Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial: 42 questions for jurors to decide case

It was revealed that jurors in the explosive trial were considering more than 40 key issues as they weighed their verdicts.

The jury that decided the outcome of the epic trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard returned Tuesday after the Memorial Day public holiday in the United States.

But it could take a while for them to reach a verdict, and court documents show the seven men and women had to consider no less than 42 different issues before making a decision.

Of the 42 questions on the Special Ruling Form, 24 are related to the Depp v. Heard case, and the remaining 18 are related to the Hurd v. Depp case.

Heard Deppin hinted he was in 2018 Washington post column. He claimed her allegations were false and cost him a lucrative movie role.

Heard counterclaimed for $100 million (A$134 million) and claimed she suffered “rampant physical violence and abuse” at his hands, but was defamed when it was claimed she made the allegations.

The final arguments between the two sides concluded Friday in Fairfax County, Virginia, court, and the jury retired around 2 p.m. to begin discussing the case.

A verdict is expected this week.But court documents, by daily mailindicating that they will have a great deal of detail to consider.

The 10-page Special Determination Form covers a range of issues, mainly the details of the defamation allegations and the amount of damages payable to the prevailing party.

Questions about the Depp case

The first page relates to Depp’s allegations against Ms Heard. The original question focused on the title of the column: “I stand against sexual violence — and confront the anger of our culture. This must change.”

It asked jurors whether Depp had proved all elements of his defamation charges.

If jurors believe that is indeed the case, there are seven more questions that delve into the details of that view.

Therefore, the form asks jurors whether the title is defamatory and whether the defamation was intentional by Hurd.

It also asked if Depp had demonstrated “real malice”. This is a legal term in the United States that means a statement is made with a willful and reckless disregard for the truth.

A subsequent set of questions asks jurors Consider another line from Hurd’s Washington Post article — perhaps the most pivotal line in the entire column.

“Then two years ago, when I became a public figure representing domestic abuse, I felt the full force of our culture’s outrage against women who speak out.”

Depp’s legal team argues that while Pirates of the Caribbean The star may not have been named in that line – in fact not at all in the article – inferring that Hurd was referring to him.

Jurors were again asked whether the line could be proven defamatory and, if so, why it was so.

There are other questions about other excerpts from Hurd’s article. Finally, if jurors do believe that Heard defamed Depp, they will be asked how much punitive and compensatory damages should be awarded to the star.

If jurors found Depp was not defamed, Hurd won without paying any damages.

Questions about the Hurd case

The second part of the form focuses on Hurd’s counterclaim against Depp.

it depends on a daily mail The April 2020 article quoted Depp’s attorney at the time, Adam Waldman, as saying that Heard had made “false” sexual violence allegations against Depp that contained “hoax” facts.

Hurd’s legal team said that while Depp may not have made the comments directly, Mr Waldman was actually following the star’s instructions. Depp has denied the claim.

Jurors were asked whether Heard proved all elements of her defamation case against Depp. If jurors say yes, then they need to delve into more details, including whether Mr Waldman was Depp’s “agent”.

Jurors were also asked to carefully consider whether the comments contained “genuine malice”.

As in Depp’s case, jurors were asked to consider how much damage Hurd should receive if they found it in her favor.

On Friday, Hurd’s attorney, Benjamin Rottenborn, reminded the jury that the burden of proof is on Depp and that he needs to prove that every abuse that Hurd accuses him of is false.

“If Amber has been abused by Mr Depp once, she has won,” Mr Rottenborn said.

“We’re not just talking about physical abuse, we’re talking about emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse.

“It’s not about who is the better spouse,” he added.

“It has nothing to do with whether you think Ms Heard may have abused Mr Depp.

“If you think they’re all insulting each other…then Amber wins.”

Depp’s Camille Vasquez says Heard’s claims are ‘false’ and ‘defamatory’ as she put on a ‘show’ in court to play ‘her life as a hero of cruelty and abuse’ The role of survivors”.

“She tells you what she thinks you need to hear to convict this man as a domestic abuser and rapist,” Ms Vasquez said.

Depp’s team said the evidence of abuse presented by Hurd’s team was irrelevant or could have been manipulated. The star’s lawyer asked why no medical records existed if the abuses were spate of events.

Ms Vasquez also said that before Hurd, “no woman” had claimed Depp was violent.

Another lawyer for Depp chose the jugular.

“You know the real Amber Heard now: it’s scary,” Benjamin Chew told the jury.