Johnny Depp allegedly made Amber Heard follow 6 unusual rules

As Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard draws to a close, it will be up to a jury to consider a trove of evidence from both sides.

Online, evidence of many of Depp’s claims of abuse is impossible to get rid of Amber Heard did in their relationship.

We’ve seen experts weigh in Ms. Hurd’s body language, tearless sobbing, etc.We’ve also heard some weird rules Heard allegedly let Depp follow.

But what about Depp?

Here are 6 rules Johnny Depp allegedly made Amber Heard follow.

1. He allegedly asked Heard to assist him in detoxing in August 2014

On the second day of the trial, Amber Heard was asked why she was there during Depp’s drug rehab in the summer of 2014, to which Ms Heard said, “Because he told me to.”

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She then said it was “a stupid idea” and wondered why doctors didn’t intervene.

2. She claimed that he allegedly tried to stop her from working on the film.

In November 2014, Hurd described the difficulty of getting along with Depp, and when it comes to film roles, he gets upset when he learns that Depp is in meetings and auditions.