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start next week home and abroadthe Stewart family clashed over Martha’s health.

Elsewhere, Ross’s new job leads to tensions with Cash, while Logan gets involved in a huge car accident.

Here’s a complete collection of 13 big moments coming up.

1. Roo fights for Martha’s future

Roo Stewart and Martha Stewart at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Roo struggles with the bad news that Martha is in poor health for a kidney transplant. She sought advice from Logan, who offered a health-promoting program that Martha could pursue once she was discharged from the hospital.

Roo is happy that Martha still has a chance, but Alf worries they are getting false hope. He also worries that Martha is under too much pressure, but Martha steps in and points out that it’s worth a shot.

2. Alf and Roo clash for Martha

Embargo 30052022 Alf Stewart and Marilyn Room at Home and Field

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Roo puts Martha on the right track and begins her wellness journey. However, when Martha is exhausted after the strenuous walk, Alf accuses Roo of pushing her mom too hard.

Alf later apologized to Roo for being so critical. Unfortunately, when he later learned that Roo had left her mom alone at home, he again snapped at her for endangering Martha.

3. Mia decides to leave

Mia Anderson at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Mia was shocked by Tane’s suggestion that she could leave Summer Bay and take care of Chloe by him. After thinking about it for a while, Mia realized that this might be the best solution for everyone because Chloe needed space.

Chloe considered moving into a share house to get rid of Mia but she was shocked when her mum revealed she plans to leave. Chloe thinks it’s too much, but when Mia points out the benefits, she starts to accept her mother’s reasoning.

4. Mia Says Goodbye

Jasmine Delaney and Mia Anderson at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

The Parata family backed Mia’s move by giving her a plane ticket to New Zealand. They have contacted Nikau’s mum Gemma, who has confirmed that Mia can be with her for a while.

The next day, when Mia leaves Summer Bay for good, the Paratas give her a touching goodbye.

5. Mac is fascinated by newcomer PK

mackenzie booth and pk at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Poker player Nathan returns to Salt with an envelope full of cash. He gave it to Mike and thanked her for being there for him when he was in debt recently. Mac is pleasantly surprised to find that she has been generously rewarded by Nathan, who has given much more in return than he owed in the first place.

It soon became clear that Nathan was not done working with Mike as he introduced her to his friend PK, who wants to sit at the poker table on their next poker night. PK is ready to pay generously to participate – Mac just has to say her price.

6. Felicity and Mike PK clash

Felicity Newman at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Mac instructs PK to lead a poker player from the event of the night and needs to make room for PK. Felicity was horrified, pointing out that this is not how the gambling world works and that taking out another player would be considered disrespectful.

After Mac made up his mind, Felicity was forced to accept. She did her best to investigate the background of PK, but also had nothing to say.

7. The Mac received an interesting proposal

mackenzie booth and pk at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Mac believes PK is clear after Felicity dug into his past and found nothing interesting.

Later, PK approached Mac again and revealed that he wanted her to host a more unique poker night, a table with ten players and a massive $5,000 buy-in. Mike is happy to know it will help pay off her debts, but Felicity worries that it will only cause trouble.

8. Ross calls for cash favoritism

Embargo 30052022 Cash Newman and Ross Delaney at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Rose Started working at the Yabbie Creek Police Department, but struggled to adjust to the dreary realities of small-town policing.

She finally gets a little excited when Rose and Cash go out on patrol and arrest Alf for speeding. Ross wants to give Alf a ticket, but Cash insists that Alf deserves some sympathy because his wife is unwell.

Alf was let off for a violation, and Ross questioned it was one rule for Cash’s friends and another for everyone else.

Cash defended his position, insisting that local policing involves the use of discretion and assessing incidents on a case-by-case basis.

9. Xander faces disappointment

xander delaney at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Sander Had a job interview, possibly as a paramedic at North End Hospital.

Jasmine supports her brother and is sure he is in the bag. However, Xander later reported the unfortunate news that he did not get the job.

10. Logan was involved in a car accident

Logan Bennett and Dean Thompson at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Jasmine asks Logan to help Xander find a job. Logan approached his colleagues at Reefton Lakes about the paramedic position. No information was available, but Logan handed over Xander’s details, just in case.

Jasmine suggested to Xander that he should visit Reefton Lakes Medical Center so the staff there could slap his name in the face. On the way, they discover a car accident and are shocked to see Logan as one of the drivers. The other was a stranger named Millie, who was in pain and bleeding.

11. Ryder considers leaving the Bay

Dean Thompson and Ryder Jackson at home and away

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Ryder gets a text from her mom about a job offer on a cruise ship. It seemed perfect for Ryder, with a casino on board, where he could fulfill his ambitions of becoming a dealer in the future.

Ryder confided in Dean about the opportunity, admitting he was reluctant because work starts next week and he didn’t want to abandon Alf and Roo when Martha was unwell. Dean encouraged Ryder to put himself first and take the job.

12. Theo struggles in training

Theo Poulos at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Theo ended when it was revealed that his abusive father had been given two years of good behavior assurance and mandatory anger management therapy.

Theo then gets a call from TAFE telling him that he forgot to submit the assignment and will receive an automatic failure. Theo reacts badly to the setback and announces plans to quit the apprenticeship.

13. Ziggy tries to coach Theo

Ziggy Astoni and Justin Morgan at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

Ziggy becomes a mentor and tries to turn things around for Theo. She begins to be patient and understanding, but as Theo struggles to answer what she considers simple questions, she starts to lash out at him.

Theo felt that Ziggy was judging him, so he rushed out. Dean steps in and encourages Theo to give Ziggy another chance.

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