Home and Away’s Emily Weir on Potential New Directions for the Mac

home and abroad Spoilers to follow.

home and abroadThe Emily Weir has thought about what she might do if her character MacKenzie Booth lost her salt.

As fans who have been keeping up with the show’s comings and goings know, Mackenzie’s Restaurant Hosting illegal poker nights these dayshoping to attract high rollers and pay off her debts.

and soap insideWill teases how things are going to get “dangerous”.

Mackenzie booth at home and away

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“It affects all over the bay. All the storylines intersect with accumulation and consequences. Basically it all started with McKenzie’s debt, so it swept the bay. For many people, their well-being has A lot of things to happen and relationships,” she said.

With Salt in jeopardy, Self-confessed calabona fangirl Continues: “For most characters, their work isn’t the first thing you connect with them. But for MacKenzie, Salt is a big part of her identity and foundation—that’s what she is Who.

“Salt is her domain, where she thrives, and you see her there more than anywhere else.”

Dean Thompson and McKenzie Booth at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

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Even if her pride and joy are shut down, Will believes Mike can survive any job.

“It would be fun to see her in a bait store or even a gym,” she assumed.

“Mackenzie is a woman who can adapt and thrive anywhere. Imagine if she walked into the garage – she’d be strolling in heels and overalls!”

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