I didn’t ‘look up’ to ex Peter Weber

Kelly Flanagan: My relationship with Peter Webb is just 'fun and games'

Kelly Flanagan and Peter Weber. Courtesy of Kelley Flanagan/Instagram; John Sarangsan/Shutterstock

Not that serious. Kelly Flanagan Reveals her decision to break up with ex-Bachelor Peter Weber After realizing their relationship was “full of fun and games”.

“I don’t think there was one specific thing that led to the downfall of me and Peter. It was just a lot of little things,” the 30-year-old lawyer told the Mike Johnson and Brian Abasolo On Thursday, May 26th their “Talk to Bachelor NationPodcast. “Peter and I had a great time, but I don’t know if I respect him as much as I respect my spouse. “

She went on to compare the 30-year-old pilot to the males in her family: “I have this with my brother and my dad, if I need some sound advice and look for someone important to decide, but With Peter it’s just fun and games. “

While Flanagan enjoyed spending time with reality TV characters in a brief relationship, she can’t think of him as her future husband“I can have fun with him, but I want a man I look up to,” she explained. “I just didn’t respect Peter as much as I always hoped I would respect my husband.”

Illinois natives vie for Webb’s heart his season bachelor, Aired in early 2020.In the season 24 finale, he proposed Hannah Slassbut they call it quits while the season is still airing. Peter also tried to make things work with runners Madison Prewett exist after the last rose January 2020 was special, but their romance soon fell apart.california natives are Found two months later with Flanagan.

Webb said on the “Viall Files” podcast in April 2020: “There’s been a lot of serendipity in my relationship with Kelley. You keep going back to the beginning, She and I met before it all started, she showed signs of hitting me. That’s crazy. I don’t know if a lot of people know, obviously the show happened and we didn’t make it on the show. After the show, I was in Miami and had a chance to go there with my brother for the Super Bowl, and I met her on Saturday night before the Super Bowl. “

Despite plans to move into New York City together in early 2021, The pair said they quit in December 2020.

“It makes me sad to say that, but Peter and I decide to part ways,” Flanagan wrote via Instagram in January 2021. “Peter and I had some incredible time together and they will definitely be missed. Unfortunately, he and I are at two different stages of our lives with different visions of our future path. I wish Peter all the best and thank you all for your continued support as I enter the next chapter. “

After the breakup, she shares multiple reasons Why her romance with Webb didn’t work out“If there’s something in a relationship that I don’t think is respectful, I’ll say it, and I’m very outspoken. I think communicating in a relationship is huge, there are things I’m basically like, ‘Hey, look , it makes me feel like a stunt, it makes me feel this way,'” Flanagan said on “Off The Vine” March 2021. …in this relationship, it’s fun. Great, but lots of little things. “

In the case of Weber, he said He “doesn’t want” to talk about the relationship anymore“Listen, obviously every story has two sides, and yes, it’s true that the truth is usually a little bit in between,” he said on the August 2021 “Tea With Publyssity” podcast. “I’ve moved on. I know she’s moved on.”

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