Home and Away develops radical dean plan after mysterious death

home and abroad Spoilers follow for UK audiences.

Dean is about to find himself framed for murder in scenes set to air in the UK over the next few weeks home and abroad.

Ruthless businessman PK was the unfortunate victim, he was brutally pulled down with a wrench and his body was found on the beach.

The wrench in question soon reappears in Ziggy’s car, covered in blood, and suspicious fingers soon find themselves circling Dean – but he thinks he knows exactly who the real killer is.

Dean Thompson and Ryder Jackson at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

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While Dean insisted he had nothing to do with the wrench or the attack, some were reluctant to believe he was telling the truth. Not only does he have a history with PK, but his long association with the River Boys makes him seem like the likely guy to do it.

It seems like someone is keen to commit a crime for him, but is Dean right to think the real villain of the piece is Nathan?

in with TV Weeklystar Patrick O’Connor has been talking about his thoughts on the storyline and what it’s like to have Dean as the prime suspect while knowing who the real culprit is.

Dean Thompson and Ziggy Aston at home and away

Endemol shinesChannel 5

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“Dean is angry he was framed. He hopes it will be relatively easy to get a confession from Nathan, but if not, he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get it.”

Those extreme lengths came in the form of Kappa, who held Nathan hostage in an attempt to force a confession from him. But when tried-and-true methods of violence don’t work for them, Dean chooses to take it easy on him – but unraveling Nathan quickly proves to be a mistake.

Nathan quickly fled the scene and a desperate search of the dump followed. But can they find Nathan? Does Dean have a chance to clear his name?

home and abroad It airs on Channel 5 at 1.15pm on weekdays and 5STAR at 6pm. 5STAR airs the first screening at 6.30pm and the show also airs on My5. In Australia, the show airs Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Channel 7 and on 7plus. Featured classic episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video in England.

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