How Johnny Depp lawyers focus on ‘tears’ details in brutal Amber Heard closing argument

Johnny Depp’s attorney focused on one small detail about “tears” as he addressed jurors in the Amber Heard case.

Camille Vasquez addressed the jury for the last time on Friday, speaking about the “huge lie at the heart of this case.”

Watch in the video above: Johnny Depp’s lawyers focus on ‘tears’ details in Amber Heard case

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Depp’s team said Heard’s claim that Depp was “a sadist and she was a public figure representing domestic abuse” was a lie.

“We told you it was going to be a show, her life’s role – as a heroic survivor of brutal abuse,” Vasquez told the jury in his final speech.

Johnny Depp's attorney, Camille Vasquez, gave closing arguments.
Johnny Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, gave closing arguments. Credit: Steve Herber/Associated Press

“Ms Heard went all out when Mr Depp filed a defamation suit.

“She made up a shocking, overwhelming, brutal story of abuse. She came to this court ready to show her life – and she did.”

Vasquez then reminded the jury the testimony they heard from Hurd’s acting coach Christina Sexton.

Amber Heard appeared to become emotional several times during his testimony.
Amber Heard appeared to become emotional several times during his testimony. Credit: Jim Low Scalzo/Associated Press

“[She] Testified that Miss Heard had a hard time crying while performing,” Vasquez said.

“You see. Miss Heard sobbed as she gave an elaborate, exaggerated, fantastical account of the abuse and what happened in her mind nearly a decade ago while she was enduring it.

“It’s a show. She tells you what she thinks you need to hear to convict this man as a domestic abuser and rapist.”

Sexton has previously testified that she witnessed changes in Heard and Depp’s behavior while working with Heard.

“In the early days, they were very loving and passionate, always together in a positive way,” Sexton told the court. “They are very playful and friendly.”

“Then I would see them together less and less and I would hear a lot of sullen arguments through the walls,” she added.

She said the couple’s final months together were “stressful”.

Actor Johnny Depp gestures to the audience.
Actor Johnny Depp gestures to the audience. Credit: Steve Herber/Associated Press

Sexton said she would have to build a “buffer” time to deal with Hurd’s “sobbing at the start of the meeting” as the relationship continued.

In Hurd’s final year with Depp, Sexton said 80 to 90 percent of the conversation started with her crying.

“Ironically, she had a bit of a hard time crying while performing, which a lot of us do, so we had to work hard while performing,” Sexton said.

Depp sues Sid for $50 million in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia over an op-ed she published in 2018 Washington post Describes herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.”

Heard’s lawyers insist Depp ruined Heard’s life by launching a smear campaign against her in 2016 when he divorced and publicly accused him of assault.

Benjamin Rottenborn, attorney for actor Amber Heard, spoke.
Benjamin Rottenborn, attorney for actor Amber Heard, spoke. Credit: Steve Herber/Associated Press

In Hurd’s closing remarks, Benjamin Rottenborn said that nitpicking over evidence of Hurd’s abuse ignores the fact that the overwhelming evidence represents her and sends a dangerous message to victims of domestic violence.

“If you don’t take pictures, it doesn’t happen,” Rottenborn said. “If you do take pictures, they’re fake. If you don’t tell your friends, they’re lying. If you do tell your friends, they’re part of a scam.”

He rejected Vasquez’s suggestion that if the jury thinks Heard may be embellishing a single act of abuse, they must ignore everything she says. He said that even if Heard suffered an incident of abuse, Depp’s defamation suit would certainly fail.

“They’re trying to trick you into thinking that Amber has to be perfect to win,” Rottenborn said.

Body language experts have their say on Amber Heard

previously told, Australian body language expert Louise Malher has her thoughts on Depp and Heard’s roles in court.

“They’re both actors, and Johnny Depp chose the simpler acting. So his behavior was consistent and slow. He was able to keep going week after week,” Mahler said.

“However [Heard’s] Emotional behaviors are harder to maintain. Who knows if she’s tired, bored, whatever, but doesn’t feel good. “

jaw tension

In terms of body language, Mahler first pointed to the tension in the jaw.

Mahler claims that the timing of Hurd’s jaw muscle tension didn’t always match her speech.

“She understood that from the start. When she tried to recall the emotional situation, it seemed very artificial.”

Actor Amber Heard testified in court.
Actor Amber Heard testified in court. Credit: Steve Herber/Associated Press


Another notable behavior, Mahler said, was that Hurd’s breathing was out of sync.

“What no one has mentioned, all I can see, is breathing,” she said.

Hurd’s hyperventilation doesn’t seem to stem from an emotional thought: “It’s more from the body. It’s trying to create emotional thinking,” Mahler said.

Watch the video below: Body language experts for Depp and Heard testimony

Body language experts for the testimony of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Body language experts for the testimony of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

“It’s the wrong way. If it’s a real emotion, what happens is you almost see the trigger in your head, and the breath goes with it. But for Amber Heard, it’s a well-thought-out strategy.

“Her high breathing tried to make her cry, and I have to say she didn’t.

“People who perform, if they do breathe a lot, they actually turn to crying after a while because that puts pressure on the throat.

“That’s what you see Pauline Hansen do early on, she actually ends up crying because she’s breathing too much.”

strange use of her handkerchief

Another “inconsistency” arose when Hurd used her handkerchief, Mahler said.

“People usually blow their noses because there’s moisture in there,” Mahler said, “but she actually put her handkerchief up and sucked it in.”

“Some people said she was inhaling something or something.

“I don’t know, but it would be a very strange thing.”

wrinkled nose and monotony

Images captured from court cases often depict Hurd’s nose wrinkled, which Mahler says is not inherently problematic, “but it comes and goes, it comes and goes. It doesn’t develop naturally”.

“The other thing is that in very difficult situations, the sound is monotonous.

“No real emotion comes in. It just stays monotonous.”

Mahler noted that when sentiment did enter Hurd’s speech, it “recovered too quickly.”

“If it really got out of hand, there were no real tears. So when the cry was there, there were no real tears.”

Johnny Depp’s Court “Role”

“Depp is an actor, and he’s happy with his character,” Mahler said.

“His personality is ‘I can’t believe this is happening’, which means he has a strategy of closing his eyes, breathing and speaking slowly, and looking down.

“There are holes in his speech. He speaks slowly. He has a sense of lack of faith, which brings a little sense of humor.”

The consistency of Depp’s behavior is why Mahler says it comes across as credible.

Actor Johnny Depp testified.
Actor Johnny Depp testified. Credit: Evelyn Hawkstein/Associated Press

“He’s stuck with that behavior throughout, and that makes it believable because consistency builds credibility.

“This is one of the keys to trust. It sends an unconscious message to the listener that the person is consistent. His behavior is consistent.

Another compelling aspect of what Mahler says about Depp’s testimony is his straightforward answers to important questions.

“When it comes to ‘Have you ever been beaten by a woman?’ … you know, his bluntness, it’s a believable performance.

“Really acting? Who knows. But it’s certainly how their actions conveyed.”

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