Jennifer Aniston has lost a lot as a lover, but won the most as an actor

Jennifer Aniston has lost a lot as a lover, but won the most as an actor

Jennifer Aniston has never been an ordinary person, as an actress, she is an industry in her own right, and if fans want to know about her personal life, she is a library to describe her love, relationships, heartbreak, etc. everything.

Aniston’s hit sitcom “Friends” hit the main screen in 1994, catapulting her into the limelight. From her fashion and style influence on generations of women to her millions of Instagram followers, she has been an influential force for over two decades.

The 53-year-old has won numerous awards as an actress, and her love life has fascinated fans. Many of Aniston’s past relationships have been with celebrities, which has given her a greater focus on the men in her life.

The entertainer’s first romance hit the tabloids with actor Tate Donovan. The Upside star admitted to InStyle magazine that he never met his friend and didn’t really know her. After three years of dating, the couple got engaged in 1998 but split shortly after.

After the split, Donovan joined the cast of Friends as Rachel Green’s lover Joshua Birkin. The split caused conflict on the set, resulting in Donovan’s role only lasting six episodes.

Following his romance with the OC alum, Aniston began dating Brad Pitt after their respective agents were set up. They were branded a power couple and considered one of the most successful marriages in Hollywood at the time.

The celebrity duo split in 2005 after five years as a married couple, which no doubt sparked some controversy as Brad quickly co-starred with his Mr and Mrs Smith co-star Angelina Jolie.

Meanwhile, Justin Theroux is her latest serious romance. The pair met on the set of “Tropic Thunder” in 2007, but didn’t start dating until 2019, years after co-starring in “Wanderlust.”

Theroux and Aniston married in 2015 but announced the end of their relationship two years later.

Even after the breakup, the two remained good friends and reunited many times. The Leftovers alumna posted a thoughtful Instagram post for the Cake star’s 50th birthday in 2019, writing: “Happy birthday to this fierce woman. So loving. So kind.  …and so much fun. You B.”

The Friends alum has been candid about her love life over the years. The actress weighed in on the former Daniel McDonald, who tragically passed away in 2007, in a 2015 interview with The New York Times, noting that if she was older and wiser, he could have been “the one.” “He was my first love — we’ve been together for five years. He was that,” the Emmy winner said at the time. “But I’m 25 and I’m stupid. He must have sent me Justin to make up for it.”

Although Aniston and Pitt spend most of their time in the Hollywood spotlight, they do something ordinary like everyone else. “It’s like the ebb and flow of every relationship,” she told Vanity Fair in 2005.

At one point, Aniston answered questions about the infamous love triangle between her, Pitt, and Jolie.

“[My therapist’s] The main concern is that you will be a victim one day – that’s all. Then we take responsibility for our own input. A relationship is two people; each has a responsibility. A lot of things can happen in a relationship, and a lot of things can cause a relationship to break down,” the Marley and My star shared with Vanity Fair.

Jennifer Aniston’s mentality has definitely paid off. Since her debut on the hit show, she has gone on to star in a number of standout projects, including her critically acclaimed role in the movie Cake and her most recent award-nominated performance on The Morning Show.

Fans of Aniston still believed in her potential to usher in a wonderful new beginning, even if we didn’t see it at the time.