Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial: Elon Musk speaks out about his ex

Elon Musk has 13 things to say about his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard’s high-profile trial of Johnny Depp.

Billionaire Elon Musk has weighed his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard’s legal battle with Johnny Depp as a jury begins deliberations following closing arguments in court.

Allegedly dating Tesla founder hear when she married Depptweeted about High-profile trials of Hollywood stars Saturday.

“I hope they all keep going. At their best, each of them is incredible,” he tweeted.

The Tesla and SpaceX founder was accused by Depp of having a threesome with models Cara Delevingne and Heard at his Los Angeles home while he was out shooting, a claim the billionaire denies.

Musk was also a talking point in the trial when Depp’s former agent, Christian Carino, came forward.

Carino, who was once engaged to Lady Gaga, was asked if Musk and Hurd were dating in 2016.

“I don’t know if they were dating, but they definitely spent some time together,” he said.

Hurd and Musk meet on the set of the 2013 Robert Rodriguez film machete killbut the pair claimed they were just friends until they both finalized their divorces in 2016 and 2017.

Rumors resurfaced in August 2017, saying the pair’s alleged year-long relationship was over.

Musk confirmed the speculation shortly after, telling fans the breakup was amicable.

“Just to clear up some of the media storm this weekend, while Amber and I did break up, we are still friends, staying close and loving each other,” Musk tweeted.

He later added, “Long distance relationships are always difficult when both parties have intense work obligations, but who knows what the future holds.”

The fate of the trial is now in the hands of the jurors

Depp’s defamation case against Heard is now in the hands of jurors who begin deliberations after hearing explosive closing arguments in court.

Lawyers for Depp, 58, and Heard, 36, were in Fairfax County Court after dozens of hours of testimony and six weeks of bitter mutual accusations about domestic violence between the celebrity couple. A final appeal to the jury on Friday, Virginia.

Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez claimed the Neptune star had no friends and was dealt one last savage blow.

“As you may have noticed, no one was in this court except her sister,” Ms Vasquez said.

“The other witnesses who went to Virginia for her were paid experts.

“This is a woman who burned a bridge. Her close friends won’t be around her.”

Ms Vasquez then took another brutal jab at Hurd in response to her lawyer’s claim that all of Depp’s witnesses who testified in the case were “on his payroll” and were too afraid to turn against him.

“Kate Moss is definitely not on Mr Depp’s payroll,” Ms Vasquez said, referring to British supermodel broke the news this week To dispel rumors Depp pushed her down the stairs.

Depp’s team has portrayed him as the victim of what they say is Heard’s false allegations of physical, sexual and psychological abuse that have destroyed his career and reputation.

They claim Heard was a “deeply troubled person” who sought revenge when Depp sparked her deepest “fear of abandonment” and “split” during the altercation.

Hurd’s team delivers final words

In stark contrast, Hurd’s attorney, Benjamin Rottenborn, called Depp a “monster” who not only abused his ex-wife but continued his ongoing smear campaign after Hurd filed for divorce. “In Mr. Depp’s world, you don’t leave Mr. Depp,” he said. “If you do, he will launch a global campaign of shaming against you.”

Vasquez first delivered her closing statement, telling the jury that Hurd “made up a horror story” based on “wild, exaggerated and unbelievable” allegations of Depp’s physical and sexual abuse.

“You either believe it or you don’t,” Vasquez told the jury on Friday morning.

“Either Ms Heard was sexually assaulted with a bottle in Australia … or she was a woman who would say anything.

“Ms Heard testifying in this court is a story about too many women, but the weight of the evidence shows that this is not Ms Heard’s story.”

Ms Vasquez described Hurd’s allegations as “false” and “defamatory”, adding that they had caused “irreparable harm” to Depp and “ruined his life”.

She slammed Heard’s “acting” in court, claiming the starlet used her acting experience to play “her role as a heroic survivor of cruel abuse throughout her life”.

Ms Vasquez told jurors that during the six-week trial they saw Hurd “cry” over the elaborate, exaggerated, ridiculous allegations of domestic abuse.

“It’s a show,” she added.

“She tells you what she thinks you need to hear to convict this man as a domestic abuser and rapist.”

Lawyers argue that evidence presented by Hurd’s legal team “cannot establish” that the actress had been abused “numerously”, including without medical records documenting her alleged injuries.

“Nothing,” Ms Vasquez said.

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