicly as it has been on the docket for the past three years, especially in the courtroom of Judge Penny Azkarat over the past two months. Depp’s former agent and agent may believe that his determination to stick with the lawsuit is actually hurting his career, but Depp seems to believe it’s a tactic that will get him right, though he admitted in court Abuse allegations will forever be a stain on his reputation.

Last week, when he was on the witness stand for the last time, a somewhat remorseful Depp told jurors again, “No matter what happened, I did get here, I’m telling the truth, I’ve spoken up for what I’ve been standing up for. Six years back reluctantly.”

Maybe he’s right.

Perhaps all the attention to the trial also gave him a better chance in the court of public opinion than any divorce proceedings. Maybe even if he loses the trial, he somehow wins. Perhaps he will be seen as a turning point in the movement against #MeToo, as it may frustrate advocates. Alternatively, it might be seen as another of his eccentric roles, with a huge crowd of fans outside the courtroom hugging him even if he lost his first case.

“Alpacas. Dinosaurs. All kinds of things. It’s like heaven,” Depp said to the camera as he arrived at the courthouse on a recent morning. His fans loved it. The media reported it. Online, Heard was mercilessly attacked and belittled, and time and time again, no one around Depp called for restraint; in fact, the blast radius exemplified the “global humiliation” the actor vowed to bring down his ex-wife.

It is very clear that no matter who wins, there will be more lawsuits or appeals, and the question now is whether the jury will be able to push aside the circus shrouded in thick fog and highlight the true legal principles at hand? Whether it’s the First Amendment or not, it’s something to look forward to at this point.

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