Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Johnny Depp wins multimillion-dollar defamation US lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Here’s a legally twisted timeline of Hollywood romantic love stories that has been shown to the world.

– 2011

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard started dating after meeting on the set of the comedy film The Rum Diary.

– early 2013

It is alleged that Mr Depp used physical violence against Ms Heard for the first time.

Ms Heard claims the actor slapped her three times after she joked that he had a tattoo on his arm during his relationship with actress Winona Ryder. He denies the charges.

– 2015

Mr Depp and Ms Heard were married in a private ceremony in Los Angeles in February.

The couple travelled to Australia in March in what Ms Heard described as a “three-day hostage incident”, alleging Mr Depp was abusive while drinking and drugging.

Mr Depp again denied the allegations and said Ms Heard lost her temper after talking about the postnuptial agreement.

– 2016

The pair parted ways in May after Ms Heard claimed Mr Depp was angry at their Los Angeles penthouse and destroyed the property with a bottle of champagne.

Ms Hurd filed a petition to dissolve the marriage and a temporary domestic violence restraining order to stop Mr Depp from contacting her.

Separated couples reach an agreement to dissolve the marriage. Ms Heard later donated a $7 million (€6.57 million) settlement to charity.

– 2017

The couple officially divorced in January

– 2018

The Sun executive editor Dan Wootton published an article in April in which he called Mr Depp a “wife beater”.

The actor has filed a defamation lawsuit against News Corporation Newspapers (NGN), the owner of The Sun.

Ms. Hurd published an article in the Washington Post in December about her personal experience with domestic violence.

It was titled: “I stand against sexual violence – and confront the anger of our culture. This has to change”, but did not mention Mr Depp by name.

– 2019

Mr Depp has launched a 50 million (€46 million) defamation lawsuit against Ms Heard, with his lawyers claiming the article falsely suggested she was physically and sexually abused by the actor while married.

He claims the piece led to his elimination from the Pirates of the Caribbean series and that Ms Heard was his abuser.


The pair have met at London Crown Court over Mr Depp’s NGN defamation suit, which has been delayed by the coronavirus crisis.

After a 16-day trial in July, a judge found the content of the article proved to be “substantially true”.

Justice Nicole rejected Mr Depp’s application to appeal his ruling in the Court of Appeal.

Mr Depp’s lawyers appealed to the Court of Appeal, arguing the actor “did not receive a fair trial” and Judge Nicole’s ruling was “clearly wrong” and “clearly unsafe”.

– 2021

The UK Court of Appeal refused to allow Mr Depp to appeal the High Court decision.

– 2022

Mr. Depp’s 2019 defamation case against Ms. Heard, also delayed by the pandemic, is set to begin April 11 in District Court in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Over six weeks, jurors heard testimony from family, friends, colleagues, employees and Mr Depp and Ms Heard.

Multiple cases of alleged abuse were described to the jury, with both parties claiming to be victims.

On June 1, a jury ruled in Mr. Depp’s favor, calling the 2018 Washington Post article defamatory.

Mr Depp was awarded $10m (€9.39m) in damages and another $5m (£4m) in punitive damages.