James Bond film collection to leave Prime Video in June

James Bond Fans may need to hunt down their DVDs again, as the entire catalog is leaving Prime Video next month.

Streaming service confirms entire 25-movie collection will be Can only be streamed for a limited time Back in April, now it looks like the time has come.

Almost all James Bond movies will now have Prime Video on June 14except for the last time Daniel Craig starred in Bond no time to die.

Daniel Craig has no time to die James Bond


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The move to only stream the full collection on the platform came after Amazon acquires Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) It will reach $8.45 billion in 2021.

Since April 15, fans can relive some of the series’ classics, including Casino Royale, Goldfinger, Thunderball, and Diamonds are forever, But only for a limited time. While the franchise may return to streaming platforms in the future, nothing has been confirmed yet.

After nearly 60 years of filming, this suave British spy has a unique personality, Bond screenwriter John Logan fears getting lost When MGM was acquired by the corporate giant.

Becoming James Bond Trailer


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“I got a chill when I heard the news,” he admits, “as a writer in The sky falls and ghostI know Bond is not just another franchise, not one Miracle or a DC; This is a family business carefully nurtured and guided through the changing times of the Broccoli/Wilson family.

“About the work meeting The sky falls and ghost Like a lively discussion at the dinner table, Barbara Bullocky and her half-brother Michael Wilson let all the unruly kids talk. “

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time to Die trailer


He continued: “Every crazy aunt or eccentric uncle was given a voice. We discussed and debated and came to a solution, just like the family had to, there was no outside voice in the room.

“Please let 007 drink his martini quietly, don’t shake him, don’t stir him.”

Daniel Craig’s Bond finally ushered in his death in a recent jailbreak, leaving fans divided.However, it also presents an opportunity to reshape long-running franchises, not only New bonds are comingbut new direction for cinema also.

Watch the Complete James Bond Movie Collection Amazon Prime Video Until June 14th.

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